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Why Would I Smoke CBD Hemp Flower?

September 28th, 2021 by Cara Oorbeck

CBD Hemp Flower Topics Covered

CBD Hemp Flower –  What is it?

Hemp Flower is the unprocessed bud from the hemp plant. The hemp plant naturally contains many cannabinoids (fancy word for compounds)including the well known cannabinoid CBD and terpenes. The hemp plant is similar to marijuana in that it has all of the same compounds, but the amount of each of these cannabinoids varies tremendously.

The biggest difference between the two plants is that hemp has much higher percentages of CBD than marijuana. Additionally, the THC cannabinoid, that compound that gets you “high”, naturally occurs with only 0.3% or less present. You can receive the full neutralizing benefit of the hemp plant through the pulmonary system (lungs), without any concerns of the head fuzziness associated with marijuana.

You can buy CBD hemp flower in all 50 states legally unlike marijuana.  The hemp flower strains come in a multitude of varieties with some fun names including Bubba Kush, Blueberry Diesel, Skywalker, Sour Space Candy, White CBG, Cherry Wine and many more premium strains and many people enjoy the different varieties! CBD hemp flower can provide relaxing effects in a matter of minutes when smoked or vaped. CBD flowers do not get you high and may be able to provide some assistance with a variety of physical complaints including sleep, anxiety and stress, and pain relief.

It’s important to note that while hemp flower is a good fit for some people, it’s not for everyone.  Smoking anything is a bad idea if you have asthma or any type of pulmonary concerns.  It goes without saying that anyone under the age of 21 shouldn’t be considering smoking as a way to get their daily CBD intake. My friend the respiratory therapist says the only thing that should go into your lungs is air. She’s not wrong! But there are some situations where hemp flower may be really beneficial. Let’s talk them through.

Healthy Smoking: Is Smoking CBD Hemp Flower Really Better?

There is an ongoing debate that we hear regularly about the benefits of smoking hemp verses ingesting hemp daily. At GWL we are proponents of daily CBD use. The difference between ingesting hemp and smoking hemp can depend on what effects you are looking to achieve. Ingesting a hemp based(CBD/cannabinoid)capsule, tincture or edible daily, can take hours to see benefits and if you have never taken cannabinoids it can take as long as 5 to 7 days to begin to see full benefits. Where as smoking hemp flower is much more fast acting. When taking cannabinoids from hemp in through the lungs (smoking), the benefits can be felt and seen within minutes not hours. This can be helpful for people who are looking for immediate assistance. The negative part of smoking rather than ingesting hemp is that it can also wear off more quickly than when hemp is ingested. This is a nice option if you are just looking to experience some of the benefits from cannabinoids quickly.

We regularly get asked the question, “Can CBD help me quit smoking?” This is a loaded question. Millions of people struggle with nicotine addictions ever year and conventional treatments often leave many people or needing a lot more help! The short answer to can CBD help me quit smoking is maybe. CBD and cannabinoids will not counteract the addiction to tobacco. Hemp flower does not eliminate the physiological effects of addiction that nicotine brings. With that said, we talk to people everyday that are utilizing hemp flower/CBD Flower as a part of a more complete plan to attempt to quit smoking. It can offer a benefit in the physical feel of smoking and the habit.

Another way that smoking hemp flower can assist with the process of quitting smoking includes some with the oral fixation associated with smoking. Often smokers are so accustomed to having something in their hand to inhale, and smoking hemp flower can alleviate the desire to smoke nicotine, because it does give a smoker something to smoke in the process of quitting smoking nicotine. The other that accompanies the smoking habit. So in that regard hemp flower can assist as you are getting over the of desiring to some something without going back to the nicotine.

Why Would I Want to Smoke Hemp Flower?

There are a few reasons someone would choose to smoke CBD hemp flower over marijuana. The first and primary reason for choosing to smoke hemp verses marijuana would be the benefits to the body. Smoking hemp flower enables you to feel the same relaxing or calming effects of smoking marijuana without the “high ” or psychoactive effect. Smoking hemp flower rather than marijuana can also help to avoid some of the other negative side effects of marijuana including:

    • Munchies
    • Red eyes
    • Dry mouth
    • Slow reaction times

One of the other reasons people choose to smoke hemp includes an alternative to an after dinner drink or smoking marijuana. It can be enjoyable and can assist with unwinding at the end of a day. Because nicotine, marijuana and alcohol can be habit forming some people are choosing hemp flower, as a non-addictive alternative.

Understanding the Measurements of Hemp Flower:

Knowing how much CBD hemp flower to purchase can be confusing. Here is a quick guide to assist when you are trying hemp flower.

  • 1 pre-roll(size of a cigarette) is usually equivalent to 1 gram.
  • 1/8 ounce= 3.5 grams
  • 1/4 ounce = 7 grams
  • 1/2 ounce = 14 grams
  • 1 ounce = 28 grams

Terpenes, Do They Matter?

If you don’t know what terpenes are and you want to learn more, I would definitely recommend checking out our blog on terpenes. As more simple explanation as to what terpenes are is that they are aromatic compounds in the hemp flower. So, do these compounds matter? Absolutely! Terpenes contribute to the “entourage effect”, which essentially means that the cannabinoids found in the product will be more effective in the body than if those terpenes were removed in the hemp processing.

There are a few notable terpenes found in the hemp plant that may offer different benefits when smoked. The most widespread terpene found in hemp plants is known as Myrcene, another few terpenes are D-Limonene, Alpha Pinene, and Linalool. Many terpenes have been shown to be antimicrobial, meaning they have properties that potentially can aid in fighting potentially microbes, like bacteria and mold. Moreover, some terpenes have been shown to possibly aid in inflammation, relaxation, increasing focus/attention, and even promoting healthy digestion. Understanding the practical uses of these terpenes allows for different hemp flowers to have different effects on the body.

CannaFlower has mastered this understanding of terpenes, which is how some pre-rolls are for Joy and others for Calming. Put me to the test by trying some of our amazing hemp flower that we carry and see how you feel after a few minutes. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

If you are ready to jump into the world of Hemp flower, we are here to help guide you. Give us a call at 1-888-772-7875 (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm EST), or fill out our online contact form.  You can also click the “live chat” button at any time!


Getting Some Sleep, Can Cannabinoids Help?

August 23rd, 2021 by Cara Oorbeck

Disclaimer: Sensitive topics such as mental illness and suicide are discussed that some may find offensive or disturbing. Please read at your own discretion.

Walking Through Life With A Poker Face

“P P P Poker Face,” I am walking and listening to my music, while Lady Gaga belts out lyrics. It reminds me of the last few years, the poker face that I would put on after sleepless nights and incredible stress. This face (that many of you wear due to your circumstances) was my response to my mentally ill daughter. Let’s just say sleep was illusive to us. Liz was our beautiful, wonderful, and incredibly broken girl.  It took my family and I time to learn how, but we became very good at our poker faces. We learned to stuff everything inside that we were feeling, I watched my family begin to struggle emotionally.

One of the few ways you would see a falter in our poker faces was in our sleep patterns. As a way to cope with the reality in front of us, we learned how to put on our poker faces, but at night we all began struggling to calm our minds and find much needed rest. One minute, Liz was the amazing, generous and sweet daughter we had loved all her life, but then the next minute she would be furious and raging, from her own struggles and pain. All the time, we would put on our poker faces, we continued pretending life was well managed, while inside we truly felt helpless and out of control. As time wore on, each of us struggled more with sleep…getting to sleep and staying asleep! There is something about rest that does not easily come when you are stressed, hurting, or in pain (whether that is emotional or physical pain). Some of you may be struggling like we were to find rest. “In America more than 50 million people suffer from different sleep disorders and another 20 + million suffer with intermittent sleep problems.”

Sleep And Health Go Hand In Hand

We all know sleep is incredibly important to our health and general wellbeing. Sleep can influence our mental and physical health in all aspects of our life, yet so many of us just can’t seem to get the sleep we need. I have tried many things over the last several years to get better sleep. Our daughter’s suicide four years ago exacerbated our sleep issues and my family and I spent a good year on all kinds of sleep meds to trying to find any rest. Although some of them helped, I found that the residual effects the next morning left me exhausted and not as alert for the day ahead. It was so frustrating to lay down and not be able to find rest and spend waking hours absolutely exhausted.

Fast forwarded to my new job at Green Wellness. I was introduced to CBD and all of its benefits. Now that our daughter had passed on, we believed her pain has ended. Ours on the other hand, lives on and we had no idea how to continue living without pharmaceutical help, but we wanted to try. This was when our journey with cannabinoids and hemp really began. Beginning to learn and include CBD and cannabinoids into our daily life has helped my husband Mike, daughter Olivia and myself with sleep among other things. Here is what we learned along the way:

CBD Does Not Make Us Sleepy

There is a big misconception that CBD can get you to sleep. In actuality, most of the major cannabinoids are not particularly effective at making you sleepy. Cannabinoids are a natural neutralizer and so depending on the issues behind your sleep problems, they can be helpful in your sleep schedule. However, most cannabinoids do not get you to sleep (with the exception of CBN and THC). I have found in my conversations that a few people can get drowsy when using CBD, especially if taking more than a standard serving, but most people I speak with daily have not found it to assist when getting to sleep. Because of this, many of the CBD products on the market touting sleep relief are combined with other sleep aids to help you get to sleep. Some of these include including Melatonin, Passion Flower, GABA, L-Theanine, 5 HTP, Chamomile and Lemon Balm to name a few.

Everyone is different and depending on the individual some of these products can help you get to sleep and combined with CBD they also can assist you in staying asleep. Below are three products we have utilized in our family. My teenage daughter currently uses the Medterra gummy nightly for sleep. We like it because it helps her get to sleep and stay asleep all with 0 THC, which is important to me when utilizing cannabinoids with my teen.

Medterra Cañamo CBD GomitasRaspberry Front

Cannabinoids Can Help You Stay Asleep

Most of the major cannabinoids may not be helpful in getting you to sleep but they can be helpful in helping you stay asleep. Because studies have shown that “CBD can have a calming effect on the nervous system as well as affect the serotonin system” and many people are turning to it for longer more restful nights of sleep. There are so many sleep disorders out there and not everyone can or is aided by CBD. However, because CBD (cannabinoids) and many of the other cannabinoids working together can benefit many different areas of the body including physical discomfort and mood, it is not a major jump to assume, that if you are addressing issues that could inadvertently affect sleep (especially full spectrum, whole hemp plant products) that you may also see sleep benefits as well. We hear this all the time when speaking with customers, that they were trying CBD for something else but that it was helping them sleep better.

I truly love some of the “side effects” of CBD. I, too, have found CBD and especially CBN (another cannabinoid that is becoming more known for it’s effectiveness for sleep) to really assist me. I have discovered that I am pretty sensitive to even small amounts of CBN and it does assist me in falling  asleep. Here are a couple of our sleep product options that include higher levels of CBN. It is important to not some of these products are whole plant and will contain trace amounts of THC, so if this is something you do not want, watch the labels. My husband and I are specifically loving the Wholeflower Deep sleep softgel for its convenience and helpfulness in both getting to sleep and staying asleep.

Entourage Wholeflower Deep Sleep CBN Microcaps

Often it takes more than CBD!

For us as a family, cannabinoids and CBD specifically have been an incredible help in dealing with some of our emotional baggage. However, it is important that you know it is not a “wonder drug” or a “cure all.” When trauma impacts your family, it can truly take a village to turn the world right side up again.

Some days, I find myself often leaning on my old behavior and putting on my poker face. So today, and in the days to come, I am learning how to take my poker face off and to show others the reality of my world. We, as a family, are slowly telling people we love, and people who struggle themselves, that it is okay to show your hand. Right now, whoever you are reading this, I am proudly showing you my hand. Mental illness, pain, abuse, and death are brutal and hurt everyone involved. We have been amazed at peoples’ understanding and compassion. So many people, even some close to us, did not know what we were dealing with. We are beginning to tell our story…even the ugliest parts. We are beginning to allow others to surprise us with their compassion. Finding rest and peace is an important factor in our health and healing process and since being able to, we are remembering to remove our poker faces. Some days, we are refusing to put them on at all.










New CBD Summer Skin And Hair Care

July 8th, 2021 by Cara Oorbeck

CBD Summer Skin and Hair Care

I am born and raised in Michigan and being a “Michigander” has put me in an interesting category of humans on this earth.  I drive too fast in a snow storm.  I do use my hand as a map to show others where I live.  I like my swimming water unsalted.  I drink Vernors and “pop” instead of soda, and when the sun shines I am outside without a second thought about the effects of it on my skin or hair!  Sunshine is amazing and on average we get 170 days of sunshine a year in Michigan.  That means more than half of our days in the year are gray and overcast, so you can imagine that we get carried away with the sun sometimes and regret it later.  But don’t worry,  I have tried many things in our store that can really benefit skin and haircare during sunny months.  Here are a few of my favorites.

My Favorite CBD Products For Dry & Brittle Hair

Wellphoria Hemp Infused Hair Bundle
Something about sun and water can really wreak havoc on your hair and scalp.  I have naturally curly hair and my hair and scalp are normally quite dry. When you add sun and swimming to this mix you have the workings of a “rat nest/or birds nest” on my head (as my mother used to say).  Luckily I have a day saver with our new hair care line Wellphoria.  With three great products made from hemp seed oil (which provides nutrient rich in Omega 3’s and Omega 6) including hemp seed oil shampoo, hair and scalp oil and nourishing intensive treatment masque.  I especially love the scalp oil for my dryness and scalp irritation along with the treatment hair masque.  After using the masque my hair feels so soft and amazing and it has a great shine. I also love that these products because they are  free from sulfates, parabens, gluten and artificial dyes. They are not tested on animals so I also feel good about buying this product!

My Favorite CBD Products For Getting Too Much Sun

Two weeks ago my 15 year old, Olivia, went to the beach with friends.  Like most of us have experienced one time or another in our life, my daughter got sunburned!  No I mean REALLY sunburned. She fell asleep in the sand and had not applied sunblock to her (very fair) skim. What, why you ask? Maybe we write another blog on why teenagers do some things, but my short answer is… because she is 15.

She called me on her way home from the beach in pain.  You know it’s bad when the teenager calls mom for help! Olivia’s skin is normally pure alabaster but on this day and the days following she looked like she was a lobster.  As her mom, I got right to work.  Because of the pain and inflammation I decided to try giving her an internal product as well as applying topicals.  Here was what I did and the aftermath!  This of course is not scientific research but instead my experience. My routine…


  1. I started with Medterra Full Spectrum 25 mg CBD Gummy: I wasn’t sure this would aid  with the burn but hoped it might help with some of her pain and inflammation.   I immediately gave her 1 gummy.
  2. I then applied Endoca 750 mg salve.  This salve is pretty hard at first so I put it in my freshly washed and disinfected hands and rubbed between my palms to get it to melt.  It was a little hard to apply to a painfully burnt back, so I alternated with the Hemplucid CBD/CBDA Lotion.  It was a bit easier to apply but more costly.
  3. Lastly I applied Aloe Gel that I keep in the refrigerator, right over the top of the lotion or salve that was applied.

This combination did seem to reduce her pain and help her sleep.  I did have to wake up and apply the same topical regiment every 3 to 4 hours as her burns would start to hurt again.  We did this for three days giving her 1 gummy daily.  After three days I thought maybe she could go back to her isolate sleep gummy.  Boy was I wrong, My daughter woke up in the middle of the night and her back looked considerably more red than when she fell asleep.  She also said the pain felt like it did the first day.  We gave her another full spectrum Medterra gummy at that point and within an hour she was feeling a bit better.  I was a little surprised by this.

We continued this regiment for about 1 week as we watched the burn fade into a tan.  She did eventually peel and there was some blistering but I was thrilled by how much we saw the topicals and internal CBD help with the process.

more topical products


My Favorite Products For Dead, Dry, & Flaky Skin

Along with summer comes a need for added moisture.  I have a couple of different products I use for my daily skin routines.  When it comes to my face, I alternate between a couple of products.  I do struggle with acne in my T zone (chin, nose and forehead) so when it is humid I tend to get some acne outbreaks.  For this I utilize our Clearskin Lineup from CBDMD. It does not dry my skin out but clears my acne, leaving my skin clear and moisturized.  It is a stronger line, though, and I cannot use it all the time.  When my skin is clear I use the Papa and Barkley Releaf Repair Cream.  It is great for everyday use.  I am 48 years old and I still get regular compliments on my skin!

The other product I use daily on my skin is our Endoca Raw Hemp Seed Oil.  I apply this to my  skin daily after a shower and to my feet at bedtime.  It is an incredible moisturizer and it has only one ingredient. I am allergic to a lot of things so having limited ingredients in a skin care line is important to me. No one likes breaking out in hives!

There is one product we carry that does not have any hemp, in it but it is worth mentioning when talking skin care.  It also has limited ingredients and has become one of my new favorites.  The Great Lakes Bee Company Brown Sugar Scrub is awesome.  I use it once a week for exfoliating and moisturizing and again my skin does not break out and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Our Made in Michigan products are really quality products with amazing ingredients. This one is no exception!

My Favorite Product For Bugs, Bugs and more Bugs (yuck)

Summer Time Bundle

Mosquitoes and bugs are definitely a part of our summer days.  Recently GWL brought on a new company with natural products for your skin and body.  They do not have CBD in them but they are amazing for bug repellent and bug aftercare.  We love them and we think you will too. We are offering a  bundle discount when you the insect repellent, aftercare essential oil roll on and our soothing Endoca salve together.  All three products have limited ingredients, repel and treat bug bites and are a healthy alternative to strong chemical products.  We’ve also got a great pocket sized salve from Entourage that can offer some soothing relief on the go as well!

We have many more products that are beneficial for skin and hair in the summer and we are always happy to share our experiences with you.  The other great thing about our products is that we guarantee everything so if it doesn’t work for you, just return for an exchange or refund. You really cannot go wrong. Now get out there and enjoy these summer days!

Made In Michigan

April 26th, 2021 by Cara Oorbeck

At Green Wellness Life we are proud to be “Michiganders!” We love our state and the many benefits found in nature here. GWL is a business born in the Mitten and committed to health products that benefit our everyday lives. That is why we decided to launch a Made in Michigan line. Michigan has some incredible products like honey and berries and we wanted our customers to experience some of the benefits we do!

The Little Flower Soap Co.

The Little Flower Soap Co. is a small Michigan based business that was founded by a husband and wife team who have a passion for natural health care using herbs, vitamins, natural ingredients. They believe in only using quality ingredients and a commitment to all natural healing recipes. All of The Little Flower Soap Co. products are cold pressed for best quality and prepared in small batches to preserve the quality of the ingredients. The company uses only the best certified aromatherapy grade essential oils, organic almond oil, organic botanicals and organic minerals, naturally derived, to create a product you can feel good about using and sharing with your family and loved ones! Take a look at what we love!

Handmade Soaps by The Little Flower Soap Co. are all natural handmade soaps that smell amazing and feel wonderful on your skin. Each soap includes coconut oil, olive oil and tallow and offers a moisturizing lather. Gentle enough to use everyday for all skin types, because they are made all natural ingredients, making them great choice for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

We’re offering four fantastic flavors:

  • Lavender Lemongrass – Relaxing Everyday
  • Orange Clove – Everyday and Holidays (Cara’s Favorite!)
  • Hibiscus Rose Geranium – Balance, Calm & Clarity
  • Tea Tree Lime Almond – Enlivening & Antibacterial

Essential Oil Roll-On Blends

Sometimes, life gets a bit chaotic and we need a mood change! Essential oils are easy to use, you just remove the top, roll on the oil wherever desired, and let the scent of the blend bring you peace, renew yourself, find relief, or get cozy! You can roll a small amount onto wrists and rub together, then dab onto neck or on your temples. Inhale deeply and feel better! Each .35 oz/10.235 ml amber glass bottle is beautifully packaged, so it is great for you to use or to be given as a gift.

  • Peace: Lavender & Bergamot
  • Renew: Eucalyptus & Peppermint
  • Relief: Itch & Bug Bite After Care
  • Cozy: Orange & Clove

Essential Oil Natural Bug Spray Or Room Sprays

The bug spray/insect repellent is safe for your entire family, including your pets, and it even smells great, so great you could wear it as a cologne! Hannah for the last month has come into the office and sprayed a little bug spray on herself in leu of her traditional perfume. Did I mention it really works, too? We know, way too well, all about mosquitoes and bugs here in West Michigan! Sometimes it feels like a natural disaster entering the woods on a warm Michigan day during bug feeding season (i.e. summer). Whether it be the great outdoors or just the outdoors, bugs can be annoying and cause irritation that can last for days, but no one wants bugs to bring down their summer fun. Bring this out at a gathering or cookout and everyone will be asking where you bought it!

Essential Oil Room Spray

We know ALL about stinky feet, smelly bathrooms, laundry and all the other areas in our house that need a little sprucing up. Don’t worry – we have what you need. Just spray in those not so lovely areas and everyone will be asking where you bought it! Each 4 oz amber glass bottle of Essential Oil Room Spray in either Lemon Rosewood or Wellness Blend is beautifully packaged with a spray lid to make it easy and convenient to use wherever you need something to smell a bit better or give them as gifts you can’t go wrong.

Beard Oil & Beard Balm

If you have a beard (or know and love someone with a beard!) they will love the scent and this moisturizing beard oil and beard balm. The beard balm is super conditioning for both the beard and the often neglected skin under it! The combination of Cedarwood, Patchouli and Juniper essential oils not only conditions and prepares the skin and beard to look great, but it also smells fantastic as well.  Combine this with the Little Flower beard Oil for styling and is offered in two scent options Wild Orange & Vanilla Musk. The combination of the beard balm and the beard oil not only conditions and moisturizes but it also prepares the skin and beard to look great while smelling amazing as well.

Great Lakes Bee Company

There is plenty of cheap honey on the market, but Great Lakes Bee Co. is not one of them. They work with a local West Michigan Farmer “Hasselman Farms.” The farm sources flower like Dutch clover, basswood trees and alfalfa along with a mix of wild flowers, making their honey light colored and mild flavored.  Known in West Michigan as one of the best honeys made in Michigan, it is truly delightful. Don’t forget honey is good for you too! Packed full of antioxidants and linked to an incredible amount of health benefits. You can use it as a substitute for sugar and enjoy in moderation! Hasselman’s honey is one of the few producers that have a zero bacteria count. They even use all honey spills and drips, so nothing goes to waste. Though don’t worry, they don’t end up in your bottle, at Hasselman’s those drips are fed back to the bees.

Creamed Honey

8 oz jar of Raw Creamed Honey from The Great Lakes Bee Co. is just plain yummy! If you have never tried creamed honey, this is a treat! It tastes wonderful and spreads easily on toast, bread, or anything your heart desires. Don’t feel like spreading it on something? It is also wonderful to eat on its own! You can add it to any recipe, or add a tablespoon to your tea or coffee.

Natural Raw Honey

Made with care by some amazing bee’s right here in Green Wellnesses’ home town Grand Rapids this 8 oz glass bottle not only tastes wonderful, but it also has incredible health benefits. It can easily be added to any recipe, spreads easily on toast, bread, or anything else your heart desires. Don’t feel like spreading it on something?  It is also pretty tasty right on a spoon!  You can always add a tablespoon to your tea or coffee as well.

Natural Raw Infused Honey

Wait, this is not just natural raw honey but it has also been infused with your choice of cinnamon, blueberry or chocolate. Each delicious jar has a unique flavor that compliments the natural taste of the raw honey without overpowering it. Available in a 3 oz bottle and can be used for salad dressings, marinades, mix into yogurt, marinating chicken breasts, or in a cup of tea or coffee. Whether enjoyed alone or with something else, they are super yummy!

Natures Belle

Nature’s Belle Elderberry Syrup Kit

Elderberry Syrup is an obvious choice as elderberries are one of these organic natural fruits that we grow here. The Elderberry Syrup Kit made by Nature’s Belle is all natural and made with the highest quality organic ingredients in an easy to use pouch. The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that can aid in boosting your immune system, taming inflammation, minimizing stress, and help protect your heart, too. Elderberries have also been recommended by experts in preventing and easing cold and flu symptoms.

We are loving our new Michigan made products and we hope you will too. Try something new and benefit your health all at the same time with some of our new favorites. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call at 1-888-772-7875 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST). You can also fill out our online contact form or hit the “live chat” button to reach out to us at any time.


Traveling with CBD & Hemp

March 24th, 2021 by Cara Oorbeck

Traveling With CBD And Hemp

Traveling with CBD & Hemp can be nerve racking. Knowing the TSA Guidelines and your rights can help put your mind at ease.  As we are heading into the spring break season and with spring travel plans approaching quickly we often get asked “Can I travel with my CBD?”  I don’t know about you but I love vacation time.  If you are anything like me me part of the excitement is getting ready for the trip leading up to the day I leave.  Often the week before my vacation you can catch me picking up odds and ends(often in travel sizes), getting my nails or hair done, pulling out the luggage and googling the weather where I am going and airline details regarding luggage specification and check in requirements.  A   The quick answer to this is yes, you absolutely can travel safely with CBD.

How can I travel Safely With CBD?

You have to be asking yourself, when I am traveling with CBD and Hemp in my bag am I at risk? It is important to protect yourself. If the product you’re carrying with you contains less than 0.3% THC and contains CBD derived from hemp plants, then it is perfectly legal to carry it in any state.” It is important to make sure that you have documentation on you when traveling that verifies your CBD is from a hemp plant, rather than marijuana, and has less than .3% THC.  We always recommend that you are able to access lab test results for any products taken. In most cases, you can now find those in a QR code right on the bottle. If not, they can be found on the manufacturer’s websites or by contacting the company that you purchased them from. At Green Wellness Life, we have all of our product lab test results available on our website on each product page under the orange tab labeled lab results.

Are There Regulations On Traveling With CBD?

There are regulations outlined on travel by the TSA as per the TSA’s website that are very clear.  If you have concern you can always print the TSA guidelines right off their website.  See guidelines Copied Below

 “Possession of marijuana and certain cannabis-infused products, including marijuana-based cannabidiol (CBD) oil, remain illegal under federal law. TSA officers are required to report any suspected violations of law, including possession of marijuana and certain cannabis-infused products. Products/medications that contain hemp-derived CBD are approved by the TSA and are fully federally legal as long as they were produced within the regulations defined by the law under the Agriculture Improvement Act 2018. TSA’s screening procedures are focused on security and are designed to detect potential threats to aviation and passengers. Accordingly, TSA security officers do not search for marijuana or other illegal drugs, but if any illegal substance is discovered during security screening, TSA will refer the matter to a law enforcement officer.”

Let’s Unpack That.

That’s a lot of info to take in. Let’s look at it closely. The statement, “violations of law, including possession of marijuana and certain cannabis-infused products,” refers to those marijuana-based CBD products I mentioned in my last blog with too high a THC content. The TSA website later mentions “ legal… within the regulations defined by the law under the Agriculture Improvement Act 2018.” What this is saying is that CBD that is in-line with the Federal 2018 Farm Bill is fully legal to travel with. Also, keep in mind that TSA, while not searching for CBD or marijuana, will inspect and possibly alert law enforcement if they find anything derived from cannabis and deem it an illegal substance.

Annotation 2019-06-0

What Can I Travel With?

Anything that is FDA approved and is hemp derived (at the time of this writing – this is exactly one product – the pharmaceutical Epidiolex, an anti-seizure drug) is safe to travel with. However, since most CBD products are not FDA regulated, they do not fall into this category. So what about those products that do not fall into the category of FDA regulated? It is best to travel with the product labels and details so that you can prove their CBD and THC content. Here is a copy from the TSA website regarding their policy.  This document along with the product labels and/or lab results should clarify what you are carrying and that it is a legal product.

TSA new regulation

My Advice:

If you’re traveling with CBD this Spring Break, make sure that it’s clearly labeled and that you have the test detail to back it up.  While it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have any issues, knowing the law and having documentation is always a best practice. Like your mom always says – better safe than sorry!

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