Bluebird Botanicals Latest Lab Quality Report

Bluebird Lab Quality Report


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At Green Wellness Life, safety is our highest priority. We only sell products that have been independently tested by a third party lab for safety. You can view the test results for Bluebird Botanicals products by clicking the button below. Additionally, most vendors include QR code links to lab results directly on their packaging.





Hemp Signature

View Batch 497 Results

Hemp Complete

View Batch 511 Results

View Batch 529 Results

Hemp Classic

View Batch 487 Results

CBD Companion

View Batch 516 Results 

View Batch 525 Results

Hemp Classic Softgel

View Batch 485 Results

View Batch 525 Results

Companion Softgel

View Batch 510 Results 

View Batch 515 Results

Hemp Essential Lotion

View Batch 4301 Results

Hemp Silk Lotion

View Batch 431 Results

View Batch 495 Results

Hemp Sport Lotion

View Batch 494 Results

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