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CBD Boosters: About, Uses, & Where To Buy

September 14th, 2020 by Hannah Laing

About CBD Boosters

QuintonCBD Boosters: What Are They, How Do I Use Them, and Where Can I Find Them?

By Quinton Charles Op-Ed Blogger

What are CBD boosters?

CBD boosters are phenomenal. From helping with anxiety to combating my insomnia, I regularly use CBD boosters to supplement my daily CBD intake. But what exactly are they, and how do they differ from takingMethod Organics CBD Beverage Drops another CBD capsule or tincture(oil in dropper form)?

The first thing to know about boosters, is how to use them. A booster is used as a supplement to your supplements! Boosters are not meant to be used as your sole source of daily CBD. Instead they are meant to be a boost when you need a little extra (hence the name)! The reason for this is simple: A booster gets to work quickly but also leaves the system quickly – it doesn’t bind to your cells and keep working for you.  As such, it may be too little CBD for daily use.

While a booster product may be perfect for later in the day (I use mine before bed) when you are no longer feeling the effects of the CBD that you took in the morning, it likely won’t be strong enough to supplement your Endocannabinoid system for the whole day on its own. This is because Boosters are delivered differently to the system and they do not store in your lipids(fat cells). Instead they get to work much quicker than a daily supplement of CBD that routes through your digestive system, but they also wear off within a few hours.

Pana Health F.A.S.T. Sublingual TabletsSo why would you want to buy a product that is a booster? Some days may be harder than others and you may just need a little boost. You may have overdone it in the yard or are spending a busy day out with family or friends. On these difficult days you may need more or less to supplement your bodies normal function. While there currently is no conclusive evidence on whether or not a tolerance of CBD is built up, some studies have shown that using too much CBD can lead to lower efficacy later on. Using a booster to get a little more CBD during the day alleviates this problem because the CBD is not stored in the body. Instead it gets to work quickly and then it dissipates.

How do I use CBD boosters?

 Now that I have you interested in using CBD boosters, how do you actually use them, you ask? Boosters come in a lot of different forms. There are many different types of boosters. Some of these include a vape pen (and a single puff will usually constitute one serving) or for those of us who would prefer not to vape CBD you can also get boosters in dissolvable tablets, chewing gum, mints or even a product you add to your water or juice (called a water soluble). I’ve always been partial to the CBD chewing gum, largely because it is slightly herbal and fresh, and feels like a relatively easy way to add some extra CBD to my day when I need it.

What does taking a booster look like? Let’s assume that you wake up around eight or nine to get ready for work, school, or anything else that you do during the day. Brush your teeth, shower, and have your breakfast/coffee and your daily CBD supplement (whether this be a capsule, tincture, or other form of CBD). Or maybe you took your daily CBD supplement before you went to bed the night before. You go on with your day, handling whatever craziness life (and 2020) throws at you. The car breaks down, someone loses a tooth, the dog has an accident on the new carpet, your Amazon package is either stolen or fails to arrive, you find out that your coworker failed to complete their part of the project on time. Whatever it is, you feel like you need some extra CBD to help out with anxiety, stress, falling asleep for your siesta, or any other conceivable reason. Should you take another serving, doubling your CBD intake for the day? Perhaps not. It is best to keep supplements regular in both serving size and frequency to avoid building a tolerance in your system. So what are your options? Maybe you have a puff (or two). We have all had those days. Or chew some gum. That extra CBD helps you feel better, and you go the rest of the day at relative ease. Repeat.

See how that boost can help out during the day? It is an auxiliary to your regular CBD supplement to help make it through when you need that little extra.

What are some CBD booster options?

As I mentioned above, boosters come in many forms. There are the chewing gum, the mints, vape pens (and cartridges), dissolvable tablets and water soluble tinctures. While these are all fairly self-explanatory, let me break down each option a bit more so that you can fully understand what each option offers.

cbd chewing gumChewing Gum: One of my favorites that we carry, the MedCBDx CBD Chewing Gum comes in packs of 8 chewing tablets, each containing 10mg of CBD (for a total of 80mg of CBD per pack). These are good for an extra boost during the day or in the office (where it may not be best to vape a CBD booster). Just take out a MedCBDX CBD Mintschewing tablet and enjoy the fresh taste of gum!

CBD Mints: This is another good option for the office or school. Just like the chewing gum, the MedCBDx CBD Mints can be taken quickly for a boost that leaves your breath fresh and minty. Each mint contains 5mg of CBD for a total of 80mg per container of 16 mints. This option has a smaller serving size of CBD than the chewing gum, so it is a better option for those looking for only an incremental increase of CBD in their day.

Pana Health F.A.S.T. 25mg Sublingual TabletsDissolvable Tablets: This option is best for keeping in the car, a purse, or on a bedside table. The Panacea F.A.S.T. CBD Dissolvable Tablets can be placed under the tongue or in the side of the mouth for a quick boost of CBD that enters the bloodstream and starts working right away. Ideal for helping with anxiety or getting to sleep, each bottle contains 750mg total divided into 30 tablets of 25mg CBD each. As one of our larger boosters, this product can deliver more CBD to your bloodstream (and to your Endocannabinoid system) than the other boosters can in a single serving. Dissolving under the tongue, it enters the bloodstream and starts working fast!

Water Soluble Tincture: We often forget about this option but it is a great and affordable option and you can increase or decrease serving size pretty simply. JustHemplucid Water Soluble CBD Tincture add a few drops or an entire dropper full depending on your milligram needs to and liquid and drink down. You’ll find it gets to work as quickly as the mints or gum.

CBD Mini Vapor PenVape pens and cartridges: This option is going to be like other electronic vapes on the market and is a fairly popular option that we offer. One of my favorites that we carry is the Bloom Farms Mini Disposable Vape Pen. The whole pen is disposable, contains 250mg per pen, and is small and light, making it perfect for carrying in a shirt pocket or purse. The number of puff various based on how long you inhale for, but there are about 300 puffs so they last me a while too. This convenience of carry is one of the principal reasons why it is my go-to for a CBD booster.

We also carry disposable vape cartridges for people who have their own vape pens, but would like the option of swapping out a CBD cartridge for use as a booster.

Any other questions? Feel free to ask!

 As always, we at Green Wellness Life hope that this blog has been informative and helpful in guiding you to products that suit your needs. We are available during working hours to answer all of your CBD questions (or just to chat!) and hope that you will reach out to us on social media, shoot us an email, or give us a call at (888) 772-7875 . We look forward to talking to you soon!

Panacea Has A New Look

September 10th, 2020 by Cara Oorbeck

Panacea Has A New LookBrandy SelfieBy Brandelle Palmer GWL Founder/Owner

Here at Green Wellness, we have known and loved the Panacea line for years. Panacea Life Sciences was founded on the philosophy that cultivating everyday wellness requires nature, nurture, and a healthy dose of science. Their team comes from a background that includes medical, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. They’ve taken that knowledge and used it to develop a number of products that we carry at GWL. Let’s start at the beginning with farming.

The Panacea Life Sciences Way

The Panacea supply chain starts with their Colorado farm where they say their “experienced growers use certified organic practices, Rocky mountain spring water and Colorado sunshine to cultivate the highest quality hemp around.” Once the hemp comes out of the ground, it’s heated, filtered, and tested to ensure proper potency and terpene distribution. That extracted product then goes into a wide range of products, including tinctures, capsules and fast acting tabs.

So, if Panacea isn’t new to us and their farming and testing practices haven’t changed, why are we talking about them? Good question. The short answer is that Panacea is growing and they’ve updated their product name and labeling to grow with them.

Introducing Pana Health!

Panacea Life will now be known simply as Pana. That’s being done to incorporate a number of divisions:

  • Pana Health
  • Pana Sport
  • Pana Pet
  • Pana Beauty

Product HighlightsPana Health Daily 50mg Softgels

At GWL, our focus is on the Pana Health Products. Those include three softgel options and a fast tab.

  • Pana Health Daily Softgels

    Pana Health Daily CBD Softgels are a powerful higher strength option for people who are looking to include a whole plant CBD product in their daily regimen. These are intended to be time release and contain peppermint and coconut oil to avoid an earthy aftertaste.

  • Pana Health PM Softgels

    Pana Health PM 25mg SoftgelsPana Health PM Softgels are a terrific sleep option, containing whole plant CBD and 5 mg of Melatonin per softgel. The idea is that the Melatonin will put you to sleep and the CBD will keep you there, allowing you to awake feeling more energized and ready for a new day.

  • Pana Health Fast Tabs

    Pana Health F.A.S.T. 25mg Sublingual Tablets

    Pana Health Fast Tabs are the only product in this line that we carry that are 0 THC. They are also one of our favorite boosters. Fast Tabs are absorbed by the lining of our cheek rather than your digestive system, allowing them to get to work much more quickly. They’re a quick “boost” of CBD in your day.

Labeling Changes

Old Packaging New Packaging

Old and New Packaging
If you’ve purchased the Panacea line from us before, you’ll notice a change in the strength on the labels as well. The Panacea team believes in full label disclosure and prides themselves in keeping the whole plant intact. As a result, their labels stated the total cannabinoid content – not just the CBD quantity. While that stance is great for product information, it’s not commonly used. It’s much more popular to state strictly the CBD content. In an effort to better align with the industry standard, Panacea has made that shift as well. While those labels will read a little differently, the product in the bottles has not changed. Lab Test Result

Pana Health products have also gotten a little more affordable, which is a great thing! We find that our manufacturers who are truly managing the line from seed to shelf have the ability to better control and reduce costs, enabling us to pass on those savings to our customers. It’s a win/win for sure!

What’s Next?

We look forward to watching Panacea continue to grow and change. We know that there is no one size fits all where CBD is concerned. We’d love to help you determine if Panacea’s Pana Health line is YOUR best fit. We’re available by phone at 888-772-7875/616-275-1039 or by email at support@greenwellnesslife.com. Stay well and we hope to hear from you soon!

Hemp Clothing And More Reviews

August 27th, 2020 by Hannah Laing

Hemp Clothing Good Reviews
QuintonBy Quinton Charles, Op-ed Blogger

Hemp Products

Hemp is amazing.

I am regularly surprised with a new use for this plant, whether that is in a new pharmaceutical drug, clothing, disinfectants, or topicals. Take a minute to think of what you know of hemp. Got it?

Was clothing a part of that list? What about candles? And bags? At Green Wellness, we love our CBD tinctures, capsules, and topicals, but we also realize the potential that other hemp products have to improve our lives while helping the planet (hemp is a great renewable resource).

So what are these other products that we carry? Hoping to help you choose the best option for your needs, we have decided to each review a different hemp product of ours. Think of us as a friend, recommending products that we personally use from day-to-day. We carry more hemp accessories than what is reviewed, but these are the products we had something to say about.

Hemp T-Shirts

Brandy, the owner of Green Wellness, can often be seen rocking a hemp shirt so it was only natural to ask her to give her thoughts on the hemp shirts that we carry. Here are her thoughts:

I like to think of myself as a solid “6” on a scale of fashionability. I wear quirky shirts with animals on them far too regularly to rate any higher than that. Speaking as that solid 6, I can tell you that it doesn’t get much better for comfort and a measure of attractiveness than a hemp t-shirt.

In addition to being great for the inside of your body, hemp can make you much more comfortable on the outside. First, it’s temperature regulating. Hemp will keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. My husband didn’t believe this fact until he started wearing our GWL shirt to the gym (a little self promotion never hurt anyone). He found a marked difference in his body temperature – the hemp shirt kept him much cooler than the lightweight tanks actually intended for the gym. Hemp is also anti-microbial, keeping you a bit less stinky. Those of us who are constantly in transition from one natural deodorant to another appreciate this fact. Last, the hemp fiber will get softer with continual wash and wear. It truly does get better with age.

We offer hemp tees in both a unisex and women’s cut. They come with a variety of quotes if you’d like to be a voice of positivity (which all of us need right now!) You can also get one with the GWL logo if you’re up for aiding our self-promotion. Give one a try – you’ll love it!

Our Hemp Hats

Trucker HatQuinton, one of our awesome bloggers, was asked to review our hemp-based hats. Here is what he had to say:

It only makes sense that I would be asked to review hemp hats that we carry. I’ve worn the same hemp hat for close to 3 years now. This hat has been with me through California, Michigan, New York, a roadtrip across the United States, three National Parks, and has been covered with dust, dirt, sand, and Caesar dressing (oops!) at one time or another. Through all of this, the hat has proved its durability and value. I can’t think of too many hats that I own that could go through what my hemp hat has and still look new after a quick wash.

And I’m not just happy with the quality; It feels nice to wear. The hemp breathes well, so my head never feels too hot or too cold, which is perfect for all the different weather I’ve worn it in. In addition to this breathing, it dries off quick. You’ll never have to worry about rain or swimming with it; once it gets wet, just shake it off and wait a little bit. I found that my hat dried off faster than I had anticipated each time.

Whether you want a hat for daily wear, or just something to keep the sun out of your eyes at the beach, I highly recommend getting a hat made of hemp. The material is strong, resistant to water, and looks good, too. And if hats aren’t your style, maybe someone else in your life deserves a new hat as a surprise gift.

Hemp Candles

Hempy's Patchouli Orange BlossomPeople rarely think of hemp and candles as the types of things that would go together, yet we sell them! Hannah, one of our lovely office staff, took some time out of her busy week to talk about her use of our hemp candles:

I know I’m not the only one who likes to light a candle at the end of a very long day. The Hempy’s candles are a staple in my apartment. We have a few different scents: Rain Water, Patchouli Orange Blossom (my favorite), and Egyptian Amber & Sandalwood. Each candle is 4oz and at first glance I thought that they were small candles, but I can get several days of several hours of lit candle heaven. These candles have a longevity of 20-25 hours of burntime and the wicks are made of hemp and are sturdy and made free from chemicals. I have gone through probably close to 10 candles since I was hired at Green Wellness and I have yet to have a candle burn unevenly or have a wick break–an annoyance I run into with some of my other candles.

Hemp Sling Bag

Hemp Sling BagCara can almost always be seen with her hemp bag slung over her shoulder and she had a lot to say about hemp bags. Here are her thoughts:

The Hemp Sling Bag is one of my favorite accessories! I love hemp clothing and bags because they are incredibly durable, hold up to lots of wear and tear, and do not show dirt or grime. I also like that they are stylish as well. I always get compliments when I wear it, they are easy to wash and clean up very well. This particular bag I love for everyday wear. I use mine when travelling either on a plane, car or on bus trips (field trips with kids). The bag is comfortable and easy to carry with a convenient over the shoulder strap. On the front of the shoulder strap the bag has a cell phone so it is great for convenient picture taking or ease of cell phone use when travelling. It has two main zipper compartments with one featuring three inside compartments, which is great for all the extra travel necessities. I also use mine for an everyday purse from time to time because of its convenience and comfort. I also appreciate the key clip as I am sure those who know me will tell you I am always misplacing my keys. Being able to clip my keys to my bag has become a convenience I now look for in other bags and I love that I no longer lose them at the bottom of the bag. The Adjustable shoulder strap measures 15″x11″x5.5″. I own this bag in the oatmeal color and have also given it as gifts to family members. It is one of my go-to’s! Check them out, we also carry an over the shoulder small bag for those who are looking for the same type of convenience, comfort and quality but in a smaller bag. I own one of these as well. I love the terracotta color!

Your Turn!

From what you just read, hopefully you have a better idea how some of our hemp products can be incorporated into your life. Whether it be a stylish and breathable hemp shirt or a durable hemp bag, now you know our thoughts. We always appreciate hearing yours, especially for the products that we didn’t highlight in this review. Does your dog like the hemp collar? Do you play Hacky Sack? How does hemp appear in your life? We are always learning about hemp and its various uses and we hope that you learn and grow with us!

Introducing Hemplucid

August 18th, 2020 by Hannah Laing

Discovering Hemplucid

Quintonby Quinton Charles, Op-Ed Blogger

Who is Hemplucid?

Here at Green Wellness, we are happy to announce that we have a new brand that we are now offering to you, our CBD-loving customers: Hemplucid!  We see a lot of claims from a lot of hemp(CBD) brands claiming to be “different” than all of the others;  so is Hemplucid really “different“? From what we at Green Wellness have researched, read, and experienced it is. Priding themselves on safety, sustainability, customer care, and quality, they seem to make the same claims as almost every other CBD company currently operating within the United States.  Let’s dive into each of these claims.

Hemplucid University


Third-party testing is always desirable in a hemp-based product. Knowing that an independent lab has certified that a product is clear of contaminants, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals can certainly grant peace of mind. Hemplucid isn’t the only company to link their test results for products on packaging, but they are one of only a handful to do so. While this doesn’t make them different, they certainly stand out (along with others) in the field.

Another point of safety (and also quality) is how Hemplucid goes about processing their hemp: Supercritical CO2 extraction. I’ll spare you the technical details, but this process enables for safe extraction of CBD while removing all microbia, germs, and harmful molds. It also is a recyclable process, and the CO2 used during the process completely disappears from the finished product. Unlike other processes, which use industrial solvents, the use of supercritical CO2 is 100% safe for use in consumable goods (like CBD).

Sustainability and Quality

This is one area where Hemplucid’s claims are unique. A lot of CBD companies used to source their hemp from overseas (and many still do!). Hemplucid, however, makes it very clear that they only use USDA-certified Organic farms and domestic growers. This means that all of the hemp they use comes from within the United States (most of it from Colorado). Not only is this a more sustainable approach (no carbon-intensive shipping), it ensures that Hemplucid’s products have a high degree of quality at all times!

Hemp lucid has been selectively growing and developing their own hemp strain that is “rich in terpenes, boasts high CBD Concentration, and offers a robust variety of secondary cannabinoids.”   They also process their hemp with Super Critical CO2 extraction that is solvent free and leaves a high quality oil and terpenes intact. There are no artificial or synthetic ingredients added.  We appreciate the quality we see in their products daily and their passion to meet and exceed state and federal regulations!

Customer Care

Hemplucid UniversityLike us, Hemplucid is committed to making CBD understandable. Are they a business? Yes. Would they love for you to purchase their products? Yes. But they also are eager to help people better understand what CBD is, how it works in your body, and the benefits of taking it regularly. They are always open to call during business hours, and run a very informative video blog called “Hemplucid University” that explains CBD and hemp topics ranging from The Four Routes of Absorption to Can You Take Too Much CBD.  There information is top notch!  Great job hemplucid.

What type of Hemplucid products are there?

While Hemplucid offers a wide array of products, we have decided that three products, in particular, would be best to offer to you: A body cream, a water-soluble tincture, and a pet tincture.

Hemplucid CBD & CBDA Body Cream

Hemplucid CBDA Body CreamTopicals have always been a popular product type of ours. A lot of our customers deal with muscle aches, soreness, and old or current injuries. I, myself, will regularly use various CBD topicals to deal with muscle aches from working out or old ankle injuries from cross country. It is no mystery, then, that one of the products we opted to offer from Hemplucid is a cream designed to help with soreness and dry skin.

CBDA Body Cream delivers a more raw version of CBDA in a cocoa butter, olive oil, coconut oil and aloe vera base for extra moisturizing. So what is CBDA and why should you care? It is the initial state of  CBD. How is this? Without getting into complex chemistry, I can tell you that CBDA is the initial compound that exists in the plant before heat converts it to CBD. This conversion happens when CBDA is smoked or vaporized, or occurs slowly at room temperature. It could potentially be useful as an anti-inflammatory compound, as it has the same structure as pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drugs.

When you buy and use this cream, you are getting access to 1000 mg of both the CBDA and whatever amount of CBDA has converted passively to CBD at room temperature. Talk about the best of both worlds!  Let me tell you this has quickly become one of our favorite new topicals!  We are in love with the creamy texture and the strength.  Check it out!

Hemplucid Water-Soluble Tincture

Water Soluble CBD TinctureI’m really excited to tell you guys about this one. Every morning, I have a smoothie with my breakfast. I constantly change the ingredients, to keep things interesting, but am never able to add any of my CBD tinctures to the mix. Why is this? Because they are all oil-based tinctures. While they work great under the tongue, when added to liquid, the oil separates from the (often watery) liquid and clings to the sides of the glass. The result is that you get to wash a bunch of CBD oil from your cup after finishing your drink, while receiving few of the benefits of CBD!

This tincture from Hemplucid is different. Not only is it 1000mg of CBD per bottle (which ensures a healthy serving of CBD with each use), it uses a vegetable-glycerin carrier oil that mixes easily with water and thus disperses cannabinoids into the bloodstream rapidly and effectively. Containing ultra-refined de-waxed CBD concentrate bonded to 100% vegetable glycerin for an all-natural, rapidly bio-available, water soluble alternative to CBD oils, the tincture is uniquely able to be used in most drinks. This means that you can add it to your morning tea, coffee, or smoothie and never taste it!  We love the ease of use, especially if you don’t like the taste of a quality full spectrum but love the benefits.

Hemplucid Roxy Tincture For Pets

CBD Pet Tincture for PetsAt Green Wellness Life we love animals, in fact I too, love animals.  A part of that love has always been a desire to ensure that our pets have just as much quality care and food as we would want for ourselves. That’s why we decided to carry Roxy by Hemplucid, a pet tincture for dogs or cats. Both dogs and cats, like humans, have an endocannabinoid system that benefits from supplementary CBD. The Roxy tincture is full-spectrum, and designed to work with your pet’s body for maximum health.

Not only does each tincture contain 300mg of CBD per bottle, but their flavors are tailored to suit your pet: chicken for dogs and fish for cats. I can’t say that I would enjoy the taste, but my cat always gets excited when I bring out the bottle. It’s nice knowing that she enjoys CBD as much as I do.

Try Some Hemplucid

I’ve done my best to give you information about our new products from Hemplucid, and I hope that it has been an informative and engaging read. But my words can only do so much. If you’re looking to try something new, or are buying CBD for the first time, give our Hemplucid products a test. I’m sure that you’ll be satisfied with the quality and efficacy of the cream, tincture, or that your pet will love their own tincture.

As always, we are happy to answer any questions, recommend products, or just chat during business hours. Feel free to reach out to us at our office, email, or social media accounts. Take care!

Tried and True: Celebrating National CBD Day

August 6th, 2020 by Hannah Laing

Cara blog faceby Cara Oorbeck, Green Well Operations Guru

Those who know me well I would say I am a celebrator of people and events. In fact, my people (family and close friends) know that on their special days, they will be celebrated. We actually go around the room and everyone has to say one thing they love about the person. On Thanksgiving we go around the table and each person says one thing they are truly grateful for at the time. During Christmas and the New Year we reflectively celebrate and acknowledge the goodness in each of our lives! The list of times we celebrate by reflecting as a family is long and celebration is a common occurrence in our house. My children habitually roll their eyes when I ask for cooperation and input during these “reflective celebrations”. This however, does not bother me because I believe it is important to speak out loud what we are celebrating and why! So when preparing for National CBD day, it was only natural for me to write a blog celebrating CBD and our “tried and true” products!

You can go ahead and roll your eyes in solidarity with my kids if you like, but I am going to reflectively celebrate some of our favorite CBD products. There is also a discount at the end of this thoughtful tunnel. That way you, too, can celebrate with your tried and true favorites or try one of ours. So let’s start the list!

Our Tried and True Favorite CBD Products

Endoca Hemp SalveEndoca 750 mg Salve:

If I had to pick one product that I love more than any other that we carry, it would be hard, but this would be at the top of my list. I know the rest of the staff feels this way as well. I use this salve for everything. Stiff neck pain – check, psoriasis on my knees and elbows – check, burn from the oven on my hand – check, poison ivy rash – check, blisters, cuts, eczema and even hotspots for my pup – check,check,and check! Our house is borderline obsessed with this salve. It is one of our strongest salves, packing 750 mg of full spectrum CBD into a 1 oz jar. It has limited ingredients and has worked wonders for me, so my sensitive skin does not break out in a rash while using. If you have not tried it yet, you should. I love this stuff!

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil DropsEndoca Raw 300 or 1500 mg Tincture:

AT GWL, we love the Endoca line and we cannot celebrate our tried and trues without celebrating the Endoca Raw (Full Spectrum)Tincture. Our staff member Hannah swears by this product (Hannah is a young person who was diagnosed with Rheumatoid and Fibro at 16.  Pain is part of her daily life). We tease her that she has an “old lady body”! She says “of all of the products I have tried there are very few products that give me the freedom to live my life as a young person.” This is Hannah’s all time favorite and a part of her daily pain regiment that assists her with everyday living.

Mary's Nutritionals CBD PatchesMary’s 8-12 hour/10 mg Patch:

Patches are an amazing bonus product.I love Mary’s full spectrum patch when I have a headache or a stiff neck. If my back is sore, this is one of my go to’s. I always have patches on hand at home for those days when I overdid it in the lawn or someone I love needs a little relief. I also love the price point at $10.00 a patch. They are a great, latex-free product to aid your body when you are not feeling at the top of your game, especially when traveling and in a pinch.

WYLD CBD GummiesWyld 25 mg/20 pack gummies:

So what’s not to love about gummies? I love candy, so getting my CBD in a candy like form is yummy. The great thing about this gummy is although it may taste like candy, it is made with natural fruit juices and has no added artificial flavors or colors. It’s a healthier alternative to traditional candy gummies. This broad spectrum gummy tastes delicious, is convenient and works well in aiding our bodies with a variety of different things. I have had my 14 year old on these as an athlete for recovery and inflammation and she never grumbles about taking them. I have also watched customers who have family members who struggle with anxiety, autism, and Asperger’s see benefit from this product. Bonus…picky people will take them because they taste good and are THC free so it really is an all around great product. Also my mother in law who will not take anything “yucky” likes these as well!

Treatibles CBD dog chewsTreatibles Treats:

We cannot celebrate our favorite products without mentioning Treatibles Pet Treats for both small and large dogs. We have carried these products since I started working at GWL and they are a staple in my house with my furry rescued friends. Even Molly (my picky Great Dane) loves the blueberry flavor. She is quite the diva – VERY hard to please. I have also seen a significant difference with my 13 year old schnauzer Lucy’s joint mobility and my small anxiety ridden Rizzo. Treatibles treats are a must have in the Oorbeck household for our pets and although we use a tincture for our daily pets’ CBD needs, we always have Treatibles on hand just in case a little extra is needed.

softgels 25 boxMedterra 25 and 50 mg Capsules:

I do not personally take an isolate product. I have old injuries and rely on broad and full spectrums to aid in my body’s functioning. However this high strength, limited ingredient, 0 THC isolate capsule is a favorite amongst many. If you want to try CBD without anything added this is the product for you. It is also easy to take and has an accessible price point. We have many customers who swear by Medterra and it is definitely a go to product around our office.

Lift CBD Sleep dropsLift 1500 mg Sleep Tincture:

So my blog would not be complete without my husband’s favorite product! Mike has been a Pediatric ICU nurse for close to 30 years. He works 12 hour night shifts and has since I have been married to him. This makes sleep a difficult prospect for him at times and he absolutely swears by this product. He takes 50 mg of this tincture before bed and he sleeps like a baby. I too love this product because when he sleeps, he is not grumpy!  I guess you could say that makes it one of my favorites as well!

It is Your Turn; What Are Your Tried And True Faves?

Well there you have it our Tried and Trues! We LOVE CBD and we are happy to celebrate with you on National CBD Day. Don’t miss our Celebration Sale. You can celebrate your favorites or try one of ours. Also feel free to share your favorites on any of our social media sites. You never know – if we know what you love, we just may send you something to celebrate you, too!

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