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We're excited to share that our store AND rewards program are changed as of March 15th. We NOW have FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!

CBD Product Information & Reviews

CBD for Stress Relief During The Holidays

November 30th, 2022 by Hannah Laing

cbd for holiday stress

Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a wonderful time, filled with gratitude and love, but that isn’t always the case. For many, including myself, the winter holidays can be the cause of a lot of stress. I find a lot of benefit in turning to CBD for a bit of calm. Whether it be stress about getting everyone gifts and not breaking the bank, seeing extended family at holiday gatherings, or simply driving in the Michigan snow; stress is a common part of the holidays for me.

I hope that the holidays are a time of joy and love for you, but if they bring up a little bit of dread, I want you to know that you’re not alone.  While I have had a lot of very fond holiday memories throughout my life, that doesn’t negate the difficult emotions that also come up. I have personally felt isolated by feeling stressed or sad at a time when most others are observably cheery. You are not alone if you feel this way. I turn to CBD for stress relief and it may help you, too.

When I visit my extended family, I can’t help but feel tense and sometimes overwhelmed, especially now with COVID. I can’t help but think about the health and safety of my family, worrying if hugging Grandma could negatively impact her health. It is in those situational moments I rely on fast-acting CBD for stress relief.

Fast-Acting CBD for Stress Relief

Fat-acting CBD can be pretty amazing because it’s typically water soluble and thus gets into your system really quickly. However you take fast-acting CBD – usually, within 10-15 minutes, you can find benefits.

Lazarus Fruit Tarts

Lazarus fruit tartsThe Lazarus Fruit Tarts are one of the strongest fast-acting options with each tart being 25mg. I also find that the bitterness of the tarts is really helpful in pulling me out of my head and into my body. Sometimes when I am lost in thought, and I don’t want to be, I need that shock of a tart to get me back on track.

The fruitiness of the tarts is also really nice because I don’t feel like I’m sucking on a lemon. The mango is my personal favorite and is the sweetest of the certs to my tastebuds. The high amount of CBD gets into my system quickly and I keep one of these tins in my purse, my car, and pretty much everywhere I do during the holidays.

Medterra Gum

medterra gum packMedterra CBD gum is a great option for those of us who struggle with stress. I find that the act of chewing gum helps prevent me from having a locked jaw that can come from holiday stress. Each piece of gum has 20mg of CBD and other additives like vitamin B6, L-Theanine, and L-Tyrosine to aid in relation. As far as CBD for stress relief, I would highly recommend checking out this handy pack of gum.

Oil-Based CBD for Stress Relief

Oil-based CBD stores in your lipids (fat cells) and lasts a lot longer in your system. Your endocannabinoidal system will pull that CBD when needed and hang out in your body for anywhere from 24-36 hours. We recommend taking your CBD around the same time each day so that your system never runs out, but if you need help with general stress/state of the world, an oil-based option might be the right fit for you.

Medterra Keep Calm Gummies

One of our most popular products, for good reason, is the Medterra Calm gummies. These 25mg gummies are a great serving and just like the gum, the gummies include L-Theanine to aid in the calming effect. I also find the turmeric that they add to be beneficial in addressing the whole body. Often we think of stress as something contained in our heads when really stress is a whole-body physiological occurrence, so the whole body needs to be addressed.

Social CBD Softgels

If 25mg isn’t enough CBD for you, don’t worry, because the Social CBD Rest Gel Capsules have your back. This CBD for stress relief comes in a 33mg softgel and includes herbs like valerian root and passion flower to help with restfulness. I have taken this softgel both in the morning and at night, I would probably recommend this as an evening softgel if you’re sensitive to drowsiness. Luckily the CBD in this softgel will store in your lipids so even if you take it at night, you will find benefits during the day as well.

Lazarus Energy Gummies

Lazarus Energy GummyIf you aren’t struggling with rest and are looking for an assist to get going during the day, the Lazarus Energy gummies might be the perfect fit. With 25mg of CBD for stress relief and additives like caffeine, L-Theanine, and Vitamin B12, you could feel energized and relaxed.  Sometimes the holidays make me feel really lethargic and unmotivated, so I take one of these when I start to feel that way.

Topical CBD for Stress Relief

When thinking about stress, a lotion may not be the first thing to come to your mind. While something you apply to your skin won’t get into your bloodstream, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find benefits. When I’m stressed, I clench my jaw, leaving my head and neck stiff and sore. Relieving that muscle tension only helps me better handle the holiday stress.

Social Muscle Balm Stick

Social Balm StickLavender is a well-known herb to help with relaxation, so the Social Balm Stick is a great option. There are also calming herbs like chamomile flower, arnica, and bergamot peel to aid in relaxation. I most often apply this stick to my neck, shoulders, and temples whenever I’m stressed. I also find that applying the stick to my neck and temples can help me when I have a stress headache. This stick also has 1000mg of CBD, so it’s got a substantial amount of CBD to soothe those tight muscles.

What Are Your Favorites?

The above products are what help me manage my stress, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll work for everyone. No two bodies are alike and what works best for me might not be what’s best for you, that is why we guarantee all of our products. I would love to hear what your favorites are. What do you do to help combat holiday stress? Do you have a favorite type of CBD for stress relief? You can reach out to us at 616-275-1039 locally or 888-772-7875 toll-free and by email at support@greenwellnesslife.com.


CBD & Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

October 5th, 2022 by Hannah Laing


CBD and seasonal affective disorder

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

If you have not heard of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), you likely live in a temperate climate. Here in Michigan, we are well acquainted with how the weather can impact your mental health or mood in general. This disorder is a specific type of depression that changes depending on the seasons, worsening during the colder months.

Michigan daylight is an average of just 3-4 hours per day in the winter and 9-10 hours per day during the summer. While that may not sound like a drastic difference, it is hard to not feel the difference sunlight makes. Those working a traditional 9-5 job (myself included) can leave for work before the sun rises and the sunlight will already be gone by the end of the work day.

While fall & winter seasonal affective disorder is most common in Michigan, spring & summer seasonal affective disorder is also a concern. Both forms of seasonal affective disorder are prevalent and have different symptoms to note. If you believe that either of these forms of depression applies to you, please consult a mental health professional.

Symptoms for fall & winter SAD are as follows:

  • Oversleeping
  • Appetite changes, often craving carbohydrates
  • Weight gain
  • Lack of energy

Symptoms for spring & summer SAD are as follows:

  • Insomnia
  • Poor appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Agitation or anxiety

These symptoms, in conjunction with traditional depression symptoms, are more than just a “seasonal funk” and need to be treated seriously. I cannot express enough, if you feel like this, please seek and accept help. You don’t deserve to feel like this and you don’t have to.

Can CBD Help?

While seeking the help of a mental health professional is paramount, there may be some benefits to taking CBD during your rough months. Seasonal affective disorder does have an off-season; during that down period, CBD might aid in keeping you on a level playing field. We are not doctors and cannot give medical advice, but studies have found that CBD may be beneficial for anxiety, depression, and general mood stabilization.

Isolate CBD vs Whole Plant

The processing level of the CBD you take can have a huge impact on the relief that you do or don’t find. There can be a right and a wrong answer when buying CBD and for mood stabilization, we always recommend an isolate. An isolate product means that there is just that 1 CBD compound instead of the 100+ compounds in the whole plant. Isolates tend to cross the blood-brain barrier a little easier, as there is no other plant matter in the way, potentially offering more relief.

Product Recommendations

We carry a lot of different isolate products that may help you. An internal product, that is something you digest, will store in your lipids (fat cells) and work for you all day long. We always recommend an internal product and adding something known as a booster for fast relief. Boosters are water soluble and get into the bloodstream quickly, but they only last 2-6 hours, making them a good addition to an internal product for those days when you need a little extra.


Social CBD Softgels

Social CBD Boost SoftgelsThere are a few versions of these softgels that may help, but I would recommend the Boost softgels. Seasonal affective disorder is associated with increased lethargy, so the added herbs of yerba mate and moringa may be beneficial. These soft gel capsules are also 33mg of CBD isolate, and most people fall between 10-50mg needed daily, so this can be a good middle-of-the-road soft gel to help with mood stabilization.

Medterra CBD SoftgelsMedterra Isolate Softgels

If you’re looking for that mood stabilization without the additional herbs, the Medterra soft gel capsules are a perfect fit. They are just CBD isolate, MCT oil (coconut oil), and a little gelatin. These softgels come in either a 25mg, 50mg, or 100mg version so you can find the best serving size for you. Easy, simple, and effective.


Lazarus Blood Orange tincture

Lazarus Blood OrangeTinctures can be awesome to give yourself more control over your serving size, but they don’t always have the best taste depending on the processing level. The Lazarus isolate tincture is blood orange-flavored and delightful. The light citrus notes are not too sweet or overpowering while still being flavorful and packed with 1500mg of CBD. You can take up to 50mgs a day and the bottle will still last you 30 days.

Medterra Tincture

If you want something unflavored, the Medterra unflavored tincture is the way to go. The MCT oil-based tincture is truly flavorless, it’s almost like taking water, but with a lot of CBD packed in. The tinctures range from 1000mg to 3000mg, giving you a plethora of serving-size options. When addressing mood concerns like seasonal affective disorder, higher serving sizes are often needed, making the 3000mg tincture a great fit.


Lazarus Energy Gummies

The Lazarus energy gummies are isolated CBD and have additives like vitamin B12, caffeine, and L-Theanine to help get you through the day. These 25mg gummies are blackberry flavored and come with 40 gummies per container. Seasonal affective disorder can make you feel robbed of your energy, so these gummies are intended to help you get some of that energy back.

WYLD CBD Gummies 

The WYLD CBG gummies might be a great fit for seasonal affective disorder. CBG is a cannabinoid associated with mental clarity, along with many other benefits, in addition to the 20mg of CBD per gummy may be a great fit. The pear-flavored gummies are delicious and spot an additional 10mg of CBG, making these 30mg gummies a good strength.


Lazarus Fruit Tarts 

Lazarus fruit tartsFor those moments when you need to find relief fast and can’t wait the 2 hours for your body to digest CBD ingestible, these 25mg fruit tarts are a great option. The flavorful tarts offer fast relief through the membranes in your cheek and allow you to get back to living life. In either mango, strawberry lemon, raspberry lime, or pineapple orange, there are flavor profiles for every palate.

Medterra Keep Calm Gum

medterra gum packIf something tart and fruity is not your jam, then the Medterra gum will be a perfect alternative for fast relief. Just chew on this mint-flavored gum and find relief from 20mg of CBD, vitamin B6, L-Theanine, and L-Tyrosine. Some CBD gums have an abnormal texture, but this gum is like any other pack except it might offer more relief from stress and anxiety, common struggles with seasonal affective disorder.

Tell Us How You Feel

When struggling with your mental health is often difficult and isolating, know that you are not alone. 211 is always a resource for mental health. 211 conversations are confidential and can be made anonymously. Seasonal affective disorder can be overwhelming, so let us know if we can help. You can reach out to us at 616-275-1039 locally or 888-772-7875 toll-free and by email at support@greenwellnesslife.com.


CBD Flower Recipes

October 1st, 2022 by Hannah Laing


CBD Flower Recipes

CBD Flower

When I think of CBD, one of the first things that come to my mind are tinctures or CBD oil. The hemp plant may not be the first thing you think of, either, but we should all think about the CBD flower and how to use it. CBD comes from the hemp plant and the hemp flower, which have a lot of healthy cannabinoids that we can use.

How to use it?

There are lots of ways to take advantage of those cannabinoids in the CBD flower, other than just smoking it. In the past, I have written a blog on how to make Canna Flour, which is a baking flour infused with cannabinoids. There are so many other ways to use hemp flower and I would love to share some of my tips and tricks with you.

Topical Recipe

Although ingesting CBD will offer more lasting relief, sometimes achy joints just want to feel better at that moment. My body is often riddled with pain and, on a bad day, I just can’t wait for digestion to find the relief that I need. Here is how to use your hemp flower to make an oil:


  • Cannabis/hemp flower (grams up to your discretion, but we recommend at least 7 grams). We have some great choices from Plain Jane.
  • 1 cup of coconut oil
  • 1 cup of water

Step 1: Decarboxylation

Preheat your oven to 240ºF. Place your CBD flower on a nonstick, oven-safe baking tray. If you don’t have a nonstick baking tray, you can line it with tin foil (which also makes cleanup easier). Evenly place your buds on the tray and then insert them into the oven when heated. Cook, or decarboxylate, for 30-40 minutes, shaking the tray every 10 minutes to ensure all sides of the flower get decarboxylated. Once done, pull out and allow to cool.

Step 2: Grind 

Next, take your cooked flower and grind it up. You can use a hand grinder or an herb grinder. If you don’t have either of those, break the dried CBD hemp flower or cannabis flower apart with your hands to as fine of a flower shake as you can. Make sure that you wait for the hemp flower to cool before handling it.

Step 3: Melt Coconut Oil

Add 1 cup of water and 1 cup of coconut oil into either a pot or a saucepan. First, heat the pan on the lowest heat setting, and then add the coconut oil and water. You want the coconut oil to melt, but not brown, and the added water will help regulate the temperature.

Step 4: Add the Flower 

As the coconut oil quickly melts, you can begin to slowly fold in the ground CBD flower to begin infusing the oil.

CBD Flower infused oilStep 5: Let Simmer 

You want to let your coconut oil and flower concoction simmer on the stovetop for 2-6 hours. Watch the heat because you never want your oil to get too hot. If it heats over 200ºF, you may lose efficacy. Stir the mixture periodically and watch the oil turn green. The longer that you let the oil simmer, the more the CBD flower will turn the oil green, infusing it with those cannabinoids.

Step 5: Strain and Jar

Once your oil is done cooking, you just have to strain out the plant matter and pour your oil into whatever storage container works best for you. I prefer a shallow tin so that I can easily apply my oil to my skin without digging around much.

Step 6: Add Desired Essential Oils 

Now that your oil doesn’t contain any plant matter to alter the texture, you can mix in any essential oils that you prefer. I like to add peppermint oil, lavender oil, and arnica oil to help with my pain. I usually add 10-15 drops per batch. You are welcome to add any essential oils that you prefer to make your topical to your liking. Make sure to add them in before your hemp flower oil cools.

Edible Recipe

If you don’t want to rub your cannabinoids into your skin, but you still want to find benefit, you can make an edible instead! There are a few more factors to consider when making edibles, like serving size and disguising the plant flavor of the canabinoids. If you’re up for the challenge, keep reading to learn more.

Repeat the above steps 1-6

The above steps will create a CBD flower-infused oil that you can use as a base when baking sweet treats. You can replace oil in any receipe with the hemp flower coconut oil that you just made.

Step 7: Mask CBD Flower Taste

While we want all the benefits of CBD flower, we don’t want to necessarily taste them. CBD flower is just part of a plant and therefore tastes a bit like grass and dirt — earthy. I have been baking edibles for years and have found that there are a few herbs and spices that best mask the flavor.


  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Peanut butter
  • Nutmeg


  • Cumin
  • Rosemary
  • Cayenne
  • Oregano
  • Thyme

Incorporating some of these more flavorful spices will only improve the overall flavor and enjoyability of the edibles or baked goods that you make. Earthy flavors are good sometimes, but not so much when baking brownies or cookies.

Your Turn, Chef!

Please feel free to share your baking experiences, positive or negative, on our social media and we’re always here to help! You can find us on Instagram or Facebook, or email us at: support@greenwellnesslife.com or reach us by phone at 616-275-1039 (toll-free 888-772-7875). Happy baking!

List of The Best Wellness Products

September 7th, 2022 by Hannah Laing

The Best Wellness Products

When it comes to wellness products, we try to cover all of our bases. While CBD can be great for overall wellness, we do carry a lot of other non-CBD wellness products that might be exactly what you’re looking for. Because of my history as a chronically ill human, I have tried what feels like every homeopathic product available. From essential oils to peculiar supplements to therapeutic tools, it can be overwhelming just trying to feel better in your body. Keep reading to see my list of the best wellness products that we carry!

The Best Wellness Products

Beard Oil

Beard OilBeards may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about wellness, but the state of facial hair is still part of our well-being. I do not have a beard, but I know men who do, and they have had nothing but extremely positive things to say about our beard oil. This Michigan-made beard oil has a blend of jojoba and almond oils to keep your facial hair soft and avoid itchiness.

Coming in 3 different scents, there are options for everyone and all are made with organic ingredients. I (believe it or not) use these oils as a scalp treatment and I can attest to how delightful they smell and leave my hair afterward. If you have concerns about your beard’s wellbeing, look no further than our beard oil by The Little Flower Soap Company.

Body Oil

Endoca Hemp Seed OilOur skin is our biggest organ, so taking care of it is absolutely a necessary part of our wellbeing. When I think of skincare, I typically think about taking care of my face, but that is only a small fraction of our skin. I you have dry or problematic skin, I cannot emphasize how truly amazing the Endoca Raw Hemp Seed Oil is. I struggle with Keratosis Pilaris along with scaring from things like falling down a cliff (I wish that was a joke).

While I am not a dermatologist and cannot diagnose, prescribe or treat, I can say that this oil has drastically improved the quality of both concerns. The back of my arms is smooth and my scaring has started to slowly fade. This thick oil does smell of hemp, but the high omega oil leaves your skin soft, shiny, and protected throughout the day and then some. I actually only use this oil after taking a shower and find that my skin is soft for a few days post application. I highly HIGHLY recommend using this body oil to improve the overall wellbeing of your skin.

Essential Oils

Little Flower Essential OIlsI don’t know how much credibility there is to some of the claims I have seen about essential oils, but I do know that our roll-ons really help me when I am feeling particularly anxious. I keep them in my purse for those moments and I simply apply the oil to the insides of my wrists, and my temples, and then I genuinely feel a little less overwhelmed.

The trials of day to day life can be really taxing, especially with the current state of the world, so taking that time to inhale some calming essential oils has been really impactful for my overall stress levels. I highly recommend our PEACE roll-on for anyone else who is struggling with stress and wants a wellness product to help manage that stress.

Hair Care

Wellphoria hair maskSimilarly to beard oil, I feel good when my hair looks good, and feeling good is part of my wellness journey no matter what that looks like. Hemp has a ton of omegas that are deeply moisturizing and great for wavy hair, like my own. My favorite product from our hair care line is easily the hair masque. I love the lemon ginger scent and it leaves my hair INCREDIBLY soft when I wash it out. I find the whole process to be very soothing and it’s one of my favorite wellness products in general.


Hasselman HoneyThere are so many benefits to including raw honey in your diet, especially if it’s locally sourced. Our West Michigan made honey is an absolute must for me. I cannot fathom having a cup of tea without a spoonful of any of our flavors of honey, but the classic raw Great Lates Bee Co honey is what I grab most often. Especially if I’m struggling with a sore throat or allergies, it’s just so soothing. A must try for any honey lovers!

Immune Support

Plus CBD CV AcuteI have a weakend immune system and with the current state of the world, you can understand why finding an immune support wellness product was top priority for me. The CV Acute Immune Support has fundamentally changed how I view my health. If I even think I might be coming down with something, I take a few spoonfuls of this syrup for a few days before I even get the chance to get sick.

I cannot explain how many times this product has protected me or helped me overcome whatever bug is going around. As I am typing this I am coming down with a cold (negative for COVID) and relying on this bottle to help keep me running. With ingredients like Forsythia Fruit, Honesuckle, and the root of Baikal Skullcap, you just can’t go wrong.

What do you think?

When it comes to the best wellness products, not everything is the right fit for everyone. Everyone has different needs, but, hopefully after reading my thoughts you know what might help you maintain a happy, healthy life. We would love to hear what your favorite wellness products are or how you use the wellness products we carry. You can reach out to us at 616-275-1039 locally or 888-772-7875 toll-free and by email at support@greenwellnesslife.com.



Minor Cannabinoids

August 25th, 2022 by Brandy Palmer

Minor Cannabinoids

Minor Cannabinoids: What They Are and What to Know

Minor Cannabinoids

Cannabinoid wheel

When you think about hemp and marijuana plants, usually two compounds come to mind – THC and CBD. While those two major cannabinoids are the most well-known, they are far from the only compounds that are found in both hemp and marijuana. Would you like to learn more about what else is in these plants? Let’s jump in.

What Are Minor Cannabinoids?

Minor cannabinoids get their name not from their possible value to your health, but from the quantity in each plant.  They’re less abundant than THC and CBD but potentially even more important. At present, there are more than 120 compounds found in hemp and marijuana plants.  While the medicinal use of cannabis can be traced back thousands of years, this is still a new science and we are learning more about both the major and minor cannabinoids and their possibilities every day.

While this is far from a complete list, here are some cannabinoids that are considered minor that you may want to learn more about.


CBN, or cannabinol, is formed in a cannabis plant when THC is exposed to heat and light (oxidation.) This can occur naturally over time or can be sped up in a lab environment.  While CBN was initially THC, it’s important to note that CBN is not intoxicating – you won’t get high from it.

CBN has been shown to have sedative properties. Many products that are intended to assist with sleep will contain both CBN and CBD.  Studies show that CBN may also assist with pain relief when married to CBD.  You can find CBN, and many other minor cannabinoids, in all the same product forms as CBD – from oils to gummies and capsules.


CBG, or cannabigerol, is considered the “mother of all cannabinoids” because it serves as the precursor for all the other compounds. It is derived from young hemp or marijuana plants. As the plant grows, CBGA and CBG convert to other cannabinoids.  Just as CBD imitates endocannabinoids that occur naturally in our bodies, CBG will also bind and work to neutralize cells, bringing us to a level playing field.

CBG is non-intoxicating. It can make people feel energized and focused, rather than relaxed. This makes CBG popular among people searching for a cannabinoid to boost productivity.

CBDA MoleculeCBDA Molecule


CBDA is probably our favorite minor cannabinoid here at Green Wellness Life.  CBDA is an acidic precursor to CBD. It is the compound in the plant that eventually becomes CBD with heat and time.  In our experience, CBDA is the most effective compound for dealing with persistent discomfort.  Non-human studies are backing this up, finding that greater benefit is found with much lower servings of CBDA than CBD.

Raw and heated cannabinoids interact with different receptors and enzymes in the body.  Raw options like CBDA may be less active in the brain, which means they are hyperactive in the body and gut.  That may be why people often report better or more sustained inflammation relief.


CBC , or cannabichromene, also stems from CBGA. It was discovered in the 1960s and is the third most prominent cannabinoid found in cannabis, after CBD and THC.  While we know that it works in conjunction with THC and CBD to keep our system neutral, we don’t know much more than that.  Research suggests that it is a potent anti-inflammatory and could be more beneficial than CBD in mood enhancement. CBC is non-intoxicating and one of many potentially beneficial minor cannabinoids.


Many of us have never heard of THC-O.  That may be because it does not naturally occur in the plant in the ground. THC-O is the shortened name for THC-O-Acetate, also called ATHC. It can only be produced in a laboratory environment. Lab tests show that THC-O can be 300 percent stronger than regular THC.

THC-O is intoxicating. As such, it can only legally be purchased from a licensed dispensary, even in states where recreational marijuana is legal.  Use caution when purchasing this or any synthetic cannabinoid – it’s more likely a temporary trend than a natural compound with consistent benefits like CBD.


THC-V, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a naturally occurring minor cannabinoid. It’s most commonly found in African Sativa marijuana. The jury is still out as to how intoxicating THC-V can be.  The buzz associated with THC-V, from the small amount of research available, appears to be clear-headed and stimulating, lasting about half as long as THC intoxication.  Some research shows that it is useful as an appetite suppressant and THC-V products are certainly gaining popularity in that area with fans calling it “skinny pot.”

Delta 8 THC

Delta-8 THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is an additional psychoactive cannabinoid. The natural amount of delta-8 THC that occurs in cannabis is very low. As such, additional chemicals are often used to convert other cannabinoids, like CBD, into delta-8.  Initially, it was sold over the counter as a legal marijuana alternative that provides less euphoria than THC but still provides relaxation along with potentially lessened negative side effects.

States have quickly caught on to the intoxicating nature of delta-8.  At the time of this article, 20 states have classified delta-8 as illegal or have restrictions on how it can be sold. As with THC-O, we would recommend using caution and only purchasing from a reputable source, as delta-8 may be synthetically made.

How Do Minor Cannabinoids Work?

Minor cannabinoids interact with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) just as CBD and THC do.  They bind to receptors that have a range of effects on everything from our brains to our gut and everything in between.  The ECS exists and is active in your body even if you don’t use cannabis.  It works using compounds you create to promote homeostasis (balance) throughout your entire life.  When you take in major or minor cannabinoids, they bind to that system and get to work keeping you neutral.

The Entourage Effect

If you’ve heard the phrase ” the whole is more than the sum of its parts” then you already understand the entourage effect.  Put simply, many people find that cannabis plants work better when taken as a whole, made up of those 120+ compounds than broken apart into individual cannabinoids. That doesn’t mean that there is no value if you isolate and use CBD or CBN or even THC alone, but it does mean you may see a greater impact keeping them together.

Final Thoughts

There is still so much to learn about all of the minor cannabinoids working together in cannabis.  If you’re just getting started with cannabinoids. our CBD 101 is an excellent resource.  If you’d like to learn more, but have specific questions or prefer to chat with a human, we can do that, too. Reach out to us toll-free at 888-772-7875 or email us at support@greenwellnesslife.com. We look forward to chatting with you!

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