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Managing Test Anxiety-Can CBD Help?

October 13th, 2021 by Hannah Laing

CBD & Test Anxiety

Table of Contents

My Experience With Test Anxiety

We schedule the things that we write about quarterly.  This quarter when the three of us (Brandy, Cara, and myself) were planning out our blog schedule and looking at potential topics to help people learn more about CBD, the topic “CBD & test anxiety” came up, and I knew this was my time to shine. Currently, I am in my senior year at Grand Valley State University as a Health Communications major and I feel intimately acquainted with my foe: test anxiety.

At this point in my life, I have been a student for 17 years of my 21 years of life and there has yet to be a year that I do not struggle managing my test anxiety. As a young child, I used to get so stressed about tests that I would spend hours doing the math to figure out how different test scores would affect my grades. I would memorize every study guide from top to bottom, and if the test was hard I would pull on my hair and pick at my scalp for the entire duration of the test. I used to have this weird test ritual, (especially for chemistry,) where I would take a deep breath, crack all of my joints (to my classmates’ horror), and chew gum in an attempt to avoid my anxious hair pulling. What was arguably even worse than taking the test, was the anxiety I experienced when tests were being handed back. As soon as I turned a test in, I would check my grades daily, religiously, in hopes that my grade would be entered into the grade book. If a teacher hand graded, I was always desperate while I waited for the teacher to pass the tests back. I would feel like I was waiting for the Grim Reaper.

I feel the need to note that I’m a good student who gets good grades, but my track record never guaranteed that sacred “A” grade. So much of my young years were centered around school and grades, it became a measure of my own self-worth.  This pattern of extreme stress and worry for each test continued until I graduated high school. I had a 4.3 GPA, but I look back with nothing but regret over the hours lost to anxiety and the stress I put myself through. Test anxiety was unavoidable for me then, but that is no way the case now.

Deep Breathes Actually Matter

One of the very first things that others told me to do with regards to my test anxiety was to take a deep breath. If you’ve ever been a person in a state of panic, you know how in=credibly hard it is to “just take a deep breath.” I used to scoff that comment off as something people say when they don’t know how to help. How do you help a good student to stop being terrified of tests, an essential part of being a student? Well…it turns out that taking a deep breath is actually really good advice. I read an article on PubMed, my favorite database for medical journals/research, that discussed the effects of deep breathing on attention and stress. People much smarter than I am have done research on the effects of deep breathing and there is a clear correlation between breathing deeply and the reduction of negative affects. I have since included a few deep breathing exercises to calm and center myself before any test. I will breathe in while counting to 4, in my head of course.  and breathe out while counting to 8. I will repeat this 4 times and then depending on if my hear still feels like there’s a mini earthquake in my chest, I may continue by breathing in to the count of 8 and out to the count of 8. I will also repeat that 4 times or until my heartbeat slows. Once I have quieted the typically frantic drum pumping blood in my chest, I also typically like to do a few stretches in my chair. If I am uncomfortable, I will fixate on how my back is bothersome instead of the test questions in front of me. Just a simple back twist while holding on to the back of the chair while turning to stretch/crack my lower back often does the trick. I’ll bring one leg up to my chest in the chair and pull it in and then stretch my other leg similarly. I may look like I am preparing for some sort of physical activity for a very stationary task of taking a test, but the mental gymnastics required to get the right answer, for me, requires physical preparations. Sometimes that routine just isn’t enough though.

Tests And CBD – Introduced to CBD

Since going to college, I learned about CBD through one of GWL’s staff members, Cara. I have known Cara a long time.  Before I came on staff at GWL,  Cara introduced me originally to Green Wellness Life, and my academic career was irrevocably changed. Cara had sent me a few of GWL’s blogs to read when I was a freshman at the University of Arizona. I was struggling with stress and anxiety in my journalism class (it was an advanced class known for some of the hardest journalism tests in the whole department). I did not know this when I signed up for the class, but quickly learned it was going to be harder than ever for me to be able to take this class without pulling my hair out.  Literally. I needed a new plan and Green Wellness offered some assistance.  Below are two of the blogs Cara sent me regarding stress and some possible insight.

Dealing With Stress – Now what?

After reading both of the above articles, I picked out a few products to try out to help me manage my test anxiety. I ended up choosing a water soluble CBD drink mix  and CBD gum as a booster. I wanted something I could take the morning of that would act quickly to help calm any shakiness or worry that would cloud my ability to study and focus. The drink mix that we carry is from cbdMD and comes in either lemonade or fruit punch. Each packet is 25mgs of broad spectrum CBD to help me relax without any THC. The gum that I used in Arizona was the MedCBDX gum that is 10mgs of isolate CBD per piece of gum. Now I prefer to chew the Medterra gum which has 20mgs of CBD per piece with added ingredients like B6, L-Theanine, and L-Tyrosine to further aid in calm and clarity.

medcbdx gumI use both products before every test I take today, as my own personal “it’s gonna be okay” cocktail. I genuinely feel that both the gum and drink mix have assisted me in my quality of life as a student and improved my performance in my academic career.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to stoichiometry, while simultaneously fixating on the fact that if more than 3 questions are wrong your grade will drop a letter.  It’s stressful. Trust me.  Sometimes I find myself thinking about what my life would have been like as a younger student had I known what I know now. Hindsight is 20/20 and now so are my test scores (I’m very much  kidding). If you struggle with test anxiety like I do or if you are curious about CBD boosters, we are always here to help guide you. Give us a call at 1-888-772-7875 (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm EST), or fill out our online contact form.  You can also click the “live chat” button at any time!

Author’s Note:

While writing this, it is currently midterms week at GVSU and I cannot emphasize enough how stressed I have been. I mean nightmares about failing college type stress, and I am more thankful than ever for my test anxiety go-to’s. My senior level health care management class has a 7 page long study guide of questions. Wish me luck!



Why Would I Smoke CBD Hemp Flower?

September 28th, 2021 by Cara Oorbeck

CBD Hemp Flower Topics Covered

CBD Hemp Flower –  What is it?

Hemp Flower is the unprocessed bud from the hemp plant. The hemp plant naturally contains many cannabinoids (fancy word for compounds)including the well known cannabinoid CBD and terpenes. The hemp plant is similar to marijuana in that it has all of the same compounds, but the amount of each of these cannabinoids varies tremendously.

The biggest difference between the two plants is that hemp has much higher percentages of CBD than marijuana. Additionally, the THC cannabinoid, that compound that gets you “high”, naturally occurs with only 0.3% or less present. You can receive the full neutralizing benefit of the hemp plant through the pulmonary system (lungs), without any concerns of the head fuzziness associated with marijuana.

You can buy CBD hemp flower in all 50 states legally unlike marijuana.  The hemp flower strains come in a multitude of varieties with some fun names including Bubba Kush, Blueberry Diesel, Skywalker, Sour Space Candy, White CBG, Cherry Wine and many more premium strains and many people enjoy the different varieties! CBD hemp flower can provide relaxing effects in a matter of minutes when smoked or vaped. CBD flowers do not get you high and may be able to provide some assistance with a variety of physical complaints including sleep, anxiety and stress, and pain relief.

It’s important to note that while hemp flower is a good fit for some people, it’s not for everyone.  Smoking anything is a bad idea if you have asthma or any type of pulmonary concerns.  It goes without saying that anyone under the age of 21 shouldn’t be considering smoking as a way to get their daily CBD intake. My friend the respiratory therapist says the only thing that should go into your lungs is air. She’s not wrong! But there are some situations where hemp flower may be really beneficial. Let’s talk them through.

Healthy Smoking: Is Smoking CBD Hemp Flower Really Better?

There is an ongoing debate that we hear regularly about the benefits of smoking hemp verses ingesting hemp daily. At GWL we are proponents of daily CBD use. The difference between ingesting hemp and smoking hemp can depend on what effects you are looking to achieve. Ingesting a hemp based(CBD/cannabinoid)capsule, tincture or edible daily, can take hours to see benefits and if you have never taken cannabinoids it can take as long as 5 to 7 days to begin to see full benefits. Where as smoking hemp flower is much more fast acting. When taking cannabinoids from hemp in through the lungs (smoking), the benefits can be felt and seen within minutes not hours. This can be helpful for people who are looking for immediate assistance. The negative part of smoking rather than ingesting hemp is that it can also wear off more quickly than when hemp is ingested. This is a nice option if you are just looking to experience some of the benefits from cannabinoids quickly.

We regularly get asked the question, “Can CBD help me quit smoking?” This is a loaded question. Millions of people struggle with nicotine addictions ever year and conventional treatments often leave many people or needing a lot more help! The short answer to can CBD help me quit smoking is maybe. CBD and cannabinoids will not counteract the addiction to tobacco. Hemp flower does not eliminate the physiological effects of addiction that nicotine brings. With that said, we talk to people everyday that are utilizing hemp flower/CBD Flower as a part of a more complete plan to attempt to quit smoking. It can offer a benefit in the physical feel of smoking and the habit.

Another way that smoking hemp flower can assist with the process of quitting smoking includes some with the oral fixation associated with smoking. Often smokers are so accustomed to having something in their hand to inhale, and smoking hemp flower can alleviate the desire to smoke nicotine, because it does give a smoker something to smoke in the process of quitting smoking nicotine. The other that accompanies the smoking habit. So in that regard hemp flower can assist as you are getting over the of desiring to some something without going back to the nicotine.

Why Would I Want to Smoke Hemp Flower?

There are a few reasons someone would choose to smoke CBD hemp flower over marijuana. The first and primary reason for choosing to smoke hemp verses marijuana would be the benefits to the body. Smoking hemp flower enables you to feel the same relaxing or calming effects of smoking marijuana without the “high ” or psychoactive effect. Smoking hemp flower rather than marijuana can also help to avoid some of the other negative side effects of marijuana including:

    • Munchies
    • Red eyes
    • Dry mouth
    • Slow reaction times

One of the other reasons people choose to smoke hemp includes an alternative to an after dinner drink or smoking marijuana. It can be enjoyable and can assist with unwinding at the end of a day. Because nicotine, marijuana and alcohol can be habit forming some people are choosing hemp flower, as a non-addictive alternative.

Understanding the Measurements of Hemp Flower:

Knowing how much CBD hemp flower to purchase can be confusing. Here is a quick guide to assist when you are trying hemp flower.

  • 1 pre-roll(size of a cigarette) is usually equivalent to 1 gram.
  • 1/8 ounce= 3.5 grams
  • 1/4 ounce = 7 grams
  • 1/2 ounce = 14 grams
  • 1 ounce = 28 grams

Terpenes, Do They Matter?

If you don’t know what terpenes are and you want to learn more, I would definitely recommend checking out our blog on terpenes. As more simple explanation as to what terpenes are is that they are aromatic compounds in the hemp flower. So, do these compounds matter? Absolutely! Terpenes contribute to the “entourage effect”, which essentially means that the cannabinoids found in the product will be more effective in the body than if those terpenes were removed in the hemp processing.

There are a few notable terpenes found in the hemp plant that may offer different benefits when smoked. The most widespread terpene found in hemp plants is known as Myrcene, another few terpenes are D-Limonene, Alpha Pinene, and Linalool. Many terpenes have been shown to be antimicrobial, meaning they have properties that potentially can aid in fighting potentially microbes, like bacteria and mold. Moreover, some terpenes have been shown to possibly aid in inflammation, relaxation, increasing focus/attention, and even promoting healthy digestion. Understanding the practical uses of these terpenes allows for different hemp flowers to have different effects on the body.

CannaFlower has mastered this understanding of terpenes, which is how some pre-rolls are for Joy and others for Calming. Put me to the test by trying some of our amazing hemp flower that we carry and see how you feel after a few minutes. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

If you are ready to jump into the world of Hemp flower, we are here to help guide you. Give us a call at 1-888-772-7875 (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm EST), or fill out our online contact form.  You can also click the “live chat” button at any time!


Getting Some Sleep, Can Cannabinoids Help?

August 23rd, 2021 by Cara Oorbeck

Disclaimer: Sensitive topics such as mental illness and suicide are discussed that some may find offensive or disturbing. Please read at your own discretion.

Walking Through Life With A Poker Face

“P P P Poker Face,” I am walking and listening to my music, while Lady Gaga belts out lyrics. It reminds me of the last few years, the poker face that I would put on after sleepless nights and incredible stress. This face (that many of you wear due to your circumstances) was my response to my mentally ill daughter. Let’s just say sleep was illusive to us. Liz was our beautiful, wonderful, and incredibly broken girl.  It took my family and I time to learn how, but we became very good at our poker faces. We learned to stuff everything inside that we were feeling, I watched my family begin to struggle emotionally.

One of the few ways you would see a falter in our poker faces was in our sleep patterns. As a way to cope with the reality in front of us, we learned how to put on our poker faces, but at night we all began struggling to calm our minds and find much needed rest. One minute, Liz was the amazing, generous and sweet daughter we had loved all her life, but then the next minute she would be furious and raging, from her own struggles and pain. All the time, we would put on our poker faces, we continued pretending life was well managed, while inside we truly felt helpless and out of control. As time wore on, each of us struggled more with sleep…getting to sleep and staying asleep! There is something about rest that does not easily come when you are stressed, hurting, or in pain (whether that is emotional or physical pain). Some of you may be struggling like we were to find rest. “In America more than 50 million people suffer from different sleep disorders and another 20 + million suffer with intermittent sleep problems.”

Sleep And Health Go Hand In Hand

We all know sleep is incredibly important to our health and general wellbeing. Sleep can influence our mental and physical health in all aspects of our life, yet so many of us just can’t seem to get the sleep we need. I have tried many things over the last several years to get better sleep. Our daughter’s suicide four years ago exacerbated our sleep issues and my family and I spent a good year on all kinds of sleep meds to trying to find any rest. Although some of them helped, I found that the residual effects the next morning left me exhausted and not as alert for the day ahead. It was so frustrating to lay down and not be able to find rest and spend waking hours absolutely exhausted.

Fast forwarded to my new job at Green Wellness. I was introduced to CBD and all of its benefits. Now that our daughter had passed on, we believed her pain has ended. Ours on the other hand, lives on and we had no idea how to continue living without pharmaceutical help, but we wanted to try. This was when our journey with cannabinoids and hemp really began. Beginning to learn and include CBD and cannabinoids into our daily life has helped my husband Mike, daughter Olivia and myself with sleep among other things. Here is what we learned along the way:

CBD Does Not Make Us Sleepy

There is a big misconception that CBD can get you to sleep. In actuality, most of the major cannabinoids are not particularly effective at making you sleepy. Cannabinoids are a natural neutralizer and so depending on the issues behind your sleep problems, they can be helpful in your sleep schedule. However, most cannabinoids do not get you to sleep (with the exception of CBN and THC). I have found in my conversations that a few people can get drowsy when using CBD, especially if taking more than a standard serving, but most people I speak with daily have not found it to assist when getting to sleep. Because of this, many of the CBD products on the market touting sleep relief are combined with other sleep aids to help you get to sleep. Some of these include including Melatonin, Passion Flower, GABA, L-Theanine, 5 HTP, Chamomile and Lemon Balm to name a few.

Everyone is different and depending on the individual some of these products can help you get to sleep and combined with CBD they also can assist you in staying asleep. Below are three products we have utilized in our family. My teenage daughter currently uses the Medterra gummy nightly for sleep. We like it because it helps her get to sleep and stay asleep all with 0 THC, which is important to me when utilizing cannabinoids with my teen.

Medterra Cañamo CBD GomitasRaspberry Front

Cannabinoids Can Help You Stay Asleep

Most of the major cannabinoids may not be helpful in getting you to sleep but they can be helpful in helping you stay asleep. Because studies have shown that “CBD can have a calming effect on the nervous system as well as affect the serotonin system” and many people are turning to it for longer more restful nights of sleep. There are so many sleep disorders out there and not everyone can or is aided by CBD. However, because CBD (cannabinoids) and many of the other cannabinoids working together can benefit many different areas of the body including physical discomfort and mood, it is not a major jump to assume, that if you are addressing issues that could inadvertently affect sleep (especially full spectrum, whole hemp plant products) that you may also see sleep benefits as well. We hear this all the time when speaking with customers, that they were trying CBD for something else but that it was helping them sleep better.

I truly love some of the “side effects” of CBD. I, too, have found CBD and especially CBN (another cannabinoid that is becoming more known for it’s effectiveness for sleep) to really assist me. I have discovered that I am pretty sensitive to even small amounts of CBN and it does assist me in falling  asleep. Here are a couple of our sleep product options that include higher levels of CBN. It is important to not some of these products are whole plant and will contain trace amounts of THC, so if this is something you do not want, watch the labels. My husband and I are specifically loving the Wholeflower Deep sleep softgel for its convenience and helpfulness in both getting to sleep and staying asleep.

Entourage Wholeflower Deep Sleep CBN Microcaps

Often it takes more than CBD!

For us as a family, cannabinoids and CBD specifically have been an incredible help in dealing with some of our emotional baggage. However, it is important that you know it is not a “wonder drug” or a “cure all.” When trauma impacts your family, it can truly take a village to turn the world right side up again.

Some days, I find myself often leaning on my old behavior and putting on my poker face. So today, and in the days to come, I am learning how to take my poker face off and to show others the reality of my world. We, as a family, are slowly telling people we love, and people who struggle themselves, that it is okay to show your hand. Right now, whoever you are reading this, I am proudly showing you my hand. Mental illness, pain, abuse, and death are brutal and hurt everyone involved. We have been amazed at peoples’ understanding and compassion. So many people, even some close to us, did not know what we were dealing with. We are beginning to tell our story…even the ugliest parts. We are beginning to allow others to surprise us with their compassion. Finding rest and peace is an important factor in our health and healing process and since being able to, we are remembering to remove our poker faces. Some days, we are refusing to put them on at all.










How to Grow Your Own Hemp at Home

July 19th, 2021 by David Kranker

How To Grow Hemp At Home

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, do-it-yourself has become more popular than ever. Stuck at home for months on end, many Americans decided to try their hand at baking bread, home improvement projects, and even gardening. Some of these projects were a roaring success – and others were quickly relegated to the dustbin.

Given the popularity of CBD, you may be wondering whether you can grow your own hemp – and thus make your own CBD products – at home. The answer depends largely on where you live, as only 19 states allow individuals to grow cannabis plants for personal use. If you do live in one of these states, it is possible to grow your own hemp, either from seed or from plant cuttings.

Growing Hemp at Home

If you have decided to grow hemp at home, the next step is to learn how to do it. Most farmers grow hemp plants from seed. You can also grow hemp from cuttings of mature hemp plants.

The Cannabis species is dioecious, which means that the male and female flowers grow separately, on male and female plants. When a hemp seed is germinated, the seeds will contain approximately 50% female and 50% male plants. You can also purchase “feminized seed” that will only produce female plants.

Typically, hemp flowers are harvested from female plants. Hemp fiber – which can be used to make rope, cloth, and other products – can be harvested from male and female plants. If a female plant is pollinated, it will produce seed (grain).

Hemp plants have four stages of growth: germination, seedling, vegetative, and flowering. If you plan to grow your hemp from seed, your process will start with germination. Remember: to be considered hemp, it must contain 0.3% or less THC, so choose your hemp seeds carefully.

Hemp Germination

To germinate your seeds you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Soak the seeds in water for 8 to 12 hours; and
  2. Plant the soaked seeds 1 inch deep in a seed starting mix. 

To successfully germinate hemp seeds, the soil should be kept at a temperature of between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be maintained using a seedling heat mat and thermostat. Using a humidity dome for the first week or two can keep the humidity at an ideal range of 65 to 70%. Grow lights should be kept on for 18 to 24 hours per day, and a nitrogen-rich fertilizer should be used to water or mist seedlings. 

Caring For Hemp Seedlings

Once the seedlings have rooted to the bottom of the container, they can be transplanted to a 4 to 5 inch container. When these seedlings have rooted to the bottom of this container, they can then be transplanted to a larger container or fabric grow bag.

Growing Vegetative Hemp

At this stage, the vegetative hemp transplants should be kept at a slightly higher temperature of 60 to 80 degrees F, and at humidity levels of 40 to 70%. Water the plants consistently so that the root zone stays moist, but not soggy. Grow lights should remain on for 18 to 24 hours per day, which will encourage more leafy growth and keep them in a vegetative (non-flowering) state. The plants should be fed weekly with a natural fertilizer.

Growing Flowering Hemp

After the hemp plant grows in the vegetative state for 30 to 60 days, you can then trigger them to flower by changing the lighting to 12 hours on/12 hours off per day. During this time, make sure that air circulates around the plants and that humidity is between 40 and 50%. Do not over-water the plants, and switch to a fertilizer that has nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for weekly feedings.

Most farmers grow hemp plants indoors, where the temperature, humidity, moisture, and other factors can be more readily controlled. The best way to grow hemp is to use a grow tent, which will keep plants isolated in a controlled environment. You can buy grow tent kits that will have everything you need to start growing. 

If you want your plants to grow outside, they can be moved outside once they reach the flowering stage. You shouldn’t transplant a hemp plant outside until after the last frost, or when soil temperatures are over 50 degrees F.

There are typically strict limits on the number of hemp plants that you can grow at home. However many plants you have, you can still harvest the CBD-rich flowers, the stalks and stems for fibers, and the hemp seeds. By hulling the hemp seeds, you can then consume the healthy hemp hearts contained inside.

Hemp is a perennial plant, which means that it will come back year after year. In other words, the work that you put into growing hemp now can ensure successful hemp crops for years to come!

In 2018, the Farm Bill legalized the production of industrial hemp in the United States. Under this law, hemp is considered an agricultural product rather than a controlled substance. To be considered hemp (as opposed to marijuana), the plant must have less than 0.3% THC (the psychoactive substance in marijuana).

Hemp and marijuana are both members of the cannabis species. The two plants share much of the same characteristics, including beneficial compounds like cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. The main difference between the two is that hemp plants have high levels of cannabidiol (CBD) and relatively low levels of THC, while marijuana plants have much higher levels of THC (up to 30%).

Under federal law, it is legal to grow hemp in all 50 states. However, the Farm Bill only set up a framework for the commercial or industrial production of hemp. Under this law, hemp producers must seek a permit from their state, tribal authority, or the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

The Farm Bill does not contain any provisions for residential production of hemp. As such, your ability to grow hemp at home depends on where you live. While most states have a program for the industrial production of hemp, only 19 states allow individuals to grow hemp at home:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Washington
  • Washington, D.C.

Importantly, the laws for each state vary considerably, so it is important to check your state and local laws before starting your hemp-growing project. These laws were largely written with marijuana in mind, so there are typically limits on the number of cannabis plants that you can grow.  Many states only permit home growing under certain circumstances.

The Benefits Of Growing Hemp at Home

Growing hemp at home is appealing for many reasons – you can control the quality of everything you put into the plant, and then use it however you would like. It is especially enticing if growing plants is a hobby you enjoy, or think you’d enjoy. 

You may not grow enough hemp to be able to extract your own CBD or process the fiber into rope or clothing, but you will likely be able to grow enough to harvest a decent supply of hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are great in smoothies and on salads. They are rich in minerals, vitamins, protein, and essential fatty acids. If growing hemp is something you think you’d like to try, Grow Green Wellness carries all the supplies you’ll need to get started. 

It’s important to remember that growing and harvesting hemp will require time, labor, and some money. After harvesting hemp, you will also need to put in a fair amount of work to have something that you can use (like threshing hemp seeds by hand to remove the heart from the shell).If you want immediate access to quality hemp products, Green Wellness Life has you covered. You can buy  CBD tinctures, CBD edibles, raw CBD oil extracts, CBD topicals, or CBD capsules directly from our online shop. By shopping for products that are independently tested, you can be sure that you are getting high quality CBD – without impurities or anything that you don’t want. 

Green Wellness Life only sells CBD products that are tested by a third party laboratory, with the results made available online for your review. All of our products are made from CBD that has been extracted from industrial hemp grown in the United States. If you aren’t ready to take on growing your own hemp at home (or if it isn’t legal in your state), you can have peace of mind in knowing that our products are safe, effective, and made with your health and well-being in mind. 

Your Source for Hemp and CBD Products

Although hemp has been grown for thousands of years throughout the world, we are just beginning to understand its full potential. One of the main components of hemp, CBD, may help you improve your health. The easiest way to take advantage of these benefits is by purchasing CBD products from a reputable company.

At Green Wellness Life, we aren’t doctors and cannot diagnose or treat any medical condition. We can offer you our own insight and experience with CBD, and provide you with the latest research into this all-natural compound. Our company only sells CBD products that have been independently tested and that are produced from industrial hemp grown in the U.S.

If you’d like to learn more or need help choosing a product, we are here for you. Give us a call at 888-772-7875 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., EST), or fill out our online contact form. You can also click the “live chat” button to speak to someone.


New CBD Summer Skin And Hair Care

July 8th, 2021 by Cara Oorbeck

CBD Summer Skin and Hair Care

I am born and raised in Michigan and being a “Michigander” has put me in an interesting category of humans on this earth.  I drive too fast in a snow storm.  I do use my hand as a map to show others where I live.  I like my swimming water unsalted.  I drink Vernors and “pop” instead of soda, and when the sun shines I am outside without a second thought about the effects of it on my skin or hair!  Sunshine is amazing and on average we get 170 days of sunshine a year in Michigan.  That means more than half of our days in the year are gray and overcast, so you can imagine that we get carried away with the sun sometimes and regret it later.  But don’t worry,  I have tried many things in our store that can really benefit skin and haircare during sunny months.  Here are a few of my favorites.

My Favorite CBD Products For Dry & Brittle Hair

Wellphoria Hemp Infused Hair Bundle
Something about sun and water can really wreak havoc on your hair and scalp.  I have naturally curly hair and my hair and scalp are normally quite dry. When you add sun and swimming to this mix you have the workings of a “rat nest/or birds nest” on my head (as my mother used to say).  Luckily I have a day saver with our new hair care line Wellphoria.  With three great products made from hemp seed oil (which provides nutrient rich in Omega 3’s and Omega 6) including hemp seed oil shampoo, hair and scalp oil and nourishing intensive treatment masque.  I especially love the scalp oil for my dryness and scalp irritation along with the treatment hair masque.  After using the masque my hair feels so soft and amazing and it has a great shine. I also love that these products because they are  free from sulfates, parabens, gluten and artificial dyes. They are not tested on animals so I also feel good about buying this product!

My Favorite CBD Products For Getting Too Much Sun

Two weeks ago my 15 year old, Olivia, went to the beach with friends.  Like most of us have experienced one time or another in our life, my daughter got sunburned!  No I mean REALLY sunburned. She fell asleep in the sand and had not applied sunblock to her (very fair) skim. What, why you ask? Maybe we write another blog on why teenagers do some things, but my short answer is… because she is 15.

She called me on her way home from the beach in pain.  You know it’s bad when the teenager calls mom for help! Olivia’s skin is normally pure alabaster but on this day and the days following she looked like she was a lobster.  As her mom, I got right to work.  Because of the pain and inflammation I decided to try giving her an internal product as well as applying topicals.  Here was what I did and the aftermath!  This of course is not scientific research but instead my experience. My routine…


  1. I started with Medterra Full Spectrum 25 mg CBD Gummy: I wasn’t sure this would aid  with the burn but hoped it might help with some of her pain and inflammation.   I immediately gave her 1 gummy.
  2. I then applied Endoca 750 mg salve.  This salve is pretty hard at first so I put it in my freshly washed and disinfected hands and rubbed between my palms to get it to melt.  It was a little hard to apply to a painfully burnt back, so I alternated with the Hemplucid CBD/CBDA Lotion.  It was a bit easier to apply but more costly.
  3. Lastly I applied Aloe Gel that I keep in the refrigerator, right over the top of the lotion or salve that was applied.

This combination did seem to reduce her pain and help her sleep.  I did have to wake up and apply the same topical regiment every 3 to 4 hours as her burns would start to hurt again.  We did this for three days giving her 1 gummy daily.  After three days I thought maybe she could go back to her isolate sleep gummy.  Boy was I wrong, My daughter woke up in the middle of the night and her back looked considerably more red than when she fell asleep.  She also said the pain felt like it did the first day.  We gave her another full spectrum Medterra gummy at that point and within an hour she was feeling a bit better.  I was a little surprised by this.

We continued this regiment for about 1 week as we watched the burn fade into a tan.  She did eventually peel and there was some blistering but I was thrilled by how much we saw the topicals and internal CBD help with the process.

more topical products


My Favorite Products For Dead, Dry, & Flaky Skin

Along with summer comes a need for added moisture.  I have a couple of different products I use for my daily skin routines.  When it comes to my face, I alternate between a couple of products.  I do struggle with acne in my T zone (chin, nose and forehead) so when it is humid I tend to get some acne outbreaks.  For this I utilize our Clearskin Lineup from CBDMD. It does not dry my skin out but clears my acne, leaving my skin clear and moisturized.  It is a stronger line, though, and I cannot use it all the time.  When my skin is clear I use the Papa and Barkley Releaf Repair Cream.  It is great for everyday use.  I am 48 years old and I still get regular compliments on my skin!

The other product I use daily on my skin is our Endoca Raw Hemp Seed Oil.  I apply this to my  skin daily after a shower and to my feet at bedtime.  It is an incredible moisturizer and it has only one ingredient. I am allergic to a lot of things so having limited ingredients in a skin care line is important to me. No one likes breaking out in hives!

There is one product we carry that does not have any hemp, in it but it is worth mentioning when talking skin care.  It also has limited ingredients and has become one of my new favorites.  The Great Lakes Bee Company Brown Sugar Scrub is awesome.  I use it once a week for exfoliating and moisturizing and again my skin does not break out and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Our Made in Michigan products are really quality products with amazing ingredients. This one is no exception!

My Favorite Product For Bugs, Bugs and more Bugs (yuck)

Summer Time Bundle

Mosquitoes and bugs are definitely a part of our summer days.  Recently GWL brought on a new company with natural products for your skin and body.  They do not have CBD in them but they are amazing for bug repellent and bug aftercare.  We love them and we think you will too. We are offering a  bundle discount when you the insect repellent, aftercare essential oil roll on and our soothing Endoca salve together.  All three products have limited ingredients, repel and treat bug bites and are a healthy alternative to strong chemical products.  We’ve also got a great pocket sized salve from Entourage that can offer some soothing relief on the go as well!

We have many more products that are beneficial for skin and hair in the summer and we are always happy to share our experiences with you.  The other great thing about our products is that we guarantee everything so if it doesn’t work for you, just return for an exchange or refund. You really cannot go wrong. Now get out there and enjoy these summer days!

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