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Hemp Industry Heroes

January 24th, 2020 by Hannah Laing

Hemp Industry Heroes
QuintonBy Op-ed Blogger Quinton Charles

Big Players in Hemp:

It is common for most industries to have a few big players, especially at the start. These individuals are often the reason that we know about an industry or a product. They push the envelope and use their passion to communicate new ideas and possibilities to us all. Hemp has been lucky to have such larger-than-life figures recently; but who are they?

The Stanley Brothers

The Stanley BrothersIf you’ve heard of Charlotte’s Web CBD or tried one of their products, you have the Stanley Brothers to thank. The Stanley Brothers got their start in marijuana when they began researching alternative cancer treatments after their uncle was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2008.

In 2011, the Stanley Brothers met Paige Figi. Paige’s daughter Charlotte suffered from a severe form of epilepsy called Dravet’s Syndrome (I’ve talked about it in previous blogs). Charlotte suffered numerous seizures daily and traditional pharmaceuticals proved ineffective. The Stanley Brothers worked on creating blends with varying levels of CBD and THC that helped Charlotte to gain a better quality of life. Since this success, the Stanley Brothers have developed new selection of products for pain relief, relaxation, and sleep through continued innovation and research. After nearly a decade in the cannabis industry, their team has perfected their process to ensure that they are creating quality cannabis products with a focus on purity, wellness, and consistency.  We carry a number of their hemp-based products, from tinctures to dog treats.  Check them out here: https://www.greenwellnesslife.com/product-tag/charlottes-web/

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Legal Updates: Hemp

November 1st, 2019 by Hannah Laing

Legal Updates Hemp

QuintonPosted November 1, 2019

By Op-Ed Blogger Quinton Charles 

What’s New?

Around this time last year, I wrote a blog discussing the 2018 Farm Bill which, along with doing other things, legalized the industrial cultivation of Hemp in the United States. But that was a year ago. WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW? I’m glad you asked.


There were a couple of setbacks to hemp cultivation in the U.S. after the 2018 Farm Bill was passed last November. One of these was the USDA’s requirement to set forth a set of policies that could be implemented in states that would regulate growers. Without these regulations in place, there could essentially be no industrial cultivation. States could also opt to set their own regulations. Now, those rules have been released by the USDA (finally!).

What do they say?

The rules set standards for how to track hemp acres, test THC levels, and dispose of plants with too much of the compound. This last part is key, as one of the concerns that was raised early on was how to differentiate between hemp and marijuana, and how to ensure that growers were not growing crops with too high of THC content. Yes, there is a difference between Hemp and Marijuana – check out our last blog! The rules also create a set of consistent regulations to be adhered to nationally.  We are huge advocates for this. We love the idea of some consistency in this industry!!!

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Should You be Concerned About Vape?

September 27th, 2019 by Hannah Laing

About Vape

Cara Oorbeck

Posted September 27th, 2019

We Are Family

At Green Wellness Life, we are a family! Many of you have gotten to know us through phone and email conversations. You have heard stories of our pets, kids, joys and sometimes even hardships. We love that about our business! We are truly passionate about helping people, especially children who. We love to see when CBD has benefited a young person struggling. In short, we believe in loving and protecting kids! That is why in our office, we have been watching closely as our country and most recently, our state begins to navigate the e-liquid/vape widespread popularity in young people. We are aware that flavors like bubblegum and fruit can be a draw for young people and we are in agreement that this is not ideal. Quite frankly, we don’t want our kids (or yours!) smoking anything. While we don’t sell any e-liquids that contain nicotine or THC, we also have seen the benefits of CBD vapes for people living with anxiety, pain, restless leg and much more. We truly do see both sides of this debate.

Quality and Safety are important to us!

We want to let our customers know we are still very committed to carrying quality CBD products with independent lab testing and a stellar reputation. We also carry a variety of manufacturers and product types because we believe not every CBD option is right for every person. Different delivery mechanisms work better for different individuals. Because of this, we have a large adult customer base that relies on our vape products for anxiety and pain. I am included in that group as I utilize our MCT oil/CBD disposable vape pens for multiple benefits. I find that when managing my situational anxiety, a disposable vape pen can help me avoid a panic attack.

Unpacking Vape and E-Liquid

Merriam-Webster defines “vape” as: to inhale vapor through the mouth from a battery-operated electronic device that heats up and vaporizes a liquid or solid.  Vaping CBD is fairly new and there are limited studies regarding the long term effects of vape – CBD or otherwise. That being said, we do know a few things about how e-liquids are made. First, manufacturers of CBD vape products extract the hemp plant compounds, usually by way of CO2. Next, those compounds are dissolved into a solution that can be easily vaporized.  This solution changes the viscosity of hemp – making it either thin (low viscosity) or thick (high viscosity). When vaping e-liquid it is preferable to have a lower viscosity (thinner) in order to have more vapor and less gunk produced.

Vape Solutions – What is the difference?

The solutions that the hemp extract are dissolved into include Propylene Glycol or PG (low viscosity or thin), Vegetable Glycerin or VG (Higher viscosity or thicker and a bit sweeter) and Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCT which is usually found in coconut oil. Sometimes a combination of these can be used.

E-liquids made from the dissolving agent MCT oil are considered to be less harmful to the body than those made with VG or PG. MCT is different than the two other solvents because it is a refined food grade-oil that when heated does not create cancer-causing agents. Where VG and PG, if overheated, can release carcinogenic byproducts that may be harmful when consumed in larger quantities.

On that same note, our state of Michigan has recently issued a new ban on flavored vape/e-liquid. While we don’t agree with the ban, we can respect the fact that the state is working to reduce the likelihood that our kids will be smoking. The ban, entitled “Protection of Youth from Nicotine Product Addiction” is specific to e-cigarettes as well as any flavored oils to which a nicotine product could be added. While CBD is not referenced in the least, and GWL would never carry a nicotine product, it’s feasible that nicotine could be added to bottled CBD e-liquid. As such, we will no longer be carrying bottled e-liquid. Additionally, in order to comply, we will also be eliminating flavored vape and any product with fruit on the packaging.

Long term effects and our take away

We know there have been some recent vape concerns.  Those should definitely be taken seriously. It’s our understanding that public officials are narrowing that down to vitamin E acetate (which is used to create a low viscosity or thin the oil) and/or black market vape cartridges. These are cartridges bought from places that are not independently testing their products. Public Health Department officials in New York said in a recent statement that “the majority of vape cartridges involved (in the recent outbreak) came from black market sources. “Many are suspected to be counterfeits…”  Of all the 200 reported cases “the one thing in common is that every single one had obtained the vape from a pop-up shop, stranger, or friend.” That is why it is important to know who and where you are getting any products that are going in your body – CBD or otherwise.

It’s our belief that everything should be consumed in moderation – and that includes inhaled CBD. We view CBD e-liquid as a “booster.” To us, that means it’s an assist to a daily regimen of CBD. Boosters can help when you’re hurting and need a little extra help, but they are not all that you rely on. With that said, we know that they help many people. We will continue to carry CBD cartridges from companies that we believe in, manufacturing quality products that help people, for as long as we can do so. We’re not doctors or scientists but we live and breathe CBD and we’re always here to answer questions for you and help in any way that we can!


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Safe CBD Sources

September 6th, 2019 by Hannah Laing

Safe CBD Sources

Quinton Posted September 6th, 2019

By Op-Ed Blogger Quinton Charles 

Where do you get your CBD?

The CBD market is colossal, and is just growing larger every day. With this growth, there are more and more vendors to choose from. So how do you know what is safe? Hopefully, by the end of this blog you’ll be able to make more informed decisions about where you buy your safe CBD and what to look for when you go to purchase your Safe CBD online!

Amazon shopping?

I get it. I love Amazon, too. Cheap books, clothing, random household items, and two day delivery is pretty ideal. It seems that just about everything you could want or need is sold on Amazon these days, and is covered with a nifty return guarantee. So why wouldn’t you want to purchase your CBD on Amazon? If you buy everything else there (or just a lot), what could be the harm of purchasing your supplements there, too?

Unfortunately, Amazon is not the ideal site on which to purchase your safe CBD. But why is this? Read the rest of this entry »

Highlight Reel; Discovering The Panacea Brand

May 10th, 2019 by Cara Oorbeck


BY Op-ED Blogger Quinton Charles

There are so many CBD choices out there and choosing the right product can be so difficult. Believe me, we know. That is why we at Green Wellness Life have decided to highlight our different manufacturers and products monthly.  So keep your eyes open for more product and brand highlights monthly!

Tell Me About The Company:

This week we are discussing one of our favorite Brands, Panacea. Panacea is a US-based company that sources all of their Hemp in the US. Their hemp is organically grown in Colorado and their commitment is to create cleaner, more pure products. They accomplish this feat through their specific extraction process. Unlike other manufacturers, this process does not break down and grind up the plant but instead maintains the whole integrity of the plant. Read the rest of this entry »

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