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Discovering Hempy’s

August 16th, 2019 by Hannah Laing

Discovering Hempy's

Quinton By Op-Ed Blogger Quinton Charles

Posted August 16th, 2019

What is Hempy’s?

Would I buy more of Hempy’s apparel and accessories? Would I recommend it to friends? Would I purchase it as a gift, wrap it in some tacky wrapping paper, put a bow on it, and give it to my little sister? All 100% yeses. Reliable? Sustainable? Comfortable? Fashionable? Guilty on all counts.

Tell me about the company?

Hempy’s started in the mid 90’s when Albert Lewis pulled his surfboard from his truck and began to wax his board. He unwrapped his surf wax and the plastic wrapper blew away. As he was chasing the wrapper down the beach, he thought: “what if I could make a reusable surf wax bag?” He searched for the most sustainable fabric possible and found the answer: Hemp! Thus, Hempy’s was born!Grey Hemp T-Shirt

An origin story like this really highlights the ethics that the company still cultivates to this day. This is common in the CBD and hemp industry, and it is refreshing to see. I care very much for the planet, and it’s nice whenever I can lend my support to businesses, like Hempy’s, that are committed to business models that place the planet first, while still offering high-quality products at a reasonable price.

Product quality

Hempy’s makes sure that their products are some of the highest quality on the market and some of the most sustainable. They still maintain the commitment to the environment that they started with. Their clothing is made in the United States, and they are committed to sourcing sustainable hemp for all of their clothing. I can attest to their quality (I wear their clothing regularly!). I’ve also noticed that all of their clothing is either a blend of organic cotton and hemp, or just pure hemp. The good thing about both of these fabrics is that they breathe well, and don’t itch or irritate.

Are they just clothing?

Candle Rain Water

No! Lucky for us, they’re not just a clothing company. They may have started as a company that produced hemp textiles and clothing, but now they have branched out. One product that we carry of theirs is a scented hemp candle (don’t worry, there’s no hemp smell). I really enjoy the scent of their Rain Water candle. I’m not sure if it is because I love rain, or if the smell is really that good. Either way, check out their candles (they’re just as high quality as the clothing!)


What I really enjoy about Hempy’s is that they don’t just try to sell a product to you; their blog is a great source for information on hemp (like ours!), and they will often try to answer questions that people have about hemp. These blogs take the form of short op-eds, summaries of history, little anecdotes on growing hemp, and much more! I always love when I see a company that is engaged with the community and is really pushing to inform the public about the benefits of hemp. Of course, their product is great, too.


Hempy’s walletsThe styles of Hempy’s clothing that we offer are diverse enough to fit any style, and are comfortable to boot. We have several colors of hats, beanies, and scarves (I personally like the blue hat most). But what if you’re not big on wearing your hemp? We also carry some rather stylish and durable wallets. I personally don’t have one of Hempy’s wallets (I’m still waiting for my leather wallet to fall apart), but I have several friends with them and I have heard nothing but praise; I’ve also held them and, like the clothing, they seem indestructible (but that doesn’t mean that they are! Don’t be reckless!). One of the best aspects of Hempy’s style is that you don’t find any large or obnoxious logos. The logo either blends into the garment itself (like on my hat), or it is only present on a small, removable tag.


I’ve found that the price of our Hempy’s clothing is on par with that of most apparel chains, and, in many cases, cheaper. This is a godsend to a college budget, and it allows me to be environmentally-conscious, while also wearing clothing that is comfortable and looks good!

The Hempy’s products that we carry:

  • Hemp Road Tripper Trucker Mesh Hat (Blue with White mesh): $34.00
  • Hemp Baseball Cap: $32.00
  • Hemp Beanie: $32.00
  • Bamboo Organic Cotton Infinity Scarf in Navy, Black or Ash: $22.00
  • Hemp Slim Line Wallet in Blue with Black Trim: $24.00
  • Hemp Tri-Fold Wallet in Green with Green Trim: $30.00
  • Hemp Candle – Egyptian Amber & Sandalwood: $14.00
  • Hemp Candle – Rain Water: $14.00

My Hempy’s experience

Sabrina Beach Hempy

I’ve talked a lot about what I like about Hempy’s, so I’ll spare you the long stories. That being said, I need to make it abundantly clear that I wear my Hempy’s hat daily… Daily! One of my good friends was visiting me for a weekend, and she needed a hat for the sun. Without thinking, I handed her my Hempy’s hat. I almost didn’t get it back at the end of the day! When I did get it back, she asked where I had gotten it (I think I sold a hat that day…), and I promptly showed her to our site. I still haven’t found a better hat for keeping the sun off of my face and out of my eyes, while still circulating enough air to prevent my head from sweating. Overall, Hempy’s is a brand that I plan on incorporating in my life for the foreseeable future.


Well Behaved T-ShirtsIf you want to incorporate this ethical, practical, and fashionable brand in your life too, get excited. This week we are giving away a hat AND shirt of your choosing. All you have to do is follow us on Instagram, @GreenWellnessLife and comment #GWLwinner to enter! Hurry, the giveaway ends August 23rd at 12:00pm EST!

National CBD Day Sale

August 7th, 2019 by Hannah Laing

National CBD Day

Hannah Laing

By Blogger Hannah Laing 

Published August 7th, 2019

Why are we celebrating?

August 8th may not be marked on your calendar, but it sure was on ours! Although National CBD Day does not have its own parade, we plan on celebrating nonetheless. When discussing the best way to celebrate the cannabinoid that has impacted our lives in a variety of ways, it seemed only fitting to make our favorite products more accessible to our customers. That is why we decided to slash prices on the following products for a very short time. Each of the following products will be 25% off from August 7th, 2019 to August 14th, 2019. We never run products this deeply discounted and there’s no coupon code needed.  You won’t want to miss this!!!

Our favorite 0% THC product

Select cbd drops lemon ginger

The battle for the title of “favorite” 0% THC product was pretty fierce, but in the end the Select CBD Drops remained victorious. In the words of my 9th grade English teacher, “keep it simple stupid,” and that is exactly what Select does. With hemp-derived CBD, and MCT (fractionated coconut oil) carrier oil, essential oils, and Stevia being the main ingredients for each tincture you can rest assured that you know what you are putting into your body.

Our favorite new product

Strawberry Lemonade Vape pen

It’s always hard to choose between the new and shiny toys, but by far my favorite new product is the CBDistillery disposable vape. What makes this vape unique is that you can actually see the oil in the vape, so there is no guessing game as to when the pen will die. This vape also has a Tec Temper oil base, which is formulated with a special blend of terpenes with antioxidants and anti-irritants for a smoother vaping experience that is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. And most importantly of all, in my opinion, is that we carry the strawberry lemonade flavor. It’s my all-time favorite vape flavor.

Our favorite booster

MedCBDX Chewing Gum

Sometimes, taking CBD orally every day isn’t enough to get us through the chaos that is life. When I encounter those stressful moments, I like to use what we call a “booster,” meaning something that is fast acting but doesn’t last as long as a product that goes through our digestive system. We have several products  that can give you a little boost to get through that situation. My favorite booster is the MedCBDX chewing gum. Each piece of gum has 10 mgs of CBD and because it is just gum, your body can process the CBD through the cheeks and the membrane under your tongue much faster than any tincture or capsule.

Our favorite topical

Endoca Hemp Salve

When talking about topicals for chronic pain, there is only one salve that I keep going back to and that’s the Endoca Hemp Salve. This salve has 750 mg of CBD/cannabinoids and the company claims ‘it’s so natural you can eat it!” I can’t say that I have eaten the green paste myself, but I do use it for my chronic neck pain, bug bites, and I even use it to heal my cat scratches (love scratches, I’m sure.) If you have not tried this salve you need to!

Our favorite pet product

When it comes to our furry friends, you will not see a fiercer group. The safety and well being of our pets is always at the forefront for us here at Green Wellness Life.  That is why one of our go-to pet products is Purfurred CBD drops for both cats and dogs. This tincture has 200 mg of full-spectrum CBD and is one of the few tinctures that comes in at such an accessible price (even before our super awesome sale) at only $26.99.

Our favorite raw product

tasty drops spearmint 1000

Chronic pain is a complicated and painful mess that no one understands more than me. As someone who was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia (is it still juvenile if you’re 18?) I understand the importance of CBDa. ”Raw” products have CBDa, the acidic version of CBD that is unheated. This specific cannabinoid has been shown to be really beneficial for reducing chronic pain. Many of our clients have seen great benefit using our raw products. One downfall is the flavor profile, it sure doesn’t taste good. If you can stand the taste of grass and dirt, I envy you. If you’re looking for a raw product that is a more palatable option, your best bet is the Tasty CBD Drops. This tincture comes in berry, spearmint, and vanilla (spearmint is my favorite) but none of them disappoint.

How will you celebrate?

At the end of the day, National CBD Day is about celebrating the cannabinoid that has withstood the test of time with origins dating all the way back to 2800 BCE. This plant is both deeply rooted in history and in the lives of many, myself included. You can either celebrate with a coupon code or by taking your CBD with a smile on your face, nonetheless, I hope you have an amazing National CBD Day.

What’s New? CBD NEw Product Highlight

July 12th, 2019 by Hannah Laing

New Products


By op-ed blogger Quinton Charles

Published 7/12/19

Sleepy yet?

MedTerra capsules have been with us for a while (I take them every morning), but now we have the pleasure of introducing the MedTerra Dissolvable Sleep Tablets! I know what you’re probably asking: What’s the difference? Well, the Sleep Tablets have something that the regular MedTerra tablets don’t: melatonin. So what is melatonin? The technical answer is that it is a hormone produced in your pineal gland that is produced to help regulate sleep cycles and initiates when you enter into sleep.

How are they?

As I already mentioned, I take MedTerra capsules every morning with breakfast. I find that they help me to relax and tackle the day’s responsibilities. So what did I think of a MedTerra product that helped me to maintain a healthy sleep schedule, especially after a long day of work or study? I loved them. I had taken melatonin before (several times in high school,) and found that it helped me return to a normal sleep schedule. However, the melatonin alone is nothing compared to the CBD + melatonin!  And because they are sleep tablets that dissolve instead of the traditional capsule that you swallow, you can feel the effects of the CBD and melatonin without having to wait for your body to digest it. I find that the CBD relaxes me, while the melatonin does what it’s intended to do, resulting in a very sedate, sleepy me.


New Products Pets Tincture

While I’m on the topic of MedTerra’s laudable products, I have to mention the new MedTerra Pets Tincture that we just on-boarded. Sadly, my furry child lives back with my parents, but I have several friends who have dogs and cats that I absolutely adore. At this point, I’m almost expected to bring some sort of treat or toy when I visit. I’ve shown up with all sorts of CBD treats, and now I’ve got a new one to bring with me! I didn’t taste this one (I usually taste the pet new products because I’m either curious or secretly Shaggy from Scooby-Doo) as the two flavors offered are beef and chicken, neither of which appealed to me in droplet form. Despite my lack of appetite for these flavors, I’ve yet to hear a complaint from my furry friends.

Something for the balmy weather

I’m oily… Really oily. This causes problems for me when it comes to lotions and balms (many are oil-based). However, I’ve found that I can apply them to my neck or body and have no issues (but I have to avoid the face!). For the last couple of months, I’ve been using the Endoca balm for everything from general moisturizing to sunburn treatment. Now, there’s a new balm in my life: Lazarus Naturals Cedar Citrus CBD Balm. I know, it’s a mouthful (and a lot of C’s; check out that alliteration!). With all those C’s comes an organic, potent balm. I really mean “potent.”  2 oz contains 1200 mg of CBD – this makes it one of our most highly concentrated balms! That’s a lot of CBD goodness, and I love the smell of cedar.

Tropical Breeze… or Chocolate Mint?

Tropical Breeze

Lazarus is on a roll with smells and flavors (but don’t try to eat the balm!)  I prefer the flavor of the Tropical Breeze to the Chocolate Mint. Chocolate Mint is the flavor that you would expect, combined with that earthy taste you find in full spectrum products. What does a Tropical Breeze taste like? It’s like a Starburst, only more subtle. Although I prefer the flavor of Tropical Breeze to the Mint Chocolate it is important to note that the Tropical Breeze is not a full spectrum product but rather an isolate. In contrast, the Mint Chocolate is a full spectrum product so it offers more of those pain and inflammation fighting cannabinoids along with many other benefits. It packs a multitude of benefits at a great price and can aid in many different issues with our bodies.  It is a quality product if you don’t mind the earthy taste.  In addition to flavor, both Lazarus tinctures are very potent, with each having 3000 mg per 2 oz bottle (I’m noticing a trend of strong CBD from Lazarus; keep it up!)   It also has a great price point.   All in all, a great product and company!

Disposable Heaven

Products Strawberry Lemonade Vape pen

When it comes to e-liquid/vaping, I’m not the most experienced. I am not a smoker and I had always heard terrible stories about popcorn lung. Honestly I just avoided the whole mess. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that vaping CBD can help me manage my anxiety and stress. Now when I find myself getting anxious, my new go to is the CBDistillery disposable vape pen. What makes this pen different is that the chamber that holds the liquid is clear, so I can actually see how much life is left in the pen.  It also allows me to have a bit more control while inhaling. Plus, with flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, Grape, and Lavender Vanilla, it is just simply delicious and again another great price point for an e-liquid/vape pen! If you have never vaped, this has no nicotine and as a disposable you do not have to invest in hardware to see the benefits e-liquid can offer.

Feeling the burn yet?

I recently started swimming laps again and, despite the satisfaction that comes with the workout, my muscles have been sore. Usually, I would just default to the “rub it and say ouch” mentality and suffer through, but I don’t have to anymore. Like many athletes (who I talked about in my last blog), I’ve turned away from medications like ibuprofen and Advil and have started to use CBD alternatives. One of these alternatives is the that we just on-boarded which I have found works like a charm is the Green Roads CBD Roll-On.  It is fantastic for all of my sore muscles after an intense swim workout. It’s a heat relief roll on, so I feel the burn a bit after my workout, but it means that I get to escape a much worse burn later on. I’ve also noticed that the tighter my muscles are, the more intense the heated sensation is. The roller is also conveniently sized, which means that it often comes to the gym or pool with me, instead of sitting at home in the mirror cabinet. This has become a new favorite of the Green Wellness Staff and although it is a bit pricier than other topicals we offer, it is worth it!

New for you

I’ve tasted, smelled, rubbed, and lathered the new products as much as I can. What are you waiting for? Enough of what I think of them; get some for yourself and let us know what you think!

Empower Highlight

June 28th, 2019 by Hannah Laing

Empower Highlight


By op-ed blogger Quinton Charles

Tell me about the Company? 

Empower set out with the mission to “provide safe, high quality and effective topical products that empower our customers to reduce their discomfort and lead more fulfilling lives.” It’s a pretty lofty goal, but I think that they’re doing an exceptional job. 

Product Quality

All of Empower Body Care’s products are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory, non-psychoactive, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free. This is a non-addictive approach to pain management. This is a big commitment for a company, and it has worked well for them. In fact, for two years, in 2016 and 2017, they won a Dope Industry Award for Best Topical Company! To me, this says that not only were other industry insiders impressed but that they also made a positive impression on all of their customers with their commitment to quality and organics.

They offer two types of products, with convenient (and polar) labels to delineate between the two. Their “Black Label” products are those which contain both THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid) and CBD, while their “White Label” denotes products containing only Hemp CBD. This system is remarkably minimalist while serving as an instantly recognizable and ergonomic style.Hannah with Empower Oil


Empower isn’t just all talk when it comes to their commitment to providing safe and high-quality products to more people, either; they get involved! They are involved in three large organizations, who make it a priority to promote quality and access in the CBD market nationwide and statewide: the National Cannabis Industry Association, the Craft Cannabis Alliance, and the Oregon Cannabis Association. For those who haven’t heard of them and are learning of what they do for the first time, the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) has as its mission “to promote the growth of a responsible and legitimate cannabis industry and work for a favorable social, economic and legal environment for the industry in the United States.”


The price of our Empower products is not prohibitively expensive, and the soaking salts are on par with what you would find at any cosmetics or hygiene store. I personally have never had any problem with Empower’s prices, even on a student’s budget. They are proof that products can be healthy, earth-friendly, and affordable!

The Empower… Products We Carry.

Enough about what I think –  what do we carry?

CBD Relief Lotion

  • Empower Topical CBD Relief Oil: (60 mg – 216 mg per bottle)
  • Empower Topical CBD Relief Lotion: (175 mg CBD per 1.7oz)
  • Empower CBD Soaking Salts: (15mg CBD per 4oz)


My Empower Experience:

CBD Soaking Salts

I’ve been able to use the soaking salts several times now, and I can say, without any doubt, that I’ve been converted. Per each package of soaking salts, I’ve been able to enjoy around 1-2 baths. And yes, each one is worth it.


My mother Cara who works for Green Wellness and who many of you have spoken to on the phone or through email says ” My favorite Empower Product is the Empower Relief oil in the roll-on.  I always carry one in my purse.  When I have a headache, I roll it on my temples.  If my knees or hip are achy I am able to roll it on without notice.  It is small and discreet and easy to use on the go.”

Do I feel Empowered?

I’m excited to see more of this company. Their commitment to quality and access, while still ensuring that their products have a minimal footprint on the earth is reassuring, and as a runner and hiker, it is good to know that my tired feet can be rejuvenated after the day’s running and hiking with their soaking salts. I just come home, take a bath, and am empowered for the next day’s activities!

Highlight Reel; Discovering Therabis and Treatibles

May 22nd, 2019 by Hannah Laing

Therabis and Treatibles

Therabis and Treatibles

by Quinton Charles op-ed bloggerHighlight Reel

Tell me about the two different Companies:

This week we are actually looking at two companies: Therabis (owned by HempMeds) and Treatibles (legal entity – AD Remedies). Both companies specialize in bringing quality CBD to pet owners who want to help their pets with organic and holistic supplements and treats.

Therabis:  Dr. Stephen M. Katz (yes, that actually is his last name) is the founder of Therabis. He says that he started the company to help realize the endocannabinoid system benefits for our furry sidekicks, “I think that the majority of pet owners are by nature very curious about the benefits of hemp right now, especially relative to their pets. Therabis Logo

The team over at Treatibles also focuses on bringing the benefits of hemp to pet owners through their use of Broad Spectrum CBD in their products. They were “founded on the values of compassionate care, quality ingredients, reliable information and integrity.” Although both companies are similar in their passions to create and provide quality hemp products for our pets,  Therabis specializes in the form of a granular packet added to your dog’s food daily (they also sell treats). Treatibles, on the other hand, specializes in hemp-based CBD oil dropper bottles, dog chews, biscuits, capsules.  Treatibles Logo

Product Quality

As someone who grew up with pets in the house, and as an animal lover myself, I know that owners want nothing short of the best for their pets (Two of my pets are shown above – cute, right??) They want the best toys, the best food, the best treats, and the best training for their furry family members. So why wouldn’t they also want the best CBD?

The Therabis formulation was founded on advice Dr. Katz received from a colleague. He told Dr. Katz that he was having great success by combining chromium and vitamin C. Dr. Katz tried that combination, liked the results he saw and continued to improve upon the formulation for an entire decade by adding ingredients like green-lipped mussel and more. The Therabis formula now includes all-natural hemp, because in his research Dr. Katz found that incorporating hemp with companion ingredients created “a synergistic effect with the cannabinoids in hemp to make them more effective while using less.”

Treatibles uses a blend of naturally occurring CBD, supporting cannabinoids, terpenes, and antioxidants, producing a truly distinct oil. They also ensure that this blend is of the highest quality by testing with a third-party lab to ensure that it is free of mold, pesticides, heavy metals, microbials, herbicides, solvents and bio-contaminants.

CBD for CatTest Results

At, Treatibles they test all of their batches with a third-party lab to ensure quality. I don’t worry about using their products with my pet. In addition to this, their method of infusion (how they create their blends) is quite impressive. They use a technique where they infuse their hemp oil directly into their carrier oil, which is MCT coconut oil. In this technique, the “infusion of the oils is heated between 140 – 160 degrees to enhance and protect the properties of both pure oils.” This rich infusion requires no further processing, ensures the stability of the cannabinoids, and provides the greatest, most consistent levels of beneficial compounds. Compared to many extraction methods, this infusion method has proven to retain nearly 100% of the profile of all 300+ compounds present in the hemp plant. This creates a true entourage effect, which according to studies conducted in both Brazil and Israel, provides the greatest benefits.

When asked if they test their batches themselves, Therabis responded that “all of our products have been rigorously tested at the Bronx Veterinary Center over the past decade. Additionally, Therabis products must pass any and all FDA requirements regarding stability and contamination.” I don’t know about you, but I would feel good giving my pet something that has been tested at a veterinary center.

Price & Manufacturing Practices

While I am sure that no price would be too much for our beloved pets, finances do play a significant part in our choice of what we can give to our bests friends and furry family members. Both product lines will run between $0.75 – $1.75 per servings.  Treatibles are, as their name implies, a soft or hard treat. Therabis is a granulated food additive that is individually measured for consistent serving size.

Therabis products are a mix of several compounds in addition to the full-spectrum cannabinoids, as mentioned above, that were found by Dr. Katz to be beneficial to pets’ health.

Both lines are manufactured from hemp grown and processed here in the United States.  Therabis is based in Denver, while Treatibles is manufactured in Petaluma, California.

The Therabis/Treatibles Products We Carry

  • Therabis: CBD For Dogs (Stop the Itch) – 7 Pack Box: $12.00 – $18.00
  • Therabis: CBD Pet Care (Up and Moving) 5 or 7 Pack Box: $4.50 – $18.00
  • Therabis: Hemp CBD for Pets (Calm and Quiet) – 7 pack box: $12.00 -$18.00
  • Treatibles Soft Chews for Dogs – 60CT (3mg CBD per Chew): $38.00
  • Treatibles Soft Chews for Cats – 100CT (1.5mg CBD per Chew): $32.00
  • Treatibles: Hemp Wellness CBD Dog Chews (1 – 4 mg CBD per chew): $24.00 – $32.00





Highlight Reel; Discovering The Panacea Brand

May 10th, 2019 by Cara Oorbeck


BY Op-ED Blogger Quinton Charles

There are so many CBD choices out there and choosing the right product can be so difficult. Believe me, we know. That is why we at Green Wellness Life have decided to highlight our different manufacturers and products monthly.  So keep your eyes open for more product and brand highlights monthly!

Tell Me About The Company:

This week we are discussing one of our favorite Brands, Panacea. Panacea is a US-based company that sources all of their Hemp in the US. Their hemp is organically grown in Colorado and their commitment is to create cleaner, more pure products. They accomplish this feat through their specific extraction process. Unlike other manufacturers, this process does not break down and grind up the plant but instead maintains the whole integrity of the plant.

  • Product Quality: Panacea Life Sciences “was created with patients’ health and well being as our priority. Our mission is to bring together the best minds in business, science, medicine, research, finance, and agriculture to create a global platform for the reintroduction of Hemp-based therapeutics into the mainstream of healthcare.” From what I found by looking into them, they make good on this claim by focusing on data-driven product development without compromising on safety or quality.
  • Who’s In Charge? Panacea’s commitment to consumer safety and product quality starts at the top with a man named James Baumgartner, Ph.D. With a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of California, Davis (go Aggies!) and a Doctorate in biochemistry and pharmacology from Washington State University, I can think of fewer people more credentialed to lead a company that focuses on developing effective, safe products from CBD.
  • Test Results: Panacea has independent testing for all of their products and batches and they are available online for all of their customers. Transparency is important to them in maintaining high standards.
  • Price: Panacea products tend to have more full spectrum cannabinoids than average products which, makes it seem like they may be more expensive.  This is not necessarily the case –  you are just getting more milligrams. If you compare pricing on a milligram to milligram basis, it is a great price point for a truly quality product.  They may, however, not the best choice if you’re looking for a CBD isolate or $$ is your bottom line.

Panacea Products We Carry:

I’ve made a big hoopla about Panacea’s commitment to safe and natural ingredients and quality production, but what do they actually offer the consumer? They have many variations including:

  • Panacea Daily: 40 mg and 75 mg soft-gels
  • Panacea Daily  Fast Tabs:  These are a dissolvable lozenge intended to be taken, as needed, as a CBD booster.  They do not last as long in your body but they get to work quicker.
  • Panacea  PM Soft Gels 40 mg:  Full spectrum CBD & 5 MG of Melatonin: Designed for sleepless nights.
  • Panacea Transform Natural CBD Face Creme; 350 mg/50 ml jar. Cbd can be great for skin…we love this product.
  • Panacea Soothe CBD Salve: 125mg/.5 oz & 250 mg/1oz: To help soother soothe sore skin muscles and other skin issues. Will last 2 to 4 hours and is only tissue deep.
  • Panacea Canine Restore: 50 mg/.5 oz Helps with itchy skin, hot spots and sores on our family dog.

My Panacea Experience:

In preparation for this Blog, I was able to sample several Panacea products over the past few weeks, and I can say that I was impressed with everything I tried. I have written about a few of them.

Panacea: Topical and Skin Care

The Transform Natural skin cream, with about 350mg of CBD in a single jar, started my day. I would shower, shave, and then apply the cream. Now, it needs to be understood that I am not the type of person to lather all sorts of products onto my face. As my skin is naturally very oily, I am often put off by products that have high oil content, which leads me to usually forego their use entirely. In addition to this, I don’t love the feel of most creams or moisturizers; they leave a thin film on the skin, which I feel and immediately want to wipe off. Panacea’s Transform Natural did not have any of these qualities.  I was shocked! I had found a face cream that I could use that did not have too much oil, did not leave a filmy residue, and also had a pleasing scent. The jar itself had a unique dispensing mechanism that ensured that I did not use too much or waste any in the application. I simply had to press down on the dispenser and it would supply as much as I needed.

Fast CBD Tablets

Another product of Panacea’s that I was able to sample was their 35mg hemp oil fast CBD extract tablets.  These claim a higher bioavailability than a regular capsule and therefore will get to work faster in your system. The flip side to this is that they also leave your system quicker. Not lasting as long 23 to 4 hours. Panacea claims that this type of tablet ensures that more of the active ingredient enters your bloodstream than other forms, such as pills or patches. The way that it works is one takes the tablet sublingually (placed under the tongue,) and waits for it to fully dissolve before swallowing. I found that this was relatively simple, though it took some time for the tablet to fully dissolve. Something unique that I did notice about Panacea’s tablets was that they left a little aftertaste and the typical texture left over from dissolved tablets (a sort of sandy or grainy feeling) was absent. Overall it was a very clean, easy way to take my CBD in the morning but I can also see how someone may use these as needed for an extra boost of CBD on a bad day.

Is It A Panacea?

Seeing that I am 22 years old and I have no serious ailments, I am not a medical doctor, I have no idea the efficacy of Panacea’s products to treat anything. What I do know is that they offered two fantastic ways for me to take my CBD and that both of these were well-designed, clean, and satisfying. They have a great reputation and all of their independent test results I look forward to trying more of their products in the future!

You Matter to us: Giving Great Customer Service

May 3rd, 2019 by Cara Oorbeck

Customer Service

Everybody Knows About Bad Customer Service.

No one hates being left on hold more than me. I think that we can unanimously agree that being left on hold for 15 minutes only to be transferred and then placed on hold again is beyond annoying. In today’s increasingly electronic era, the charm of customer service has begun to fade under the blue light of our screens. Rarely do you see a company where you know the names of all of the employees.  This is one of the things that makes us at Green Wellness Life unique!

Did you know that according to Ameyo, it is projected that by 2020, 85% of customer service interactions will be automated. With customer service expectations rising and the number of actual people answering consumers’ calls decreasing, it isn’t difficult to understand why customer service is a hot topic of conversation. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE seems to have a story about poor customer service.

My Experience As The New Girl

I am a fairly new employee here at Green Wellness Life.  Here in the office there are only three people who work, Brandy, Cara and myself. Often, when I answer the phone many customers will ask for Brandy or Cara.  As a new employee, customers want nothing to do with the new girl. They want to deal with someone they know and who knows them.  (And a great big thank you to those of you that have taken the time to chat with me!)  We have found that people appreciate the time and energy we spend with each of our customers.  Do you have a question about CBD? Call us! We are always happy to help. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll tell you that, too.  Even when it means we may not sell you something, because that is what is best for the customer! Read the rest of this entry »

Traveling With CBD

April 26th, 2019 by Cara Oorbeck

Traveling With CBD

BY Op-ED Blogger Quinton Charles

Flying Is So Complicated With Liquids

First, I have to say, I get it. Flying is complicated. How many bottles of how little liquid can I bring? What about medications? Don’t even get me started on the differences in regulations between domestic and international flights! I’m going to try and guide you through all the information that I believe you need to fly both confidently and safely with CBD products.

It’s Just Like Anything Else

CBD is legal federally in the United States. The same regulations for other liquids apply to CBD oil or any other CBD products that you would bring. Keep in mind, there are different rules for carry-on bags than there are for checked bags. For checked bags, the sky is pretty much the limit (pun intended!). For carry-on bags, you’ll have to abide by the “3-1-1” rule outlined by the TSA: 3.4 ounces containers or smaller of any liquids, in a 1-quart bag, with a rule of 1 bag per person. Basically, you can fill a 1-quart bag with bottles that are not larger than 3.4 ounces, and you can only have one of these per traveller. There is an exception: medications, baby formula, and breast milk do not need to be limited to 3.4 ounces if they are of a reasonable amount, but they need to be declared at security checkpoints.

What About CBD?

Should the product you’re carrying with you contain less than 0.3% THC and contain CBD derived from the stem of hemp plants, then it should technically be perfectly legal to carry it to any state. Remember, do not travel with any products purchased from dispensaries, especially if you are unsure whether or not they contain THC above the o.3% threshold. Many CBD products that can be purchased from dispensaries contain slightly higher amounts of THC, which could land you in trouble. The reason that these products could land you in trouble is that they are marijuana-derived CBD, and not hemp-derived CBD.

What If Cannabis and Marijuana are Legal in My State?Don’t do it. Even if it is fully legal in your state, marijuana is illegal at federal level. Since the TSA is considered a federal agency, passing through security in an airport puts you in federal jurisdiction, where it is illegal. And don’t try to travel with any hemp plants, either. Even if they’re non-psychoactive, they could be misidentified as marijuana.

So What Should I do?

Travel like you normally would. Don’t exceed the liquid limit in your carry-on, declare larger containers of medicine or liquids if necessary, don’t carry anything through security that you don’t know for certain has below o.3% THC. For cautionary purposes, it is highly recommended to print out the product’s lab report and have it readily available during your flight just in case you need to verify the product’s cannabinoid content with airport security.

What About International Flights? Due to the differences in regulations from country to country, it is not a good idea to fly internationally with CBD, even if it is hemp-derived, and not marijuana-derived (containing no significant THC levels). You could be stuck in customs either going to the country, or returning. I just wouldn’t advise it.

My Experience

I flew from Michigan to California with several bottles of CBD oil and some CBD-infused gummy bears in my carry-on. I had no difficulty whatsoever at security when I followed the advice outlined above. Just be smart and you’ll get to where you’re going, CBD in hand (or bag).

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Oils and Capsules and Drops oh my!

March 22nd, 2019 by Cara Oorbeck

Oils and capsules

How much CBD should I take?

I’ve written about CBD and the aging process before, though only focusing on ailments common in aging bodies. I want to discuss something that could present a problem to anyone using CBD: dosage or as we know it in the CBD industry serving size. Often, I hear that people are unsure of what amount of CBD that they should take for this or that. Maybe they want to “supplement their mood”, try to “fix their insomnia”, or attempt to “lessen the effects of the natural process of age,” or any number of other issues that people choose to try CBD.  In most cases, we find people are unsure where to start in terms of serving size for CBD.

CBD bottles have recommended serving sizes

Read the rest of this entry »

BlueBird Botanicals…Why We Love Them!

March 15th, 2019 by Cara Oorbeck

bluebird botanicals
By Quinton Charles Op-Ed Blogger

Who is BlueBird Botanical?

At Green Wellness Life, we love the manufacturers we partner with and we are very proud of the products we carry. So much so that we wanted you to know a little more about some of our brands!

Quality in Farming

Bluebird Botanicals, of Louisville, Colorado, is a company that prides itself on both the quality of their CBD products, and their environmental consciousness. In particular, they have three points that all of their products conform to: quality in farming, quality in CBD extraction, and quality in manufacturing. They pride themselves on locally sourcing from Colorado farms, many of which are USDA Organic, and ensuring that their hemp is bred specifically for CBD and terpene content. This local sourcing allows them to closely monitor their product quality, and have a minimal carbon footprint, enabling them to stay true to their environmental mission (and to deliver high-quality products to their customers).

Quality in CBD Extraction

Bluebird Botanicals also stays true to their mission to deliver clean, quality products to their customers while remaining environmentally friendly by extracting their CBD from cannabis flowers and buds using both alcohol and CO2 extraction systems, which differ slightly in regards to how the cannabis flowers react to the process (don’t worry, I’ll cover all of this in a later blog).


Their manufacturing standards are high, claiming on their website that “Bluebird’s final products are made in accordance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs). We test every batch using third party labs before delivering to your front door,”. This uncompromising attentiveness to product quality assures customers that they will receive only the finest CBD products from Bluebird.

Knowing what is in our products can be daunting.

As many readers know by now, I hold information in high regard. I think that it is absolutely key to know what you are putting in your body, what it does, and whether or not it is safe.  It is important to know whether or not a product is contaminated with substances that your body does not naturally produce, or your body will reject. I’ve often found myself frustrated with the lack of clear information about foods and supplements that I find in the local grocery store, especially when comparing two similar products.

Like me, I am sure you have asked similar questions like “is this, better than this or “didn’t I read somewhere that this is bad for me?”  How about “What does this long, complex word mean? or “How can I know that this won’t make me sick?” These and many more are the types of questions that run through my head.  There have been many times when I get home, I have had the daunting task of trying to find information on what I have just purchased. Information which is often spread all over the internet. Since I don’t feel like a research project every time I need multivitamins or cereal, I give up and resign myself to hoping that whatever I purchased is safe enough.

CBD & Full Disclosure

Bluebird Botanicals, unlike so many companies, gives full disclosure of all their test results for each batch, along with helpful tips, ingredients, and reviews. These batches are all compiled into a single, easily searched database on their website, and are arranged by date. Even if you aren’t keen to look through the test results (they can be a bit technical), it is reassuring that this company is willing to offer those to the public for oversight; I don’t know of many companies that do that. Period. For our customers security of mind it is our commitment at Green Wellness Life to not only check these test results regularly but to also never sell anything we would not take our selves or give to our families.  We do not post all our products test results on line as the test results of products change with every batch.  However these test results are available for our customers to request at any time!

Bluebird Botanicals committed to fighting for good hemp

This is also a company that is committed to fighting for hemp in the United States. Over the past two years, the founder, Brandon Beatty, and the Bluebird Botanicals team have been heavily involved with the U.S. Hemp Roundtable. This is an organization that Green Wellness life not only believes in but also supports as well. The U.S. Hemp Roundtable is a 501(c)(4) non-profit lobbying organization consisting of dozens of hemp companies and the industry’s major national grassroots organizations. Their mission includes focused lobbying efforts in state capitals to fully legalize hemp and hemp-derived products, facilitating information exchange with law enforcement and federal agency officials, and continued long-term legislative advocacy on other major policy issues.

We look forward to following the progress of this great company, and appreciate the work that they are doing to expand the rights of citizens both in accessing hemp products, and informing consumers about the products that we use.