CBD Topical Review

December 13th, 2019 by Hannah Laing

CBD Topical Review

GWL TeamBy the GWL team

Another Review?

You betcha! This time we each tried a different cbd topical to see what we thought of our hot sellers. Although we weren’t able to give all of our topicals the time of day but  we did try a wide variety in order to help you find a good fit for yourself. These cbd topical reviews are all of our own personal opinions and experiences.  We are not doctors or and  we all have different problem areas we attempt to find relief from. Hopefully you will be able to relate to one of our reviewers, but if you have any further questions about our opinion or experiences with a topical please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Healing BalmHello everyone! I have been using Entourage Hemp Healing Balm over the last few weeks.

First, the little tin that it comes in…. I know, it seems insane to talk about this, but I have always appreciated good design in how a product is encased. The tin is a lot smaller than I first assumed from our website’s photo; it’s maybe one or two inches in diameter (definitely pocket sized!). The twist off cap was nice, as one of my biggest complaints with tins of balm is that they either get stuck due to the balm accumulating and drying on the sides or that the top slips off when I don’t want it to. With the twist-on/twist-off lid, I don’t have to deal with either issue.

Now, on to the actual hemp itself. Not unpleasant at all to smell, it has a very earthy scent; if I had to compare it to something, I would say that it’s like a mixture of hemp and sandalwood. Texture was also good, not too slimy. I didn’t have any trouble applying it or getting a nice amount on the end of my finger to lather on somewhere.

Unlike some of the other products that I use (like the other topicals), this balm is intended to be used on small injuries on the skin or soreness. In the last couple of weeks, I had two tests for the balm: blisters that formed on my feet after walking for too long in tight, constricting dress shoes, and some nicks on my neck from shaving. On my blisters, I found that the balm was very effective, and definitely sped up the recovery process (I am a frequent runner, so I know all too well the lifespan of a blister); I just added it to the area on my foot where there was a blister, put a sock over it, and went about my day. In my experience, applying it twice daily (after I woke up and before bed) was the most effective method. As for the nicks on my neck, I found that the balm was also helpful, but I’m not sure if it was absolutely necessary in my case. The cuts were small, so I wasn’t able to perfectly gauge if my recovery was expedited by my use of the balm. However, I will say that it did relieve some of the sting that typically is the consequence of a cut received during shaving.

Overall, the balm was useful and I will definitely be using it for other minor issues that I run into in the future. I think that it is a vital part of any CBD assortment that one is to have, especially if one is using CBD to help out with wellness or recovery and you  cannot beat the price.

Hannah: CBD Topical Review

CBD Topical Review: Heat ReliefIf you have been following our blogs for a while now, you will know that despite my young age I suffer from severe chronic pain. There’s nothing like a few good old fashioned autoimmune disorders to really put you to the test as far as pain tolerance goes. Since working at GWL I have not gone a day without using a topical to help manage my pain. I typically gravitate towards the Endoca Hemp Salve, which Cara has affectionately coined the Jesus Cream, but for this CBD Topical review I decided to try a topical with a heated sensation. I have some shifting disks in my neck that are currently pinching a nerve and I thought that the Green Roads CBD Roll-On Heat Relief would be an interesting way to loosen up my neck. After just the first application I knew that this was much stronger than the Icy Hot that I had relied on previously. The burning sensation was intense, but after the initial shock of “BURNINGGGGG” I felt my muscles relax in a way that I don’t get to feel very often. The tightness was slowly subsiding and as I rubbed the liquid into my neck I noticed I had more mobility in my neck. I could actually turn my head and reach my chin to my shoulder, that’s a major win in my book. Throughout the course of the month I applied the roll-on every morning and throughout the day if I was noticing some extra tightness. The muscle relief lasted me a few hours, but the heated aspect wore off much quicker and by the end of the month I still had product left  despite my liberal applications. Overall, I can safely say that this topical will be incorporated into my daily routine.


Endoca Hemp SalveI love, love, love the Endoca Salve. I lovingly coined it “Jesus” cream about a year ago. Packing a whopping 750 mg per 1 oz it comes in as our strongest salve per ounce.  The price seems high at $64.00 per 1 oz but after you try it you will see that it is worth the price!

I started using it for Psoriasis on me knees and found that I was able to stop using my steroid cream. I would put a small amount on my Psoriasis patches daily and soon I found my itchy patches cleared up. When I would stop using the salve, it would come right back.  Sooo…Funny Story, because the ingredients are incredibly natural I began trying it on anything and everything. I have found for myself it works great for achy knees or hands, rashes, small burns, and dry skin. I even made my husband try it for his poison ivy and he was hooked. If you have seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding the father sprays windex on every skin issue to alleviate it! In our house we laugh because Endoca Salve has become our Windex! So whether you think Jesus or Ghandi, Mari Curie or Nicholas Tesla are miraculous…any one of these or many other figures can be used in your house when describing Endoca (maybe a bit of an exaggeration…LOL)! If you don’t believe us, try it yourself. We would love to hear what you think?

CBD Topical Review: Hemp Wipped body ButterNow for the sister product, Endoca Body Butter. The container is 3.38 oz and a butter like consistency with 1500 mgs of CBD. So obviously, not quite a strong as the salve and definitely not as thick, but the smell in my opinion is heavenly. I have found it is not as effective for pain when I use it  but it is still as effective for my skin issues. It is another one of my favorites. It is always in my house and I definitely use it regularly. Both products are truly awesome but they also have a bit of a price tag. I have found their efficacy is worth the few extra dollars as have many of our customers. These two products are definitely a fan favorite and you really can’t go wrong with either.


So now you’ve heard about our favorite lotions and salves (oh my!)  Let’s chat about the other option to absorb CBD through our largest organ, our skin. That option is a CBD patch. The first transdermal patch was actually approved by the FDA in 1979 to deliver a drug that helped with motion sickness.  While the FDA has not approved any CBD patches, they do approve of the delivery method. So that’s a start, anyhow. A patch is basically a large piece of sticky plastic that’s infused with CBD that you can stick anywhere on your body.  Many people like to stick them in venous areas. We also tell people to get them in the right hemisphere – if pain is upper body, apply the patch there. If it’s lower back, feet or ankles, applying to the low back is generally a great fit. Patches can also help with headaches or migraines if applied to neck area and we have seen some benefits for people with feet nephropathy by cutting a patch in half and applying to tops of feet.

Patches are known for a few benefits :

  • Rapid absorption
  • Slow delivery
  • Discrete delivery

Unlike a thick lotion or salve, the patch won’t feel oily. Some of our patches (looking at you, Pure Ratios) have an extended release component that will ensure that the patches keep working over a 3-4 day stretch. Others continue to release CBD for 12-24 hours.

Here are our patch options :

  • Social CBD – 20mg or 60mg patch containing isolated CBD, 12-24 hour time frame

    Social CBD Patch Pack 3

    • Pros
      • Great fit for someone that needs a 0 THC product
      • Strongest mgs
    • Cons
      • Larger patch size
      • Isolate-based CBD may not always be as effective for pain as a full-spectrum (whole plant) option
  • Mary’s Nutritionals – 10mg full-spectrum patch, 8-12 hour time frame

    Mary's Nutritionals CBD Patches

    • Pros
      • Least likelihood of irritation from material
      • Small patch footprint
    • Cons
      • Higher cost per day than other options
  • Pure Ratios – 40mg full-spectrum patch, 36-48 hour time frame

    CBD patches

    • Pros
      • Time release makes it longest lasting option
      • Small patch footprint
    • Cons
      • Longer time frame makes it a poor fit for people with sensitive skin

Of this list, Pure Ratios is definitely the top seller.  We’ve got people that use them as a CBD booster for muscle aches and pains or swelling (like me) and others that use these patches as their only source of CBD.  I really like the “set it and forget it mentality.” Patches provide a great jump into topical CBD and they’re also a baby step for people who want to try CBD, but are a little bit nervous about trying a new internal supplement. If that describes you, maybe a patch or another topical is a great start!

Now you!

Hopefully after hearing our experiences with these different topicals, you have a better idea as to what is going to be a good fit for you. We look forward to hearing all about your experiences and hopefully we can all find a little relief together.

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