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At Green Wellness Life, safety is our highest priority. We only sell products that have been independently tested by a third party lab for safety. You can view the test results for Charlotte’s Web products by clicking the buttons below. Additionally, most vendors include QR code links to lab results directly on their packaging.





Hemp 100mg Roll-On

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Calming Dog Chew

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Senior Dog Chew

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Canine Balm

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Calm Gummies

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Recovery Gummies

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Sleep Gummies

View Batch 2012… Results

View Batch 2106… Results

Canine Drops

View Batch A00932 Results

View Batch 68496 Results

View Batch 69475 Results

Liquid Caps – 60 Ct

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17mg Tincture – Mint Choc

View Batch A00972 Results

View Batch A01067 Results

17mg Tincture – Orange

View Batch A01024 Results 

View Batch A01042 Results 

View Batch A01053 Results 

50mg Tincture – Mint Choc

View Batch A01000 Results

View Batch A01065 Results

View Batch A01082 Results

7mg Tincture – Mint Choc

View Batch 200072 Results

View Batch A00971 Results

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