Charlotte’s Web Product Review

September 30th, 2020 by Hannah Laing

Charlotte’s Web Product Review

Who is Charlotte’s Web?

When most of us hear the words “Charlotte’s Web” we think of a book, or an animated story about a spider, a pig and the word “salutations.” But what about CBD? How many of us think of our Endocannabinoid system when we hear or read those words? Probably not as many. So what is the link? 

There is a company out there (doing good things!) that would love to wish you “salutations,” and their name is Charlotte’s Web. Started as a project to help Charlotte Figi, a little girl who suffered from debilitating epilepsy, Charlotte’s Web quickly grew once the Stanley brothers realized that they could help others like Charlotte with their hemp-based products. To this day, they prioritize quality hemp ingredients, caring for the earth, and giving back to their customers. 

Customer Care

No matter how well they treat the planet, a company is more than just good deeds. We, the consumers, need to know that the products we choose are both safe and high quality. This is where Charlotte’s Web never ceases to impress us. They address one of the biggest issues that the CBD market has: sources and information about ingredients. Because cannabis is a plant that takes toxins out of the environment it is in, it is highly susceptible to contamination. Due to concerns from customers over the quality of their CBD, Charlotte’s Web makes it easy to look up a batch number on their website and see the pertinent information provided by a third party tester. Impartiality and safety is a guarantee, and these batch numbers (which are searchable on their website and ours) can be found on the packaging of every product that they offer. 

You can rest easy knowing that, should you wish, you can find all the information regarding what is in your salve, tincture, or capsule. 

Charlottes Web Products

Any company is only as good as their product line. Charlotte’s Web is no different. They do great things for people, and for the planet, but what about what they offer you (for a price)? Like most CBD companies, they offer an array of products, meant to fill one’s wants and needs. Here is what I’ll be covering to give you a better idea of Charlotte’s Web:

  • Topicals
  • Edibles
  • Capsules
  • Tinctures
  • Pets

CBD Roll-On PeppermintCBD Topicals

These are my bread and butter (except I don’t eat these! I save the ingesting for their edibles.). As someone who regularly uses the gym, and occasionally gets headaches, topicals are what divide a good day from an okay or even bad day for me. While I’ve tried CBD topicals from many brands, and in many forms, I’ve found that Charlotte’s Web offers a roll-on topical that is great for headaches and muscle aches. It contains 100mg of CBD per roller bottle, so you can be sure of relief, and I am a big fan of the size of the bottle. It is small enough to be easily carried in a small bag, gym bag, or even a purse (perfect for relief on the go). The only downside that I have found to this product is the oily residue that can be left after initial application. However, this residue does not remain for long and usually is unnoticeable after a short period of time. 

Charlotte’s Web CBD GummiesCBD Edibles

Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to personally test out the three Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummy flavors, so I’ll limit this section to informing you of the most pertinent details (and then you can decide what suits your taste). 

Each package comes with 60 gummies for a total of 300mg of CBD per container (or 5mg per gummy). This lower amount (unless you need very little to supplement your Endocannabinoid system) is ideal for use as a booster. From what I’ve heard, they are delightful, so try to resist eating them like candy!

The three flavors offered are Calm (with lemon-lime), Recovery (with ginger), and Sleep (with raspberry). Despite their names, none of these contain any additional supplements (like melanin), so you could take Recovery to help you fall asleep, or Calm to help you recover. The names are more to distinguish flavors than they are instructions on use. 

Another interesting thing to note is that the gummies are full spectrum CBD. Unlike with an isolate, you are going to receive the full benefits of the plant’s terpenes along with the CBD in this product. However, if you have any specific allergies to plant matter, this may cause a problem for those allergies. 

CBD Capsules

Many people enjoy taking their supplements in capsule form. This allows them to portion their daily intake (consistency is key!), and is often convenient for those who take other dietary supplements in the morning or evening. 

We offer two of Charlotte’s Web’s CBD capsules: one option, which contains 30 capsules (a total of 750mg per bottle), and another option, which contains 60 capsules (a total of 1500mg per bottle); both options are 25mg per individual capsule. 

These options enable one to meet their capsule needs. I know that 60 capsules is a lot to commit to for a new product (especially if you take one daily). If you are interested in trying a new capsule, but don’t want to be stuck with it for two months if it doesn’t suit your taste, I would recommend starting with the 30 capsule option.

Like the gummies, the Charlotte’s Web CBD capsules contain full spectrum CBD, so you are going to receive the full benefits of the plant and all its goodness!

17mg Hemp ExtractCBD Tinctures

While capsules offer consistency, tinctures offer more control over CBD serving size. Want a little extra in the morning because you’re in a funk? No problem. Want to take a little less for whatever reason? Also no problem. This control is one of the Charlotte's Web Original Formula CBD Oilreasons that I enjoy tinctures.

We offer three options for those looking at a Charlotte’s Web CBD tincture, each with a different strength. We also offer two flavors in one of these options. 

The three strengths are: 

  • 200mg per 30ml bottle for 7mg per serving
  • 500mg per 30ml bottle for 17mg per serving
  • 1500mg per 30ml bottle for 50mg per serving

The flavor for all of these options is Mint Chocolate, with the option of Orange Blossom available for the 500mg bottle. All three are tasty, full spectrum, and useful for use as a daily supplement, or as a when-needed supplement. 


I think where Charlotte’s Web really shines for us is their pet products. First off, it has to be understood that pets have an Endocannabinoid system (like humans) and are able to take CBD supplements, like us. CBD Chews for Dogs Calming

We carry a few options for your pets: treats (for good dogs and cats), extract (like a tincture), and a CBD-infused balm that can be used on rashes or spots that need some extra care.

Canine Hemp Infused BalmCharlotte’s Web CBD dog treats, like any treats, are popular with our furry friends, and are designed for consumption by adult dogs. Each package contains 30 chews for a total of 75mg of CBD (2.5mg per chew). The chews are chicken flavored, so I wouldn’t recommend you try eating them, but your dog will love them!

Charlotte’s Web CBD canine balm is a 1.5oz tin containing 450mg of CBD total, and can be used as a topical on any itchy spots or problem areas that may be found on your dog. Pets need topicals too! 

CBD Drops for dogFinally, our Charlotte’s Web CBD extract (sort of like a tincture for dogs), is a 30ml bottle containing 500mg of CBD (17mg per serving). Chicken flavored, this extract can be used to ease anxiety, help with sleeping, or as a general supplement when you feel it is necessary. As an owner, you know your pet better than anyone else.

Like our other Charlotte’s Web products, all of our pet products are full spectrum, so even your pets can receive the benefits of the full plant!


We at Green Wellness hope that this blog has been helpful in guiding you to a better understanding of Charlotte’s Web’s products, and we would love to assist you further in trying any of these great products out. If you have any additional questions, either about Charlotte’s Web or about CBD in general, don’t be afraid to say “salutations!” to us over social media, the phone (888-772-7875), through email, or in person at our storefront. Don’t be a stranger!

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Hannah LaingHannah has been working in the hemp industry and at Green Wellness Life for 2 years. She was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2017 and received a second Fibromyalgia diagnosis in 2018. The Grand Valley State University student is currently studying health communications and is dedicated to educating and promoting health and wellness.

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