Highlight Reel: Discovering Medterra

October 4th, 2019 by Hannah Laing

Discovering MedTerra

QuintonPosted October 4th, 2019

By Op-Ed blogger Quinton Charles

Who is MedTerra?

The time has finally come to take a look at one of my favorite companies that we carry: MedTerra!

So who is MedTerra? They are a company headquartered in Irvine, California that was founded with the mission to provide CBD products to people who need them, at an affordable price. It’s always nice to see that companies, like MedTerra, are committed to more than just a profit; they want to help people and educate them as well. This lines up with our commitment as well!

MedTerra: Product Quality

MedTerra’s products are grown and processed in Kentucky, which is a state known for growing hemp in the United States. They are proud to state that all of their products are grown and extracted in “accordance within the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.”  A part of that state’s Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program, which regulates who can grow hemp and how they can process it, they are adamant about doing things the right way. MedTerra also is committed to the safety of their customers; each and every product that leaves the facility must be third-party tested to ensure consistency and quality.

What’s in it?

MedTerra Sleep Tablet SideMedTerra’s products come from non-GMO hemp, and none of their products contain THC or any other phytocannabinoids making all of their products an isolate. In fact, these facts are both displayed on the side of the bottle of MedTerra capsules that I have on my desk! They want to make sure that people know how serious they are about their ingredients and transparency!

U.S. Hemp Authority

I talked about this organization a little bit in a previous blog, but I want to reiterate what it is, since it is so fundamentally aligned with MedTerra. The U.S. Hemp Authority is a collective of CBD and hemp industry companies that want to create a standard for ingredient labels and product quality. MedTerra is at the forefront of this, and you can see the little golden emblem of the U.S. Hemp Authority on the sides of all of their products! So if you see that little, gold circle next time you reach for your MedTerra capsules or tincture, say a little “thanks” in your head!

What do I use?

softgels 25 boxAs I said at the beginning, I love MedTerra. They are my regular for taking CBD. I usually prefer to take their 25mg gel capsules in the morning. It’s easy for me to take; I can have it with my breakfast, and then not worry about needing more CBD during the day. Some might need more CBD, and will opt to take more than 25mg (we also carry a 50 mg capsule or tinctures) but I’ve found that MedTerra is exactly what I need each day. There isn’t that hempy taste after I take a capsule; there isn’t any gas from the capsule itself. I also really appreciate how they focus on product quality and safety. As someone who is very conscious about what they put in their body, it’s nice to know that MedTerra doesn’t use any GMO hemp and that their products contain zero THC. Oh, and I love that they are working to better the industry with the U.S. Hemp Authority project. Keep it up, guys!

And the price?

One of the major points that MedTerra stresses is that their mission was to be an affordable provider of CBD to the masses. Have they managed to do this? I would like to think so. When one looks at the prices of their products (especially in relation to some other options), they are usually quite modest. Their prices are even better when you consider the quality of the CBD and the dedication that their team has for ensuring that their customers receive only the best and safest. I’ve managed to afford their products (they’re my regular) on a college budget, and I’m sure that many others on similar budgets enjoy their products as well.

Feeling sleepy yet?

Medterra dissolvable sleep tablets

A really neat product that MedTerra makes is a CBD + Melatonin tablet that you can take before bed. Now, what’s melatonin? Melatonin is a hormone in your body that regulates sleep and wakefulness. Without going into the technical details, it is how your body says “I’m tired; let’s sleep.” The cool thing about the MedTerra tablets with both CBD and melatonin is that you get the combined effects of the CBD and melatonin, they  may help you to actually fall asleep and the CBD can help with a longer, more restful, sleep. I’ve never used them, but Hannah in the office has and she had nothing but good things to say.

How about something for the furry family member?

Not only do they have fantastic products for people, but they make a tincture for pets as well in both beef and chicken flavor! I’m not sure how tasty they are (I haven’t tested these pet products… yet), but I’m sure that these drops are as good as the tincture that MedTerra offers for humans. It’s also a relief to know that the same standards of quality that MedTerra holds for the products meant for owners are held for their pets.   This is a huge deal for all of you pet owners who take their furry friends health seriously!

The MedTerra products that we carry:

Pets Tincture

So now that I’ve covered how MedTerra is committed to quality, fair prices, and bettering the industry, what do we have of theirs that can help you? I use the capsules, but all of these are great:

  • MedTerra Pets Tincture (750mg CBD per 30 ml bottle): In two flavors: Chicken and Beef
  • MedOil by MedTerra CBD Tincture (1000mg / 3000mg per 30 ml bottle): One of our strongest CBD isolate products – delivering 1000mg or 3000 mg per 1 oz bottle
  • MedTerra CBD Softgels – 25mg / 50mg per Capsule (750mg / 1500mg Total CBD per Bottle): This is the softgel that I take (25mg), but there is a 50mg softgel option too
  • MedTerra Dissolvable Sleep Tablets 25 mg CBD each (750mg per 30 Count Bottle): 25mg of CBD with 10mg of melatonin

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