In a Growing Market, We Offer CBD You Can Trust

April 12th, 2018 by Emma Tuthill

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In your search for high-quality CBD in all of its forms, you’ve probably come across a seemingly-endless amount of companies and claims. While CBD grown from industrial hemp is federally legal, state laws vary widely, making it hard to know who to trust. Being a part of the growing natural health movement is exciting, but it also means that research and regulation protecting consumers is still in its infancy.

That’s why at Green Wellness Life, we stand behind the quality of our products. We won’t sell you anything that doesn’t fall well within federal regulations. To meet federally-legal standards, CBD from domestically grown plants must come with state certifications and can come from the flower, seeds and stalks. CBD from imported industrial hemp can come from seeds and stalks only and is legal in all 50 states as a food or supplement as a natural constituent of the hemp plant. We only carry products manufactured from both imported and domestic hemp that meet these important guidelines.

As we continue to grow thanks to all of you, we can expand our search for the very best CBD the industry has to offer. Since we don’t personally manufacture any of the products we sell, we can stay committed to choosing the highest-quality CBD products without bias or self-promotion.

Select CBD

We’re excited to share one of our newest product lines with an impressive commitment to quality and transparency. Select CBD offers zero-THC tinctures and disposable E-liquid pens. In addition to the quality of the CBD in the products, the tinctures and E-liquid are impressively packaged. We don’t sell any products that haven’t been lab tested and that we haven’t tried ourselves, but Select CBD takes trust to another level with lab results printed directly on the box. The tinctures include a marked dropper to make measuring out your serving size easy and precise, and despite being disposable, the E-liquid pens are high quality and long lasting with a ceramic coil.

Beyond the 100% pure CBD in Select CBD products, the essential oils that give their tinctures and E-liquid pens a light, enjoyable flavor profile also provide added benefits.

Tincture Options:

  • CBD Lavender Drops are infused with herbs known for relaxation and calmness, including lavender, chamomile and passion flower. Lavender has a dynamic aroma that has made the flower a classic for perfumes, soaps, fresheners and beauty products because it can be a relaxing addition to anyone’s daily routine — and the effects are just the same when it’s digested. Similarly, chamomile and passion flower are known to support our system as well.
  • Lemon-Ginger Drops are infused with ginger, turmeric and lemon’s naturally energizing and revitalizing powers. Turmeric is so well-known that there are over 10,000 peer-reviewed articles focused on the benefits of this herb. While ginger is a popular cooking ingredient, it’s also known to aid different physical systems.

E-liquid Options:

  • Lavender has been a natural way to relax for thousands of years. Studies have confirmed the calming, soothing, and sedative effects on the nervous system when lavender is inhaled.
  • Lemon reinvigorates you with natural citrus extracts to help you reconnect and regain energy.
  • Spearmint offers a soothing way to lift your mood and keep your eyes on the prize. Wake your wits and keep your cool with this aromatic herb.

To learn more or if you’re interested in giving Select CBD products a try, visit our website or give us a shout at 888.772.7875.