Happy Hemp History Week!

June 6th, 2018 by Emma Tuthill

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Did you know we’re right in the middle of the 9th annual Hemp History Week? Beginning on June 4, 2018, the goal of this nationwide event is to not only raise awareness about the hemp plant and its long history in the United States, but to use that awareness to push legislation in the right direction. The campaign, organized by the Hemp Industries Association, also features some of the top farmers and entrepreneurs making headway in the industry and demonstrating how we all benefit from their continued success. The goal of this year’s Hemp History Week is to not only highlight these individual businesses, but also to lobby for federal legislation like the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 that will open up opportunities to entrepreneurs and grassroots organizations everywhere.

2018 Hemp History Week: Deep Roots

This year’s Hemp History Week focuses on the “deep roots” of the hemp plant, not only in our physical environment, modern communities and local economies but in the country’s historical origins. In fact, the first two drafts of that critical document that asserted America’s status as an independent nation – the Declaration of Independence – were written on hemp paper. It’s only within the past 100 years that hemp has been subject to the kind of prohibition and regulation that impacts the industry today. Just like we’ve seen in recent conversations surrounding CBD legality, these regulations were primarily based on a misunderstanding of what hemp is and its differentiation from its cousin, the marijuana plant.

Events like Hemp History Week are essential to educating the public about these important distinctions, so we’re even more excited that it’s actually sponsored in part by some of our favorite brands: Bluebird Botanicals and Plus CBD Oil! We love knowing that brands like these not only create great products that we’re happy to offer to our customers, but they’re involved in supporting the industry as a whole and creating opportunities for new businesses to grow.


Are you passionate about the hemp industry and want to get involved?  Find a Hemp History Week event near you!