How is CBD Good For My Aging Body?

January 3rd, 2019 by Cara Oorbeck
Aging Body

By Quinton Charles OP-ED Blogger


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Our Aging Bodies

A healthy body and mind are assets that every individual possesses, yet also assets that, if not properly maintained, can become burdensome. This is especially true during the aging process.

As an individual’s body ages, their cognitive performance decreases, their limbs and joints begin to ache as they lose their suppleness, and the heart, from years of a not-so-forgiving western diet, becomes beset with a number of problems including (but not limited to) cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, ischemia, and dilated arteries. In addition to all of this, anxiety and diabetes increasingly affect larger numbers of Americans each year.

Medicines Are Not Wonder Drugs

While there are various types of medicines on the market that can accomodate these complications (with varying degrees of success), they often have side-effects that mitigate their salutary effects. This is where CBD oil comes in.

I have to clarify now that CBD oil is not a panacea. It will not cure all ailments, or even guarantee the alleviation of severe pain. There are studies that have confirmed the benefits of CBD oil to one’s health, with particular focus given to anxiety, chronic pain, mood stabilization and many more, but as it is with all clinically-tested medicines and supplements, these do not assure success. However, what sellers of CBD oil products can claim is that the supplements that they sell will not have a slew of negative side-effects (save for if you have a hemp allergy or something similar), unlike many drugs on the market.

CBD And Our Aging Body

Now that I hope it is clear that I am not speaking about CBD as some wonder-drug, lets discuss some of the benefits of CBD. As I already mentioned, one of the major draws of CBD products are their ability to lessen the severity of pain:

Much more research is needed, but “Several studies have shown CBD to not only alleviate onset pain caused by arthritis, but to physiologically reverse its underlying causes (at least in the case of rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease). For acute treatment, both internal(sublingual capsules or tinctures and topical CBD creams and ointments have shown to be the most effective method.”

This may offer a drastic increase in the quality of life afforded seniors. The opportunity to live, perhaps not without pain, but with less severe pain and arthritis, is not to be understated.

CBD And Our Bones

Another area of the body where the positive effects of CBD oil are demonstrated is in the bones. Osteoporosis is caused by a buildup of fat in the marrow compartments of one’s bones.

CBD regulates this buildup. In fact, several studies have shown how the cannabinoid prevents age-related osteoporosis and promotes bone health by regulating CB receptors within the bone marrow. CB receptors regulate pain and immune system functions within the bone marrow, decreasing the sensations of pain and the swelling of cells that would lead to osteoporosis. And it isn’t just in the bones that CBD regulates the breakdown of cells and limits cell aging. CBD has been known to have the same “anti-aging” effects on other organs of the body, including the liver, kidney, eyes, stomach, and even the skin. Cells of all organ and tissue types are prone to normal breakdown and degeneration over time, and cannabinoids have been known to prohibit degeneration by stimulating CB receptors within the respective cell membranes. These CB receptors have been found in virtually every cell and tissue type in the human body.

Finally, CBD benefits the brain, the most vital organ that any individual can possess. CBD is patented by the US Government for its role as a “neuroprotectant”. This means that it physiologically acts to reverse the effects of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s. These diseases break down the myelin coating around nerve fibers in the brain, which decreases the speed at which the brain’s synapses can fire and connect, thus limiting the cognitive ability of a person due to their decreased speed and reactivity. CBD actively protects these myelin coatings and ensures that the brain does not age as rapidly and that it does not receive the same damage from diseases like those listed above.

While it may not be a cure-all, and there are things that CBD cannot do for the body, the lack of major side effects, the potential ability for CBD to replace other supplements, and the reported health benefits (as proven in studies) point towards CBD as a viable option for all those looking either to address specific issues, or just give their body an extra boost. As always, consult your doctor before replacing any medications or supplements with CBD products; however, know that it is a possible alternative that should be seriously considered.

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