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July 12th, 2019 by Hannah Laing

New Products


By op-ed blogger Quinton Charles

Published 7/12/19

Sleepy yet?

MedTerra capsules have been with us for a while (I take them every morning), but now we have the pleasure of introducing the MedTerra Dissolvable Sleep Tablets! I know what you’re probably asking: What’s the difference? Well, the Sleep Tablets have something that the regular MedTerra tablets don’t: melatonin. So what is melatonin? The technical answer is that it is a hormone produced in your pineal gland that is produced to help regulate sleep cycles and initiates when you enter into sleep.

How are they?

As I already mentioned, I take MedTerra capsules every morning with breakfast. I find that they help me to relax and tackle the day’s responsibilities. So what did I think of a MedTerra product that helped me to maintain a healthy sleep schedule, especially after a long day of work or study? I loved them. I had taken melatonin before (several times in high school,) and found that it helped me return to a normal sleep schedule. However, the melatonin alone is nothing compared to the CBD + melatonin!  And because they are sleep tablets that dissolve instead of the traditional capsule that you swallow, you can feel the effects of the CBD and melatonin without having to wait for your body to digest it. I find that the CBD relaxes me, while the melatonin does what it’s intended to do, resulting in a very sedate, sleepy me.


New Products Pets Tincture

While I’m on the topic of MedTerra’s laudable products, I have to mention the new MedTerra Pets Tincture that we just on-boarded. Sadly, my furry child lives back with my parents, but I have several friends who have dogs and cats that I absolutely adore. At this point, I’m almost expected to bring some sort of treat or toy when I visit. I’ve shown up with all sorts of CBD treats, and now I’ve got a new one to bring with me! I didn’t taste this one (I usually taste the pet new products because I’m either curious or secretly Shaggy from Scooby-Doo) as the two flavors offered are beef and chicken, neither of which appealed to me in droplet form. Despite my lack of appetite for these flavors, I’ve yet to hear a complaint from my furry friends.

Something for the balmy weather

I’m oily… Really oily. This causes problems for me when it comes to lotions and balms (many are oil-based). However, I’ve found that I can apply them to my neck or body and have no issues (but I have to avoid the face!). For the last couple of months, I’ve been using the Endoca balm for everything from general moisturizing to sunburn treatment. Now, there’s a new balm in my life: Lazarus Naturals Cedar Citrus CBD Balm. I know, it’s a mouthful (and a lot of C’s; check out that alliteration!). With all those C’s comes an organic, potent balm. I really mean “potent.”  2 oz contains 1200 mg of CBD – this makes it one of our most highly concentrated balms! That’s a lot of CBD goodness, and I love the smell of cedar.

Tropical Breeze… or Chocolate Mint?

Tropical Breeze

Lazarus is on a roll with smells and flavors (but don’t try to eat the balm!)  I prefer the flavor of the Tropical Breeze to the Chocolate Mint. Chocolate Mint is the flavor that you would expect, combined with that earthy taste you find in full spectrum products. What does a Tropical Breeze taste like? It’s like a Starburst, only more subtle. Although I prefer the flavor of Tropical Breeze to the Mint Chocolate it is important to note that the Tropical Breeze is not a full spectrum product but rather an isolate. In contrast, the Mint Chocolate is a full spectrum product so it offers more of those pain and inflammation fighting cannabinoids along with many other benefits. It packs a multitude of benefits at a great price and can aid in many different issues with our bodies.  It is a quality product if you don’t mind the earthy taste.  In addition to flavor, both Lazarus tinctures are very potent, with each having 3000 mg per 2 oz bottle (I’m noticing a trend of strong CBD from Lazarus; keep it up!)   It also has a great price point.   All in all, a great product and company!

Disposable Heaven

Disposable CBD Vape Pen

When it comes to e-liquid/vaping, I’m not the most experienced. I am not a smoker and I had always heard terrible stories about popcorn lung. Honestly I just avoided the whole mess. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that vaping CBD can help me manage my anxiety and stress. Now when I find myself getting anxious, my new go to is the CBDistillery disposable vape pen. What makes this pen different is that the chamber that holds the liquid is clear, so I can actually see how much life is left in the pen.  It also allows me to have a bit more control while inhaling. Plus, with flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, Grape, and Lavender Vanilla, it is just simply delicious and again another great price point for an e-liquid/vape pen! If you have never vaped, this has no nicotine and as a disposable you do not have to invest in hardware to see the benefits e-liquid can offer.

Feeling the burn yet?

I recently started swimming laps again and, despite the satisfaction that comes with the workout, my muscles have been sore. Usually, I would just default to the “rub it and say ouch” mentality and suffer through, but I don’t have to anymore. Like many athletes (who I talked about in my last blog), I’ve turned away from medications like ibuprofen and Advil and have started to use CBD alternatives. One of these alternatives is the that we just on-boarded which I have found works like a charm is the Green Roads CBD Roll-On.  It is fantastic for all of my sore muscles after an intense swim workout. It’s a heat relief roll on, so I feel the burn a bit after my workout, but it means that I get to escape a much worse burn later on. I’ve also noticed that the tighter my muscles are, the more intense the heated sensation is. The roller is also conveniently sized, which means that it often comes to the gym or pool with me, instead of sitting at home in the mirror cabinet. This has become a new favorite of the Green Wellness Staff and although it is a bit pricier than other topicals we offer, it is worth it!

New for you

I’ve tasted, smelled, rubbed, and lathered the new products as much as I can. What are you waiting for? Enough of what I think of them; get some for yourself and let us know what you think!

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