CBD Boosters

Consistency is key when including CBD and other cannabinoids into your daily routine. We want to see results with the lowest possible daily serving size. Sometimes, though, we all need a bit more. That’s where a booster can help! These boosters avoid the digestive system. They’re absorbed through your mucosa (cheek) or pulmonary (lungs) systems. Either of these systems allows the cannabinoids to get to work much more quickly than anything that you digest.

The trade-off is that these options won’t store in your lipids to keep working for you, but they do get to work speedy quick for those times when we just can’t wait. Boosters are not recommended as your sole source of CBD, but they definitely can save the day. Give one a try!

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What Are CBD Boosters? 

As the name implies, CBD boosters are CBD products designed to give you a boost of CBD. Boosters include CBD water additives, CBD drinks, CBD gum, and CBD mints and fruit tarts. In most cases, these CBD products are absorbed through your cheeks or your lungs and bypass the digestive system to get to work fast.  Water additives and drinks are the exception. They are still digested, but they have a water base instead of oil, and a smaller compound size, which lets them get to work more quickly. 

Can I Only Take CBD Boosters?

CBD boosters are made for days when you feel like you need a bit more CBD than you get with your daily serving size from other products. They are designed to be taken in addition to other CBD products such as edibles, tinctures, or capsules. While boosters work fast, they do not store in your lipids and therefore the effects do not last as long. We would not recommend only taking a CBD booster every day. Instead, we’d recommend using boosters as an occasional supplement with your daily CBD intake from other products. 

Will I Fail A Drug Test Taking CBD Boosters?

There are different types of CBD extracts. Full spectrum CBD products contain THC, while broad spectrum and isolate products do not. Most drug tests are designed to look for the presence of THC, so testing positive with a broad spectrum or isolate product is not a concern. While full spectrum products do contain THC, the amount is very small (.3% or less). It’s unlikely that you will test positive, but it is possible. If testing positive for a drug test is a concern, we’d advise using a 0 THC broad spectrum or isolate booster rather than a whole plant option. 

Do CBD Boosters Work Without THC?

While CBD and THC work very well together, CBD has many benefits on its own and it has even more benefits when paired with other cannabinoids outside of THC. Broad spectrum products eliminate THC, but include many other cannabinoids. These cannabinoids work together to create an entourage effect. Even isolate products, which only contain CBD, work well for improving mood.

How Much Of A CBD Booster Should I take?

If you’re new to CBD, we always recommend starting with a small serving size and working up if needed. Every body reacts differently to CBD and it’s important to know how yours will interact with the cannabinoids. Some people do very well with 10-15mg of CBD daily, while others require upwards of 100mg daily to feel benefits.

Do I Have To Take A CBD Booster Every Day?

We do recommend taking CBD on a daily basis to experience the most benefits for your endocannabinoid system. However, as previously mentioned, we do not recommend only relying on boosters for your CBD intake. We would recommend using tinctures, topicals, capsules, raw oil, or edibles on a daily basis. Boosters should be taken as needed on days when your daily serving of CBD isn’t enough.

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