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What Kinds Of Clothing & Accessories Are Made With Hemp?

Hemp is a very versatile plant and it can be manufactured to produce many different kinds of products. Green Wellness Life sells hemp shirts, journals, bracelets, hats, scarfs, bags, dog collars, wallets, and hacky sacks. 

Why would I buy hemp clothing? 

Hemp is a very environmentally friendly crop to grow and harvest, which makes hemp products some of the most eco-friendly products on the market. Hemp has been shown to improve soil quality and shades out weeds, which reduces the need for herbicides. Hemp also helps to remove carbon from the atmosphere, which is then smoldered and turned into charcoal for nutrient-dense fertilizer. 

Outside of hemp’s environmental benefits, hemp’s unique cellulose fibers produce a rare feature when used for clothing, which allows the clothing to be breathable, while also insulating at the same time. This makes hemp clothing great to wear for all seasons. Hemp has also been shown to prevent the spread of bacteria, which can prevent the clothes from smelling like body odor. 

Does Hemp Shrink?

Yes, like other natural fibers, you can expect hemp clothing to shrink when washed in hot water or put in the dryer. Hemp retains its shape and size when washed in cold water. 

Does Hemp Fabric Smell Like A Plant?

If you’re familiar with CBD oil, you know that it has a very earthy smell and flavor. You may think that hemp fabric would have that same earthy smell, but that is not the case. Hemp fabric smells exactly like cotton fabric does.

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