Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

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What Are Broad Spectrum CBD Products?

Broad spectrum CBD is one of three different processing levels available for CBD products. Broad spectrum CBD products contain all of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes found in the hemp plants that the oil is extracted from except THC. THC is filtered out of broad spectrum CBD oil. Even without THC, broad spectrum CBD products still provide the entourage effect, which heightens the therapeutic effects of CBD. 

Why Choose A CBD Product Without THC?

There are two main reasons why customers choose CBD products without THC. First, customers who are regularly drug tested for work opt for THC-free CBD products to avoid potentially testing positive for marijuana on a drug test. 

Second, CBD is often used to help reduce anxiety. Anxiety is a potential side effect of THC for some people. It would be counterproductive to use a CBD product with THC for anxiety if THC gives you anxiety. Customers that don’t respond well to THC opt for THC-free CBD products, especially for anxiety reduction. 

Do Broad Spectrum Products Work Without THC?

While the entourage effect is strongest with THC, it is still present in broad spectrum products without THC. All of the other cannabis compounds present in broad spectrum CBD work together in synergy to heighten the effects CBD oil provides. 

Which CBD Brands Offer Broad Spectrum Products?

Green Wellness Life sells a wide variety of broad spectrum CBD products from several different CBD brands. The brands we sell that offer broad spectrum CBD oil products include: 

Buying The Best Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Online

If you’re looking for the best broad spectrum CBD oil online, you’ve come to the right place. We hold very high standards for product quality and we make sure that all of our vendors adhere to our standards. All of the CBD products available on our site have been independently lab tested to ensure quality, consistency, and safety. We post the lab results for each product on our website so that you can review the results for yourself. When you buy broad spectrum CBD oil products from Green Wellness, you’re not only receiving high quality products, but you’re also receiving them at some of the best prices available online. 

Have questions about our products? Not sure which one would be the best fit for you? Our CBD experts are available to help. You can speak with our support staff by calling (888) 772-7875, filling out an online contact form, or pressing the live chat button.

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