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The CannaFlower Story

CannaFlower’s story began in 2018. The company was originally founded under the name Berkshire CBD. At the time, CBD scams and seedy CBD companies were running rampant on the new wave of hype that CBD had created. Berkshire CBD stood out from many competitors in the CBD industry as a brand with class. Berkshire offered customers quality photos, thoughtful packaging, useful descriptions, and high-quality products. Berkshire’s commitment to quality and customer service helped the company grow. 

Berkshire re-branded to CannaFlower, and while the name of the company has changed, their commitment to quality remains. CannaFlower offers 100 years of combined experience growing and cultivating the hemp flower. The team at CannaFlower aim to provide a luxury CBD experience with ultra-premium CBD hemp flower products. If quality is what you seek, you’ll find it with CannaFlower. 

What Hemp Flower Products From CannaFlower Does Green Wellness Offer?

Green Wellness Life sells two different hemp flower products from CannaFlower. We offer CannaFlower’s CBD pre-rolls and their premium hemp flower bags. 

Why Buy Hemp Flower From CannaFlower?

The hemp flower from CannaFlower is some of the highest quality hemp you can buy online. CannaFlower’s hemp is organically grown in Vermont. There are no pesticides, additives, or heavy metals used and the company independently lab tests all products to ensure quality and safety. CannaFlower’s hemp flower is slowly cured and hand-trimmed. Their products are truly kosher and we know you’ll love them as much as we do. 

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