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Raw CBDa Oil

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What Is CBDa (Cannabidiolic Acid)? 

CBDa or cannabidiolic acid is the raw precursor to CBD found in the hemp plant. CBDa breaks down into CBD when exposed to heat. CBDa doesn’t affect the body’s endocannabinoid system in the same way that decarboxylated CBD does. However, CBDa can still provide certain benefits.

What Benefits Can CBDa Provide?

Research surrounding CBDa is not nearly as developed as CBD. This is partly because CBDa is considered a very unstable compound that is difficult to manage. CBDa’s gradual decarboxylation in room temperature makes it less viable as an option for clinical treatment. 


There have been a few studies conducted on CBDa. Scientists have found that CBDa does exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. Another study found that CBDa was a thousand times more powerful than CBD at binding to specific serotonin receptors. The study indicated that CBDa has potential as a anti-nausea and antidepressant agent. More research is still needed to truly understand the benefits CBDa can provide. 

How Is CBDa Made?

CBDa will convert to CBD if exposed to heat, which means that CBDa can’t be extracted through heat. Instead, CBDa is extracted from the hemp plant using subcritical CO2 extraction. Once CBDa is extracted into an oil, it is then combined with a carrier oil. 

Can CBDa Make You High?

CBDa is a cannabinoid like THC, but the two cannabinoids are not the same. THC is one of the most commonly known cannabinoids and it also happens to be psychoactive. This had led many to incorrectly jump to the conclusion that all cannabinoids are psychoactive. CBDa is not psychoactive and will not produce any kind of high. That is one of the reasons why CBDa is sometimes preferred to THC. 

What’s The Difference Between CBDa & CBD?

CBDa is just the raw precursor to CBD. CBDa breaks down into CBD either over time or when exposed to heat. So, their properties are similar.CBDa doesn’t directly interact with the endocannabinoid system, but it does still interact with the body and CBDa is more potent than CBD. 

Is CBDa Legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp that contains .3% THC or less. This means that any CBDa products produced from industrial hemp are completely legal. Green Wellness Life only sells CBDa products produced from industrial hemp so everything on our online shop is both legal and safe. 

Buying The Best CBDa Products Online

Green Wellness Life strives to be one of the most trusted names in the CBD industry. To accomplish this, we hold ourselves to a very high set of standards for quality and service. We hold our suppliers to those same set of standards. All of our products are carefully vetted and lab results for each product are publicly posted on all of our product pages. This level of transparency helps ensure that you’re getting the best CBDa products available online. Not sure which product would be right for you? We’re not doctors and we can’t diagnose or treat any conditions. If you tell us your preferences and what you’re looking for help with, we can still try to point you to a product that may be a good fit for you. You can contact support by calling (888) 772-7875, filling out an online contact form, or pressing the live chat button.

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