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Dog Treats

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What Are CBD Treats For Dogs?

CBD treats for dogs offer an easy option to get your furry pal to include CBD in their daily diet.  CBD treats may be soft or a hard chew. They will contain a precise serving of CBD, ranging from 1-10mg per treat or more.  They come in a variety of flavor options that are sure to please even the pickiest of pets. 

Are CBD Treats Safe For Dogs?

CBD treats offer a safe CBD option for dogs. The CBD quality is the same as a CBD oil or capsule.  They contain a precise serving of CBD, so that you can ensure your pup is getting the same amount of CBD every day. They do contain added ingredients, some of which can be allergens.  It’s important to read the ingredient list for any new supplement that you are adding into your dog’s daily routine.

What Benefits Can CBD Dog Treats Provide?

CBD can provide a variety of benefits for your pup – whether it comes in treats, oil, capsules, or any other form.  CBD is known as a neutralizer, so it’s coming into the cells and working to level them out, which can result in a number of different benefits.  Most often, customers report benefits in inflammation and anxiety in dogs.  CBD can be really helpful for aging dogs as well as those pups that are situationally anxious. 

Best CBD Treats For Dogs

Not every company can make the best treats for every pup.  That’s why we carry CBD dog treats from 6 different companies: 

  • Medterra – High strength soft chews in bacon & salmon flavor
  • HolistaPet – High strength crunchy biscuits with added ingredients for specific benefits – Heart & Immune, Stress & Anxiety, Joint & Mobility
  • Treatibles – Crunchy and Soft options in a lower strength for smaller pups or those that don’t need as much CBD.  Vegan options!
  • Charlotte’s Web – low strength soft chews in a calming or senior specific formula
  • CBD Md – High Strength soft chews with added ingredients for calming benefits
  • Koi – low strength soft chews that tend to be a favorite for those picky pets.  Cats even love them!

How Many Treats Should My Dog Have?

We recommend starting at 1-2mg per 10 lbs of body weight and increasing as needed.  Using this example, a 20lb dog would start at 2-4mg daily, while a 50lb dog would start at 5-10mg daily.  The number of treats that your dog should eat daily will depend on that strength.  A 50lb dog could have (5) 2mg treats or (1) 10mg treat.  Consistency is key with CBD, so make sure your pup is taking the same amount daily. 

CBD Dog Treats Vs CBD Dog Tinctures

Your dog can see the same great benefits when taking CBD as a treat or a tincture.  The CBD content needs to be consistent – but the product doesn’t have to be.  Your pup can take a tincture added to her food on a regular basis and then add in treats when she needs a little extra or just wants to change it up! Dog treats are pre-measured serving sizes so it may be easier to get that consistency from a treat, while tinctures are more flexible and are easy to add to food or just drop into your pup’s mouth.  They often come in great flavors just like the treats do. 

How Long Does It Take For CBD Dog Treats To Work?

Any product that is processed through the digestive system will take the same 30-90 minutes to be fully processed.  We generally recommend planning for 60 minutes. 

Important Questions To Ask When Buying CBD Treats

  • What type of product is this – isolate, broad spectrum or full spectrum? We like isolate or broad spectrum for pet anxiety and full spectrum for inflammation. 
  • What other ingredients are in it? Be on the lookout for allergens – you know your pet better than anyone!
  • Are lab results available? 
  • If the treat contains more CBD than my pet needs, can it easily be broken or cut into smaller portions? 

Can I Make My Own CBD Dog Treats?

Sure! CBD begins to lose efficacy at 160 degrees F, so we recommend adding CBD paste or oil after baking or even into a “no bake” treat like frozen peanut butter and oat balls.  Additionally, you can add a CBD oil or paste to an existing treat by simply dripping it on the top, as long as it’s made of a material that will be absorbent like a crunchy biscuit without coating.

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