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The Made By Hemp Story

Made By Hemp is a Michigan CBD company founded by Jeff Gallagher in 2013. Jeff lost his father-in-law and wife within a ten day span. As a single parent, Jeff started having panic attacks and turned to pharmaceuticals for relief. Between lack of sleep and the side-effects of the pharmaceuticals, Jeff didn’t really feel like himself anymore. Jeff turned to CBD and was able to get off of pharmaceuticals. It then became his mission to help others eliminate their pharmaceutical prescriptions. Made By Hemp works to carry out Jeff’s mission with quality, trusted CBD products. 

What Made By Hemp CBD Products Can You Buy From Green Wellness Life?

Green Wellness Life sells Made By Hemp’s raw oil extracts. These extracts are great for those who may have sensitivities or allergies to additives in other CBD products. Extracts can also be used to create your own CBD products . You can make gummies, bath bombs, and more using CBD oil extracts. 

Why Choose Made By Hemp CBD Products?

When you buy Made By Hemp CBD products, you’re buying from a family-owned company based here in the US. Made By Hemp regularly gives back to the community and has been featured by news outlets across the country. CBD extracts from Made By Hemp contain no added ingredients or preservatives. They are also independently lab tested to ensure quality and safety.

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