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About MedCBDX

MedCBDX was founded in 2016. The brand is owned by parent company, Per Os Bioscience. Per Os Bioscience is considered a leader in niche healthcare products and dietary supplements. MedCBDX holds an exclusive manufacturing patent that provides them with the ability to deliver CBD oil in a way that can’t be replicated by any other brand. MedCBDX’s patent has allowed them to be one of the first companies to create CBD chewing gum and mint products. 

What MedCBDX CBD Products Does Green Wellness Life Sell?

Green Wellness Life sells both the CBD mints and CBD chewing gum offered by MedCBDX. It should be noted that we consider both of these products boosters. This means that they’re designed to provide a boost of CBD when you need an extra boost and shouldn’t be used as your primary source for CBD. 

Why Buy MedCBDX CBD Products?

MedCBDX’s CBD products are created using a patented method that can’t be replicated by any other company in the CBD industry. MedCBDX’s products are also vegan, gluten free, and contain no THC. Both the gum and mint products are fast-acting, convenient, and discreet. If you go through days where you could just use an additional boost of relief, then you should absolutely consider the gum or mints from MedCBDX.

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