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Method Organics

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The Method Organics Story

The Method Organics story began in 2018. A team of seven lead by Tyler Highter started growing and processing hemp under the name Northeast Hemp Commodities (NEHC). NEHC later spawned Method Organics as a sister company. Method Organics takes the hemp being grown and processed by Northeast Hemp Commodities to produce awesome hemp-based CBD products. 

What Method Organics CBD Products Are Available On The Green Wellness Shop?

Green Wellness Life sells a few different products from Method Organics. We offer their CBD beverage drops, CBD/CBG pre-rolls, and CBD peppermint drops. If you’re someone who tends to be a picky eater, we highly recommend the CBD beverage drops. You can work them into your favorite smoothie, coffee, or drink to easily make CBD a part of your daily routine. 

Why Buy CBD Products From Method Organics?

Method Organics is an American company through and through. They are family-owned and based right here in the US. All Method Organics CBD products are produced with hemp grown in Vermont. The products are produced with all natural ingredients and all products are independently lab tested for safety. While one of the younger companies in the CBD industry, Method Organics is a well-respected and trusted brand.

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