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About Pana Health

Pana Health was founded in Golden, Colorado in 2017 by Leslie Buttorff. Leslie had been beta testing a new ERP software for cannabis companies when her mother had suffered a pelvis fracture. Leslie started providing her mother with CBD for her pain and found that it was working to help relieve the pain. This inspired Leslie to found Pana Health. The company was named after the Greek goddess of healing and remedies, Panacea. Originally, products were all branded Panacea Life Sciences before the company started re-branding products under the Pana Health, Pana Beauty, Pana Sport, Pana Life, and Pana Pet sub-brands. 

At first, Panacea only produced tablets and soft gel capsules in a humble converted 8,000 square-foot industrial warehouse. Panacea Life Sciences has since expanded, but the team remains committed to product quality and customer education. Panacea actually founded the cannabinoid research center at Colorado State University. We love Panacea, because we also value education just as much as high-quality products. 

What Pana Health CBD Products Does Green Wellness Life Sell?

Green Wellness Life sells three different products from Pana Health. Pana Health is the health and wellness line from Panacea Life Sciences. We offer their CBD softgels, CBD PM softgels, and F.A.S.T. hemp oil tablets. 

Why Choose Pana Health CBD Products?

We like Pana Health’s CBD products for many reasons. All Pana Health products are produced with organic hemp grown here in the US. Pana Health products also contain 100% natural ingredients with very minimal additives. Finally, all Pana Health products are independently lab tested to give customers peace of mind knowing the product they’re purchasing is both safe and high-quality.  If you’re looking to buy CBD products from a safe and trusted brand, the CBD products from Pana Health may be a good fit for you.

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