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The Pure Ratios Story

Pure Ratios was founded in 2015 by two natural health practitioners, Chad Conner and Hind Conner. The company is based out of Southern California in San Diego. The Conners took over 45 years of experience as natural health practitioners and applied their knowledge in natural medicine to create balanced, natural, effective products. Pure Ratios combines 5,000 years of plant medicine practices with the latest scientific research. 

The company has heavily invested in state of the art labs to be able to push the envelope and produce hemp-based products that work harder and last longer than many competing products. Pure Ratio’s values align heavily with our own here at Green Wellness Life, which is why we are proud to carry Pure Ratios products. The team at Pure Ratios places great value in education and has invested heavily in education and research. Pure Ratios is easily one of the most trusted CBD brands on the market. Their ongoing commitment to quality and innovation have made them one of the fastest growing family-run companies in the nation. Pure Ratios has a history of producing safe and effective products, but our team continues to review and publicly post the lab reports for all Pure Ratios products we sell to make sure you’re only getting the best CBD products. 

What CBD Products Are Available From Pure Ratios?

Currently, Green Wellness Life sells Pure Ratio’s transdermal patches. The transdermal patches from Pure Ratios are some of the longest acting CBD patches on the market (lasting up to 96 hours). If you need targeted relief in certain areas of your body, the Pure Ratio’s transdermal patch may be just the patch for you. 

Why Choose Pure Ratios CBD Products?

There are many reasons for adding a Pure Ratios CBD product to your regular wellness routine. Pure Ratios products are all-natural and made with premium-quality hemp extract grown in the US. The products are chemical free, paraben free, certified non-GMO, and cruelty free. Furthermore, all of the products are tested and certified by a third party lab to remove bias and ensure safety. Many of our customers love Pure Ratios. You can read their reviews on each product page. 

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