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What Are 0 THC CBD Products?

As the name implies, 0 THC CBD products contain no THC content. THC is the psychoactive component found in cannabis plants that produces the effects associated with being “high”. By law, industrial hemp plants are required to contain no more than .3% THC. This amount is far too small to produce any kind of high, but individuals may still want THC-free products for other reasons. 

CBD oil can be extracted from hemp plants with three different processing levels: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate. Full spectrum is as close to the original plant as possible. It contains all of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that were in the hemp plant – including THC. Broad spectrum still contains most of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the plant with the exception of THC, which is filtered out. Isolate is the most refined form of CBD oil. Isolate CBD only contains CBD. Therefore, THC-free products are either broad spectrum or isolate CBD products.

Why Would You Want A CBD Product Without THC?

If your place of employment regularly conducts drug tests, you may want a THC-free CBD product. Most drug tests are designed to detect the presence of THC. Even though full spectrum CBD products contain a very minimal amount of THC, there’s still no guarantee that you won’t fail a drug test using a full spectrum CBD product. If failing a drug test is a concern, you’re better off with a broad spectrum or isolate CBD product. 

Does CBD Oil Work Without THC?

Full spectrum CBD products do offer the full benefits of the entourage effect, but that doesn’t mean that CBD won’t work without THC. Broad spectrum products still contain all of the other cannabinoids found in the plant outside of THC, so the entourage effect can still be experienced with broad spectrum products. 

Even CBD alone in isolate CBD products can provide all of the benefits typically associated with CBD oil: anxiety reduction, mood improvement, pain and inflammation relief, etc. Studies have found that larger serving sizes are needed for isolate CBD to help with pain and swelling. 

Which CBD Brands Offer No THC Products?

Most CBD brands offer THC-free product options. Green Wellness Life sells 0 THC products from several different brands, including: 

The Best CBD Products Without THC

Green Wellness Life holds very high standards for the quality of CBD products we sell and we hold all of our vendors to those standards. All of our products are independently lab tested to ensure safety, consistency, and quality. When you buy 0 THC products from Green Wellness Life, you’re getting the very best 0 THC CBD products available online at some of the lowest prices on the market. All of the product lab results are also posted on our website in case you want to verify the quality of our products for yourself. 

We’re a family-owned business and take great pride in the unrivaled level of customer service and support that we offer. If you have questions about our products, or you’re not sure which product may be best for you, you can reach out to our support team by calling us at (888) 772-7875, pressing the live chat button, or filling out an online contact form

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