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WYLD was co-founded by Aaron Morris and Chris Joseph in 2015. WYLD is based out of Oregon. Morris had originally started making gummies with household pots and a handheld mixer. At inception, WYLD was a cannabis brand that branched out to produce CBD products as well. WYLD has grown tremendously since inception and now employs over 450 people. WYLD’s growth is due to their commitment to health and quality. WYLD’s gummies are made with all-natural fruit and they are some of the best tasting edible products available. 

What WYLD CBD Products Can You Buy From Green Wellness Life?

Green Wellness Life sells WYLD’s CBD gummies. We’ve tried many different gummies from many different CBD brands and WYLD’s gummies are absolutely some of our favorites. If you like to snack and want an easy way to work CBD into your daily routine, we’d highly recommend WYLD CBD gummies. 

Why Choose WYLD CBD Products?

WYLD’s CBD products are vegan and made with real fruit. They contain no artificial flavors or preservatives and are made with hemp grown in the US. WYLD’s products are also all independently lab tested to ensure quality and safety.

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