All-in-One Adjustable Vape Pen Replacement Tank


  • Fill the tank according to Image 1, as shown.
  • Inhale and enjoy!

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This is a replacement tank for the All-in-One Adjustable Vape Pen.  These tanks are easy to replace if you like to vape different flavors or if you would simply like to have a spare on hand.

All in One Adjustable Vape Pen Instructions:

  • Charge the battery 4-6 hours before use.
  • Click 5 times to turn on/off.
  • Determine the necessary voltage based on which E-Liquid you are using. Click 3 times to adjust voltage, indicated by different colors, as listed below:
    • Green: 2.6 Volts – Recommended for Alternate Vape
    • Blue 3.3 Volts – Recommended for Alternate Vape
    • Red: 4.0 Volts – Recommended for Entourage/KOI/CBD Fx Additive
  • Optional – Click 2 times and hold to preheat the pen. A rainbow series of lights indicates the pen is reheating.
    • Preheating voltage: 1.2 Volts
    • This function is not mandatory.
  • Fill the tank to the indicated line. Do not overfill. Do not separate glass from the metal coil. Only remove the mouthpiece end from the tank. 
  • Inhale 3-4 times on a full cartridge with no power applied to prime the coil.
  • Press and hold the button while inhaling to vape. Enjoy!

For best results, store this product out of direct heat and sunlight.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns.