Cannabios: Hemp Sunscreen Sun Block 50+ (50ml)

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Safeguard your skin and coat it in the natural plant compounds of an organic hemp sunscreen.

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This is a hemp sunscreen that also contains a host of natural organic essential oils infused with zinc oxide for reliable UVA/UVB protection.Cannabios Hemp sunscreen soothes your skin offering you a full moisturizing experience that will keep you feeling fresh throughout the summer.

Cannabios sunblock ismade from organic ingredients and natural extracts of cannabis with a high percentage of cannabidiol (CBD).

Cannabios hemp sunscreen is of the highest quality, offering a full SPF factor of 50+ together with the many benefits of hemp oil.

Hemp Sunscreen Features:

  • For external use only
  • SPF 50+
  • Organic hemp sunscreen
  • Made with zinc oxide and essential oils from rosemary
  • 50ml container
  • No artificial dyes, irritating perfumes, or peg-chemicals
  • Full spectrum hemp complex from organic industrial hemp plants

Why Choose Cannabios Hemp Sunscreen SPF 50?

Higher SPF means more protection from harmful rays of the sun without negatively impacting the skin with toxins, industrial chemicals, or unnatural solvents.

To enhance the protective effect of the hemp sunblock with SPF 50, the balm contains essential oil from the leaves and flowers of rosemary. This active ingredient prevents skin irritation and sunburn as well. The hemp sunscreen also contains zinc oxide for optimal protection from UV rays.

How to use Cannabios hemp sunscreen?

Apply Cannabios hemp sunscreen just the same as you would any high-SPF factor sunscreen.

Each bottle of Cannabios hemp sunscreen contains:

Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Complex, Organic Rosemary Oil and Zinc Oxide.

Other ingredients include: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Glyceride Stearate, Glycerin, Aqua and Inositol

Remember: This hemp sunscreen is for external use only. Do NOT ingest. Keep your hemp sunscreen stored in a dry and cool place away from the reach of pets and children.