Green Roads CBD Coffee (60mg per 2oz)


Each 2oz package of coffee contains 60mg CBD and features:

  • Caramel, chocolate, and vanilla flavor
  • Dark roast
  • Medium body
  • 100% organic hemp

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Green Roads CBD Coffee is dark roast coffee, infused with 60mg CBD in each 2oz package!

Sourced from Columbia, these coffee beans are blended with caramel, chocolate, and vanilla flavors for a delicious drinking experience.

Why Choose Green Roads CBD Coffee?

Made in the United States, this product blends together the benefits of two plant extracts – coffee and hemp. This gourmet coffee is a unique way to incorporate CBD into your diet while still getting a caffeine boost in your busy schedule. It’s easy to prepare, and a great way to give CBD a try without changing your daily routine!  If you follow the recommended serving size, you will end up with just over 15 mg CBD per pot.

Why customer love this products:

  • Excelso Colombian Supremo Whole Coffee Beans
  • 15 mg of CBD per TBSP
  • CBD-infused coffee has a rich, invigorating taste

How to Use Green Roads Coffee:

Green Roads Coffee is pre-ground, so it’s easy to use! Simply pour the recommended serving size into a coffee filter in your coffee maker and prepare as you would your daily coffee.

Serving size: 2 tablespoons
15 mg of CBD per TBSP


CBD-infused coffee grounds and 100% industrial organic hemp

Note: Pregnant women and lactating mothers should not use this product. Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet or using any new product. As with all products on Green Wellness Life, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA).