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PAW5 Rock-N-Bowl Pet Puzzle Feeder


Color: Orange Bowl
Class: Pet Puzzle Feeder
Uses: Pet Accessory, Pet Toy, Puzzle Feeder

Engage your pets sense of smell and problem solving skills with the pet puzzle feeder Rock-N-Bowl.

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While GWL has always been about all things healthy for your pets with hemp – we want to make sure that their other needs are being met, too.  Enter the Rock-N-Bowl Pet Puzzle Feeder!  This puzzle feeder may appear to be a regular dog bowl but after further inspection you can see it is designed with your dogs needs in mind. Our animals experience their life through their noses and they love to be engaged in problem solving and activities. That is why your fur babies can enjoy the task of problem solving while trying to enjoy their snack or dinner. Have a bored pup?  Looking to entertain a busy fur baby? This Rock N Bowl will engage all of your pets senses and keep them busy pawing and problem solving. Do you have an eager eater? Does your pup eat too fast? This is a great alternative to help slow the scarfing food down and reduce bloating. This food puzzle promotes a healthier lifestyle for your pet with a challenging design that runs your pets food through a hidden compartment causing your dog to paw, push and nudge their way through their food.

We could all use a little healthier attitude towards meal time and the Rock-N-Bowl is fun and entertaining for humans, too! No, we aren’t suggesting you add your snacks to it (but if you do – please send video our way.)  We love watching our furry family members and you can gain enjoyment from watching your pup dig for treats instead of chewing your shoes!  Meal time can be something that everyone enjoys, furry or otherwise. The Rock-N-Bowl is made with care, is fun for your fur babies, and easy and convenient to clean. Because this product is durable and made with safe plastic you can clean it by just throwing in the dishwasher.

Why Choose PAW5 Rock-N-Bowl Pet Puzzle Feeder?

  • Made with your dog in mind to enrich a pets life
  • Uses FDA compliant BPA and phthalate-free plastic
  • Pet & human fun for hours
  • Holds up to 4 cups of food
  • High quality & earth friendly
  • Comfortable, convenient and stylish
  • Designing products with veterinarian best practices in mind
  • Sustainable manufacturing
  • Made in the USA
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sustainably produced
  • Built to Last

PAW 5 focuses on creating their line in a socially responsible way with an emphasis on sustainability practices, quality products and ingenuity in design. This one size fits all food bowl is built to last through the wear and tear that an overexcited pup can have the inclination for. We’ve all been there and my chewed pillow are evidence of that. All of their pet products are designed with your pet in mind to create fun, problem solving puzzle feeders to enrich your pets life. This bowl has your pets’ natural instinct to forage and hunt at the forefront of their design. While they eat from this bowl, their minds will be stimulated in a way that builds natural senses and encourages a playfulness that helps your pet stay alert. Why use a normal food bowl when you can use a food bowl that is a tool, a toy, and an all around enjoyable experience for both dogs and dog owners? They’re also adorable, functional, and durable! What could be better?


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