Social (formerly Select!) CBD Tincture & E-liquid Pen Kit


Strength: 225-250mg CBD per e-liquid pen/ 1000 mg CBD per tincture
Individual Strength: e-liquid 1.5mg – 3mg CBD per draw/ tincture 33.3 per dropper-ful 
(everyone’s draw is different – so not exact.)
CBD Size: Tincture 30 ml/1 fl oz
Flavor: A variety of flavors listed below including four tinctures and 5 e-liquid disposable pens
Class: Isolate
Uses: Anxiety, Pain, Mood, CBD Booster, Relaxation

Tincture Flavor:

E-liquid Pen Flavor:

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** Select has become Social CBD!  

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Social cbd vape pen focus peppermintNow, get the best of both worlds with our Social CBD Tincture & E-liquid Pen Kit! Combine your favorite tincture and e-liquid pen flavor in a convenient discounted set. Choose from the following 4 tincture and 5 E-liquid pen flavors available for as many as 12 different possibilities and a kit that’s customized to fit your needs. You’re saving $10.00 when you purchase as a Social cbd vape pen relax cinnamonkit!

Mix and match your flavors – Lemon Ginger as your morning supplement and a Lavender vape pen for relaxation before bed? Sounds great! Peppermint tincture in the morning with a Spearmint vape boost during the day? Good stuff.

Here are all of the CBD Tincture & E-liquid Pen Kit Choices:

Social CBD Tinctures: Lemon-Ginger   |   Lavender   |   Peppermint   |   Unflavored

Social CBD E-liquid Pens: Relax (Lavender Oil) |  Relax (Cinnamon)  |   Revive (Lemon Oil)  |  Focus (Spearmint Oil) |  Focus (peppermint Oil)

Why Choose a Social CBD Pack?

  • Non-PsychoactiveSocial CBD Lavender Drops
  • Zero THC
  • Essential Oils & Herbs
  • 100% Plant-Based
  • Cartridge and battery housed inside the ready-to-use e-liquid pen
  • Long-lasting battery for up to 200 puffs on e-liquid pen!Social CBD Drops
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT) base to eliminate that grassy, earthy hemp taste

Tincture Ingredients:

Lemon/Ginger: Fractionated Coconut Oil, CBD Isolate, Turmeric, Ginger, Lemon Extract, Stevia
Lavender: Fractionated Coconut Oil, CBD Isolate, Passion Flower, Chamomile, Lavender Extract, Stevia
Peppermint: Fractionated Coconut Oil, CBD Isolate, Peppermint Essential Oil, Ashwagandha Herbs, and Rhodiola Herbs
Unflavored: Fractionated Coconut Oil, CBD Isolate

E-liquid Ingredients: Organic essential oils, organic fractionated coconut oil (MCT oil), third-party lab tested, hemp-derived CBD isolate, organic cotton wicks, ceramic coils

Note: Pregnant women and lactating mothers should not use this product. Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet or using any new product. As with all products on Green Wellness Life, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA).

 Disclaimer: Most work-place drug screens and tests target delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and do not detect the presence of Cannabidiols or other legal natural hemp-based constituents. However, studies have shown that eating hemp foods and oils can cause confirmed positive results when screening urine and blood specimens on a full cannabinoid profile. Accordingly, if you are subject to any form of drug testing or screening, we recommend (as does the United States Armed Services) that you DO-NOT ingest any product with even trace amounts of THC. We do have a number of 0 THC options to choose from if that’s a concern for you.

The purchase of a vapor product, or alternative nicotine product by a minor under 21 years of age and the provision of a vapor product, or alternative nicotine product to a minor are prohibited by law. A minor who unlawfully purchases or uses a vapor product, or alternative nicotine product is subject to criminal penalties.

Additional information

Tincture Flavor:


Lavender, Lemon-Ginger, Peppermint, Unflavored

E-liquid Pen Flavor:


Focus – Peppermint, Focus – Spearmint, Relax – Cinnamon, Relax – Lavender, Revive – Lemon

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