Eliminate The Stigma CBD Scholarship

Annual CBD Scholarship

Only a handful of topics in this country are more polarized than views over cannabis and CBD. CBD is hailed by many to be a miracle cure nowadays. CBD has helped some cope with stress and anxiety, while also helping others manage certain seizure disorders and a slew of other conditions. Nevertheless, there are still many Americans that aren’t so hot on CBD oil. The Department of Defense has recently reiterated that CBD oil is off-limits for active service members in the military. Certains schools and school districts have banned CBD on their grounds and some workplaces have even fired employees for CBD use

The intense negative stigma attached to CBD is largely due to the fact that CBD is derived from plants in the cannabis family. CBD has been associated with marijuana, which many people know gets you high and is still illegal in many states. Some have judged and pigeonholed CBD users as “stoners”. However, CBD oil can be extracted from both hemp and marijuana. Hemp does not contain enough THC to get an individual high and therefore allows individuals to receive the benefits of CBD for the endocannabinoid system without the psychoactive effects. 

At Green Wellness Life, we witness the benefits of CBD oil every day. Some of our staff members use CBD to manage their pain and customers regularly will tell us how CBD has helped them live a better life. It’s a shame there is still a stigma attached to CBD and we want to work to eliminate that by partnering with students for our annual Eliminate the Stigma Scholarship.

Eliminate The Stigma Scholarship Overview

The Eliminate the Stigma Scholarship is a $1,000 annual scholarship designed to promote healthy conversation and reflection around CBD oil. We want to break down barriers and allow others to view CBD in a different light. We’re asking smart and creative students to help us break down the stigma associated with CBD. Students are encouraged to create submissions that advocate for CBD. Submissions can be in the form of: 

  • A poem
  • A photo
  • A video
  • An animation
  • A graphic
  • An essay

Submissions are not limited to the aforementioned mediums. Students can submit a piece in some other form of multimedia format as well. Is CBD something you’re passionate about? Has CBD helped you or someone you know? We want to hear your unique message and we want to help share it.

Eligibility & Requirements

The scholarship is open to all US citizens entering or attending a university, college, or trade school in the United States as a full-time student. Applicants must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above. In addition to submitting a piece advocating for CBD, students must also submit a completed scholarship application form. The following materials should be submitted to outreach@greenwellnesslife.com by August 31st:

  • A completed scholarship application form
  • A media piece (essay, poem, graphic photo, video, animation, etc.) advocating for CBD
  • A certified copy of the student’s transcript


  • The recipient of the Eliminate the Stigma Scholarship will receive $1,000 to be used only for college or school tuition and related educational expenses.
  • The $1,000 check will be made payable to the recipient’s school. 
  • The application period for the scholarship ends August 31st. The award recipient will be notified of selection by September 30th. 
  • By accepting the scholarship, the student agrees to allow Green Wellness Life the right to use the submission content, the student’s name, the student’s university or school and/or pictures of any of the above on the company’s website and other marketing materials. 

Scholarship Deadline

Don’t forget, all completed scholarship materials must be emailed to outreach@greenwellnesslife.com by August 31st. Any submissions emailed after August 31st will not be considered for selection. 

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