We're excited to share that our store AND rewards program are changed as of March 15th. We NOW have FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!
We're excited to share that our store AND rewards program are changed as of March 15th. We NOW have FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!

Spoil Your Pet (And Yourself) on National Dog Day!

August 24th, 2018 by Brandy Palmer

national dog day

To celebrate National Dog Day this Sunday, August 26, 2018, we have a special treat for both you and your best friend! Just for this week, our People & Pets kits are an additional $5 off their already discounted price as a set. We offer these joint sets in some of our favorite brands – Tasty Hemp Oil and Select CBD.

Check them out by clicking on the photos below!

tasty drops people pets select people pets kit

If you’re looking to really celebrate National Dog Day, here are just a few great ways – besides treating your pet to the benefits of CBD – from the official National Dog Day website itself!

Adopt a Four-Legged Friend

There are so many pets in need in shelters all around the country waiting for their forever home. In fact, over 3 million dogs enter the shelter system each year. Luckily, many of these are adopted, but not all, meaning that millions of animals remain in shelters. If you’re not able to adopt another animal into your family, that doesn’t mean you can’t help! Support your local animal shelter with donations of money or supplies – every little bit helps. Having more resources also means that shelters can spend more of their time looking for that perfect home for every animal in need.

Take and Share Photos of Your Doggo

According to an article in The Guardian, dogs have begun gaining on cats as the most popular pets on the internet. Help maintain that trend by posting photos of your own canine companion! Some dogs even have their own social media pages to track their hilarious and adorable daily antics. Think your dog is social-media worthy? Start a profile of their own! Who knows if they’ll go viral, but it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll have fun putting your pet in the spotlight they deserve.

Tell Your Representatives What Animals Mean to You

We sometimes forget that legal protections for animals aren’t set in stone; legislators need to know that this is an issue their constituents care about for them to make it a priority in their tenure! Typically, animal cruelty cases don’t make the news unless they are extremely heinous, but unfortunately animal abuses happen on many levels in our own communities. As pet lovers, we know that there’s enough room in our hearts to not only care about the ones close to us, but animals all around the country. If this is a cause you’re passionate about, the Animal Legal Defense Fund has some great tips for reaching out to your legislators to help them understand the importance of this issue.

Pet-Proof Your Home

There’s never a bad time to make sure that your home is as safe as it can be for your pets. Because we’re used to viewing our living space on our level, we often forget about hazards that are closer to the ground or things that may be safe for humans, but not for pets. These items can include anything from common house plants to buttons and strings on clothing in the dirty laundry. American Humane has a thorough list to help you keep your home safe and healthy for everyone that lives there – including both dogs and cats!

Have a Play Date with Your Pet!

This one is simple and doesn’t have to cost a thing. Just spend time with your dog! Cuddles and playtime are great for the overall mental and physical health of both people and pets. If you’re feeling generous, you can even splurge on a special toy for your dog. If that’s not something that fits in the budget, just spending time with your pet will remind them how much they’re loved!

About Brandy Palmer

Brandy PalmerAfter years in banking and manufacturing management, Brandy went to work for a hemp manufacturer in West Michigan. What was intended to be a fun summer gig turned into a passion for hemp. Brandy founded GWL in 2015 and is still excited every day to share that passion. Brandy has Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations and a Master's Degree in Management from Grand Valley State University. Go Lakers! Her journey as an entrepreneur has been featured in Revue magazine and on investcourier.com, among others. When she's not talking hemp, you can find her playing chauffer to her two kids or cuddling at home with her husband, Jim, and their 4 (yes, 4) cats.

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