Summer is Here and so is CBD

June 14th, 2019 by Hannah Laing


 QuintonBy Op-ed Blogger Quinton Charles

Summer is Here!

Finally, summer has arrived. Well, depending on where you live, it may have been here weeks ago. But don’t worry! There are all sorts of hemp-based products to have you feeling (and looking) good in the summer sun.


Number one concern for most people during summer is staying hydrated. I often hike on the various nature trails near where I live. It is a great way to get away from the city for a while, but I often find that I have to carry water with me (that summer sun dehydrates quick!). So how can I both stay hydrated and take my CBD? With Hempdrinx! Just like other mix-in powders, Hempdrinx can easily be added to any bottle of water (like the one I often carry with me while hiking) and comes in convenient, single-serving packages. As for the flavor… I’m biased; I love orange almost as much as I love ginger, and the mix that we offer combines the two. I’m swooning.

Sunburn easily?

The problem with loving to hike is how it leads to my getting sunburnt on the trails. So how does hemp help me with this? A hat! I had never tried using any hemp clothing prior to three weeks ago, and I regret not having tried it sooner. It breathes so well, and shades my face!

While I’m talking about hemp clothing, I have to mention my t-shirt as well. I have to admit, I was skeptical. When I had thought of hemp clothing, I always thought of those baggy, itchy sweaters that stoners wear. Nevertheless, I got a t-shirt that was a 50/50 blend of organic cotton and hemp. Wow. I don’t think that my mind has been so drastically changed in my entire life. After receiving it in the mail, I wore it for 4 days straight (I’m not kidding; don’t ask about the smell).

And if I burn?

Man in Hemp Hat

So we don’t offer any CBD sunscreen (yet), but we do offer an Endoca body butter that I have been using both before I go out (with sunscreen added over-top) and to soothe any sunburns that I may acquire while at the beach or out on the trail! This latter use is what helped me relieve my sunburn after only a couple of days just 3 days ago (I got it while hiking, big surprise!).


My poor, tired feet

I find that, after long days outdoors, my feet are sore (even if I wear my Birkenstocks). Lately, I’ve been soaking them in a bath filled with our Empower soaking salts. They’re pretty good for rejuvenating my feet, keeping pesky blisters at bay, and keeping me moving when I have so much to do outdoors (seriously, I love summer weather).

Think of the furry children!

furry children

Summer wouldn’t be complete without our best friends (or fur babies, whichever suits you best). While I don’t have a dog anymore, I often find myself stopping to pet every German Shepherd and Husky in sight. I’ll regularly give treats to my friend’s dog, as well. But shouldn’t I treat the dogs in my life to CBD? Of course! That’s why I really like Treatibles dog treats (I’ve tasted them: not too shabby!), and, judging by the dogs’ reactions, they also do! But please enjoy the picture of one of the many fur-less babies to visit the office (thank you Brandy).

Who’s hungry?

I love snacks. Most people seem to also love snacks. CBD snacks? Yes, please. I had the pleasure of trying Weller Caramel Coconut Bites (which contain 25mg of CBD per package) and was impressed. It was the perfect bite-sized snack for a trip to the beach or a day spent sitting in the park with a nice book. A few cookies per package, it is small enough to carry in my back pocket and take anywhere I go. Here’s to more adventures with Weller Bites!

Go out and enjoy the summer!

No matter what CBD product you enjoy this summer, make sure to go out and take advantage of the great weather! Have fun, be safe, stay hydrated, maybe get a tan, and connect with mother nature in one of the best seasons that the year has to offer; we at Green Wellness Life hope for nothing more than for you to have the best summer that you could have.

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